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paige - April 24

I really need some good advice at the moment. Latley I have been having about four to six drinks a night and my transfer is four days away. Have I ruined my chances for my frozen cycle. I feel very guilty and depressed over this issue. I just wanted to find away to escape for a few hours evey night. Please respond and give as much info as you can. Thank you


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 24

Your drinking has probably not effcted your transfer, directly. but it is excessive. Especially now that you are attempting pregnancy, the recommendation is that you do not drink, at all.
Good luck.


shansy - April 25

If I were you, I would try my hardest not to drink. You don't want to have the WHAT IF? syndrome if something were not to work out. I know it is hard and you want to escape, but in drinking you might be creating a vicious cycle. Believe me, I understand- I quit drinking recently and it is difficult on those days when everything is coming down hard on you. Hang in there.


paige - April 25

Thank you both I really appreciate the advice!!


Friendly Word - April 26

Paige, out of concern for you and any potential child you may have, please give yourself a reality check as to the role of alcohol in your life. Drinking 4-6 drinks a night to "escape" equals a drinking problem. If you don't learn other (healthier) ways to cope with the stress, it will be very difficult for you not to continue this method of escapism during pregnancy and while you are raising your child. Drinking during pregnancy is detrimental to the fetus, and a parent with a drinking problem is detrimental to a child's well being on many levels. This is something to deal with BEFORE getting pregnant. Counseling or an alcohol-abuse support group can help you develop other coping skills and provide mentoring and support. You don't have to do it alone. Your doctor can help hook you up with resources, or you can find AA in the phone book or on the internet. Help is available; please seek it out.


paige - April 26

Tahnk you for your concern. I have only been drinking more and going out because I know when I get pregnant my whole life will change. I can take it or leave it is was just a nice litlle break since I am doing a frozen cycle. I would never drink when I am pregnant and probly rarely will when I am done. I just need a few weeks to enjoy my evenings with my husband since I got off work earlier. I so apprecaite eveyones concern. Thank you!


lupitagomez - August 14

hey i know what you mean i to stop drinking when i started my cycle i know its hard we have to stop if we really want this to work im going for my retreval tomorow and im so scared of what might happen all i know is i leave it all to GOD please pray for me good luck in wvery thing you do.



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