Very Curious, What comes next?
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djh2700 - July 5

I had my lap done on 6/27. My RE took care of several spots of endo, drained some cysts, diagnosed with stage 2 endo, and after trying three differents methods got dye going through both of my tubes. She also cut one ovary free from scar tissue engulfing it and connecting it to my colon. My post op isn't for another two weeks. I am dying to know what comes next. Do ya'll think fertility drugs come next? I thought having both tubes open would be good then I read something about the next text being to see if your eggs are good? What diagnosis led you to fertility drugs, anyone? Thanks


bdantonio - July 8

I had alot of things fixed with my lap also. Afterwards they started me on fertility drugs my very next cycle and i got pregnate the first time. They found that I had a heart shaped uturus that had to be fixed scar tissue pallips, my round ligament was attached to me bladder instead of my uterus. One tube partially blocked but also extremely weak tubes. They corrected everything except the weak tubes, they cant due anything about that. My next cycle they starte the fertility drugs and i was inseminated they wanted to get me pregnate as soon as possible before the pallips grew back with if they did i would m/c again. Probably the same for you before your cycts grow back. I am 8 weeks now and beside hypermesis with is just a medical term for extreme morning sickness i am fine.


djh2700 - July 12

My doctor recommended IUI with clomid. My insurance covers part of it, but not all. Haven't talked to my dh yet to decide. I thought we could just try naturally now that tubes were cleared, but RE is concerned about tubes getting blocked again. She said we could try on our own for a month, but she really recommended the IUI with clomid. I hope my dh agrees and we can find the funds somewhere. At least I know there's a good chance now. And IUI is a whole lot cheaper than IVF.


bdantonio - July 24

we had the same issue and we did the iui and got pregnate the first month we told them we would try once thats all we could afford and it took.


djh2700 - July 25

We decided to do the iui. I have a really good feeling about it, just because I think every problem that we know of has been taken care of either with the surgery or with medications. I did clomid on cd 3-7, will give myself a fun menopur shot tonight and have ultrasound on Friday to check follicle size. I'm so glad to read your response to know that it can happen on the first IUI.


bdantonio - July 26

djh The shot is not that bad I didnt get incementaed till about 13 days after clomid so dont get worries if it takes a little bit. When they did my iui the did it 2days back to back and on the third day i had intercourse also that way we always have the chance that it did work at home



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