Adenomyosis and outcomes
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Brenda - January 31

After 3 years of trying ivf and being only told the diagnosis of fibroids, it has now been determined that I have fibroids and adenomyosis.
It has also been discussed that we need to move onto a gestational carrier. We have 12 frozen donor egg embryos and at this point, hate to think of the money to invest in a gestational carrier. Only 4 of the embryos have any potential in producing a pregnancy and postive outcome.
Are there any tests to run to see if there is an infection of the endrometrial lining due to the adenomyosis, which needs to be addressed?
also ***can scar tissue on the inside of the uterus be an indication of adenomyosis.

Would it be worth a second opinion at this point to get two diagnosis on the adenomyosis?

the past fresh cycle showed my lining developed to a 9cm and would this be contraindicated if I had adenomyosis or not a factor?
thanks for your input and advice.
thank you again.


Barry Jacobs, M.D. - January 31

There has been significant speculation as to the effect of adenomyosis on implantation. So far, I have seen no convincing evidence that it impairs fertility. Fibroids can impair implantation, but unless they are immediatly under the uterine lining, removing them does not appear to reverse the problem. It is unlikely that you have an infection nin the uterine cavity, and it would not be related to adenomyosis. Scarring in the uterine cavity would most likely be caused by previous surgery.
Good lluck.


brenda - January 31

Thank you so much Dr. Jacobs for your insight.
My husband and I are unfortunately having a hard time finding a clinic which will accept our 12 donor egg embryos. There are two different donors for these 12 embryos. the clinic I am leaving, the embryos are very fragmented and the embryologist who froze them on day 3 does not have great frozen success rates.
Unfortunately this makes the 2nd clinic who is trying to tell us different things, and all of them point to a new cycle or now even a gestational carrier. when I think the true issue is both of these clinics have poor frozen success rates and they do not want to accept our embryos that could impact their success rates and also all the lab involved in checking in the embryos with no monetary value for them than a cheap frozen thaw transfer.
it is disheartening , and what should we do now, continue to look for another clinic?
thanks, I am so tired of trying to find a home for my babies.
we are exhausted.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - January 31

You have my sympathy. Unfortunately, the mandated reporting requires the report of all cycles in an IVF program. The clinic which transfers poor quality embryos from another lab gets the black mark for lower pregnancy rates. Sadly, pregnancy rate is the only thing people look for.
Good luck.



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