3rd IUI Failed again...Why?
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trismegistus - March 24

Hi everyone, I am new at this forum thing...here it goes: I can't understand why my 3rd IUI with donor failed again. Here is my story, If you have any pertinent information or advice please respond to this thread...History:
Hubby:low motility+ other,so we decided with donor sperm.
Me: blood tests A-OK, HSG:clear on both sides.
Cycle: from 27 to 29 days every month with OPK+ at CD12 PM every month. Taking Prenatal vitamins for the last year.

*1st Fertility Doc:
- 2 Cycles with Clomid 50 mg day 3-7 (4 to 6 follies size 18 and up Right ovary both times. Very good response according to Doc.
- Ultrasound CD11.
_IUI CD11 both times with frozen donor sperm.
Neither worked. Turned-out the doc wasn't familiar with one of the OPK they recommended so probably did the IUI too early to correspond with the Lifespan of defrosted Sperm.

*2nd Fertility Clinic- New Doc: an certified RE this time.I took all medication to ensure max. result.
- 1 cycle with Femara 2.5mg day 5 to 9.
Ultrasound CD12: 1 follicule at 17mm on Left ovary which usually doesn't produce any. So no better than without meds.
- Ovidrel trigger shot on CD12 at night, even with OPK+ ...to make sure
- IUI scheduled for CD 14 AM: IUI with 2 vial of frozen sperm combined to max the number of sperms.
- Prometrium 200mg vaginal caps for 14 days.
PT neg CD9 and PT neg CD13. Stopped the Prometrium. Now waiting for AF to arrive. I am so disapointed. What else can I possibly do without going to IVF (too expensive). Please help!

My hopes where very high, the SF Clinic has a great reputation, they are wonderful. At this point, I had a lot invested financially and emotionally...


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 24

There are too many issues which cannot be addressed as an on line consultation. For me to try to provide an answer, I would need to evaluate you and determine an optimal treatment protocol.
Good luck.


trismegistus - March 25

Great... How would we go about it? Thanks.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 25

Good luck. Using FSH for ovarian stimulation, we have about a 50% pregnancy rate in 4 treatment cycles. I stopped prescribing Clomid over15 years ago. Our pregnancy rate was 17% in 6 treatment cycles.


trismegistus - March 26

How can I arrange a consultation with you? Thanks.D.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 26

I would be delighted to work with you. Please know that my office is in Carrollton, a northern suburb of Dallas. If you wish to make an appointmaen, please call our office at 972-394-9590. Calling in the morning is usually best. Meanwhile, I have made our web page, texasfertility.com as informative as I know how.
I do hope to meet you.



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