After 3 diff IVF protocols, what next?
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faith2006 - January 15

Dr. Jacob - My husband and I are both 36 and in the last 3 yrs (diff partners) have done 3 IVFs (1 transfer). I've also done 3 iui with no success. The last time I checked my FSH, it was 5.4 and LH was normal. I've done every major IVF protocol:

1. long lupron protocol - 6 eggs all badly fragmented, 3 made it to transfer

2. stop lupron protocol - 5 eggs all badly fragmented, none made it to transfer (2 had M chromosomes)

3. mircodose flare protocaol - worst cycle, ended up with 5 follicles from 9-22mm, retrieved 3 eggs and none fertilized

I had the best response in terms of follicle development with FSH only which I did with iui but didn't result in pregnancy. I'm thinking I should do FSH only again but this time with IVF. What do you think? I have only one shot left with insurance for IVF. Do you have any other protocol you think might help?



B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 15

We find we get better quality eggs and embryos for our IVF patients if ew use Lupron and FSH, only. When we ad LH, our egg quality is not as good.
Good luck.


faith2006 - January 23

Thanks Dr. Jacobs, just what I was thinking based on the experience I had.

One more question, can adhesion affect success of IVF?



B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 23

I would need to evaluate you and your treatment protocols in detail before I could answer your question.
Good luck.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 23

Adhesions inside the uterus are a problem. For IVF, adhesions outside the uterus are probably not a problem.
Good luck.


faith2006 - February 5

Thanks much.


faith2006 - February 17

Well I just wanted to update you with the good my BFP on Friday and hcg level of 2050 yesterday (CD 35). Just wanted share to give hope to anyone that has tried everything but just seems nothing is working. Did 3 failed IVFs, # failed IUI, has been told donor egg was my only option and now at 36 it happened naturally, GOD is GOOD. I was planning on going the IVF route again next month but I guess God has other plans. Baby dust to all either naturally or medically, your dreams will come true.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 18



momoffinn - February 28

Thanks and congratulations! That does give me hope!!



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