2 failed IVF's
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ukrainegirl - May 23

Hello Dr. Jacobs,

For some reson I was not able to start new topic so I had to post it as a poll.

I’m 39 y.o, my FSH is 9.5, my lining always 8mm-10mm. I had 3 medicated IUI’s with donor’s sperm and two IVF’s with ICSI with my husband’s sperm. I had antagonist protocol first IVF and flare protocol with the second IVF. Both IVF’s yield similar result, I produced 10-11 eggs, they would fertilize 9 eggs Estrogen level was 1900 with 1st IVF and 2200 with the second. With my 1st IVF I had 6 eggs on day 3: Grade I (highest) 2- 8 cells and 1 – 9 cells; and 3 Grade II 3- 9 cells. We decided to wait till day 5 and had 1 blast Grade II , 1 blast Grade III and one morula.
Second IVF on day 3 I had 4 embryos Grade I 1- 8 cells, 2 – 9 cells and 1 – compact morula. We transferred all 4 of them on day 3 but it did not result in pregnancy either. On the next day after fertilization they would see only 2 or 3 embryos that would show initial division and the rest of the embryos would start develop later on.
Based on my medical history my RE gives me 15%-20% chance that I would be able to have a child with my own egg. We are trying for our 1st child and of cause this is very devastating for me.
My husband had very low sperm count and motility and only 2% (strict test) due to varicocele and had radio therapy a year ago to correct it. After the procedure, with the 1st IVF his count was 53 mil and 45% motility and with the 2nd IVF he had 25 mil and 12% motility. They never checked his morphology.
Now my questions are:
Does it make sense to do 3rd and maybe 4th IVF
Does it make sense to do a test for DNA fragmentation in sperm and what role sperm’s chromosomes play in embryo development.
Does it make sense to have hysteroscopy to rule out polyps and fibroids. My RE says that they would sow it with ultrasound if I had any
Does it make sense to do a test for antibodies. My RE does not believe that I would be allergic for my own embryos.

Thank you very much for your response.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 23

Your poor embryo developement is not a uterine or antibody problem. There may be a sperm issue. Yes, DNA fragmentation testing may provid an answer. There is also another concern. Your eggs are no longer 29 years old. They ar 39 years old. As eggs age, there is greater probability they will have the wrong number of chromosomes. That is another possible explanation for your poor outcomes, to date.
Good luck.



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