abnormal pelvic ultrasound result
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Lakshmi - December 30

hello Doctor
We r trying for our second child for 3 yrs found out male infertility in 2004.I was normal at that time, all my test reports came out normal. Our doc suggested to go for clomid IUI in december 2005 , before the procedure they took HSG for me in oct 7th where results came out to be normal.But on dec 27 th(before my IUI procedure) i had pelvic ultrasound , the doc now found out that my fallopian tubes are swollen like sausage shape on both sides(might me fluid-filled), and they could not be clear what may be so they suggested us to go for MRI which is scheduled on tuesday jan 03 2006.if MRI is not clear then they r suggesting me to go for one more HSG test(which is really painfull procedure).
What is the possible reason for this abnormality?
Is there any chances that i would have got infection from my HSG done on oct 7th?
Doc suspects that my tubes are suppressed since i did not had my bowel movement on morning before the procedure

Suppose i had to remove my damaged fallopian tubes thro surgery still can we hope to have second baby thro IVF. will it be sucessfull.I am 28 yrs old and already have one son thro natural conception in 1998.



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - December 31

Bowel movements, or lack thereof, will not cause fluid collection in your tubes. Blockage of your tubes, at the end near the ovaries will. If your tubes are truly filled with fluid, like water balloons, your tubes need to be removed, or drained, and the, you will need IVF.
Good luck.


Lakshmi - December 31

Thanks Doctor
You said it might be fluid filled in my fallopian tubes but howcome my HSG test taken on oct 7th 2005 came to be normal,Is there any chances for my tubes to be damaged within this 2 months.Suppose if my tubes r not blocked is there fluid must be present outside my tube,like without blocking the tube.If i undergo laproscopic surgery it is a must that my tubes have to removed?What are the chances for my pregnancy to be healthy after IVF?



Barry Jacobs, M. d. - December 31

The decision as to the management of your tubes must be made at the time of your laparoscopy. I cannot account for the apparent descrepancy between the HSG and the ultrasound.
Good luck.



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