starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - January 2

Hi Again,
Tiffany the prog test tells you if you ovulate it you don't it will be pretty low (single digits i am gathering form other peoples posts). Jade: no symptoms for me yet i am only ~6 dpo. When you do your temps have you had at least 3 hours of sleep before hand? I read in your other posts you did them at night just wante to make sure you weren't wasting you time. Some women say that have less symptoms than any other month the month it actually happens so still thinking preggy thoughts for you...TTC: Just another example of an incompetent doctor (oh yes just relax DUH!!!) i am so glad for you that you got help else where. It seems that the anovulatory women around this site have great success once they ovulate i.e summer once she finally ovulated was pg the first try. SO what is the estrace for??? wb if you have time


ErinG - January 2

I am curious, what are the directions for taking clomid, do you start it during your period?


ttcbb1 - January 2

Allison, the RE said something about Estrace helping with the lining and the CM. He said something about the Clomid sometimes making the lining too thin and the CM dry. I went in today (cd 12) for my bloodwork and u/s. They said I had four follies. One was 23mm. Thanx Allison for the positive words, hearing about Summer does give me hope.

Erin, I took my clomid starting on the 3rd day of my period. Days 3 - 7. I know that they sometimes say days 2 -6, 3-7, 5- 9. Hope this helps.


ttcbb1 - January 2

Summer, I just read back a few pages. I just wanted to say....

Congratulations on your BFP!!!!


ErinG - January 2

[quote author=ttcbb1 link=board=13;threadid=3004;start=120#30000 date=1167773920]
Allison, the RE said something about Estrace helping with the lining and the CM. He said something about the Clomid sometimes making the lining too thin and the CM dry. I went in today (cd 12) for my bloodwork and u/s. They said I had four follies. One was 23mm. Thanx Allison for the positive words, hearing about Summer does give me hope.

Erin, I took my clomid starting on the 3rd day of my period. Days 3 - 7. I know that they sometimes say days 2 -6, 3-7, 5- 9. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Good luck!


Jade - January 2

Okay, so I didnt get my progestrone today. My dr sucks. When I went they told me it was too late. That the results would be invalid. I was so mad.
Then I went to my RE. I love him. I am so glad I went. So he sat me down and talked to me about my issues. I told him how I wasnt happy with my dr bc they werent monitoring me closely. I gave him todays example with the prog. test. So then he gave me the facts. He said #1- that clomid doesnt work well with skinny people. ( i am pretty skinny) He said it can have adverse effects.
#2- that today would have been the earliest they could have done a prog. test. That if they would have done it any earlier it would have said I didnt ovulate. also that prog test should be done in morning not afternoon.
#3. i did ultrasound today and found i did release an egg (YAhoo) but that my lining was too thin. 8mm when it should be 10mm (boohoo). So it looks like preggy is out of the question this cycle. I go tomorrow morning for a prog test though to make sure the clomid caused the thinning of the lining.
Guess what Alison, I guess I will be taking Famara next cycle. It is his drug of choice. So I guess I need all the details. I feel so relieved and like he actually cares. Yea-me.

TTc sound like you will be oing any day now. Good luck.

Jnt~ Sorry about the bfn. it is so depressing. I think i will be seeing one of those this month too. Fingers crossed for next month.


Tiffany F - January 3

Thanks alison29 for all that great information, I did'nt no the test could tell if you ovulated or not I totally deal with talking to the nurse and not the RE, I had the intial consultation with the RE and I sat there like a fool and did'nt ask any questions I think it scared me when he started talking about donor eggs and adoption, I went into a twilight zone I wish my DH could have been there but my primary care Dr booked the apt for me and my DH had to work that day, my insurance only pays up to $2000 and then after that we have to pay 50% and the insurance pays 50% my first and only visit with the RE was for like 20-30 minutes and that was $350 deducted from the $2000, so I guess once I get accurte results from the prog test I will need to have a biopsy? and then I will need to sit down with the RE again this time I will make sure DH or my mom will be there, when you start seeing an RE do you see them through out your entire pregnancy? or I wonder would a person be referred to a high risk obgyn?.....Jade I called the Drs office today and they left a message saying the results would'nt be in until hopefully tomorrow, that was a bummer I just knew when I got home from seeing Dreamgirls I would have had the results on my answering machine, but I did'nt (by the way the movie was excellent) I wish I had a RE like yours, mine just seems kind of cold and sraight to the point, it would help to have a nice RE especially with all that we have to go through, but I have been told ny many people this is the best place in my area, I have over heard patients saying how they have traveled over an hour or two to come to this office and I only to drive like 5-7 minutes to get there so I will not complain. Thank you for the good information I will also check into taking Famara instead of Clomid this month, I will keep you updated on the results if I get them tomorrow and I look forward to hearing from you as well ;)....Take Care All....Love Tiffany~~~


Shannon C - January 3

[quote author=trying4number1 link=board=13;threadid=3004;start=0#25290 date=1157854250]
Hey everyone. I start my first round of Clomid 50 MG on Tuesday and was wondering if anyone else was in the same/similar boat. Im a little scared and excited. Im nervous about he potential side effects but excited and hoping this is the answer weve been praying for! Hope everyones doing well.

[/quote] Hi This is Shannon i am on sec month of clomid and hormones have increased. I thought every thing was going great last month and nothing have been trying to have a baby for 10 years now off and on and just found out i dont ov. I am hopeing that poss things come from this.have lots of ? if someone has been through this.Thanks


summer - January 3

Happy New Year ladies

There are so many newbies that have joined which is good coz the women on these boards are fantastic and offer a lot of support and encouragement.

Hallo to Tiffany, Shannon C, Erin G & ttcbb1.

Alison my dear , hang in there u know the 2ww really needs patience, i will pray that this is the month for you.

JNT- am sorry abt AF turning up on new year, the wicked mum shud know that she is not wanted and shud stay away. good luck on your next round though.

Jade- glad u found a RE who is understanding and sympathetic. this ttc journey is really tough and a dr who is humane at times. Yay for realesing that egg too.

As for me i will be 6wks tomoro. I go for more bloods to check if my HCG levels are rising. I opted to stay with the clinic fr early pregnancy monitoring. I will let u know when i get my results.

P/S Thanks ladies for your well wishes. i am keeping my fingers crossed that we have lots more BFPS this yr. this stuff works :D


Shannon C - January 3

Hi thanks for the encouragment Summer good luck on your levels hope all is great how long have you been on clomid?Were r u all from any one from texas? I am so conf with all this its so new have a great doc if i ever saw her. have a great day


ErinG - January 3

Oh Summer good luck!!


Jade - January 3

HI Everyone. I had my prog test today. They tested other things as well like glucose and stuff. I dont even know what. She said I should hear back tomorrow. I can hardly wait. So i guess I am like 10 dpo. I am trying to wait to 18 dpo but i am so impatient so i doubt that will happen. I am pretty confident it didnt happen this month by what the dr told me yesterday. But i still cant help but to have some faith.

ANy news from anyone else?
Alison~ Feeling any symptoms yet? Is this your 2nd month on femara? I will be taking it next cycle. Hopefully there wont be a next cycle....

Summer~ Keep us posted on your test. Are you having any m/s. Have they done an ultrasound or will that be tomorrow?


Tiffany F - January 3

Hello to all you ladies on this journey that we share together ;),

alison29 and Jade, just talked to the nurse and my progesterone was 1.4, she said that I did ovulate even though when I was checking I did'nt see that I did, so I asked her does this mean that I have low progesterone and the reason for all the m/cs? she said I need to come in tomorrow to have the endometrial biopsy done tomorrow morning at 10:15am, thank God DH is off tomorrow so he can go with me, has anyone had one of this before? I've heard there some what painful, I'm thinking more like bad period cramps, well ladies any info will be appreciated as always.

Jade did you go for your test today?

Summer I pray those HCG levels are rising!

Shannon I hope you ovulate, have you tryed Femara that some of the ladies talk about? good luck~

ttcbb1 and ErinG, good luck to you ladies as well!



Jade - January 3

Tiffany~ That really stinks about not oing. I dont know what an EB is? What will they do and what are they looking for? I went for my test today. I should know tomorrow.


Tiffany F - January 3

Jade~I don't no exactly what it is either, I believe the Dr goes in and cuts a piece of the lining or something to examine it? I'm about to look it up online to see exactly what it is and I'll let you no ???


alison29 - January 3

Tiffany so sorry about the wrong info. Don't feel bad about not asking questions i never did either with my gyn but that is going to change I was so happy to get drugs and over whelmed by the doctor aura. What the heck does the darn test tell you if no matter what level you have you could have ovulated hmmmm maybe someone else here can tell me (or I can look it up). How did she check that you ovulated? I am also interested in hearing about the endo biopsy. I bet if feels like a REALLY bad period. It hurt like a b--ch when i had the post coital test (i am super sensitive though) she stuck these 12 inch pliers up there and was digging around ugh! Your insurance is kinda lame :( but from what i have heard (hopefully not bad info again he he) the RE releases the patients to the obgyn after a short period whenever they feel the pg is established i guess.

JADE: This is very interesting about skinny and clomid i never heard it and i too am skinny (5'8" 125 lbs before holiday eating carnage probably 130 now) I also wondered about the lining but of course was not checked i am SO HAPPY your new doc is worth a crap I had no idea that the progest test was in morning and very specific as my doctor SUCKED (I must keep making that point for some reason) So you will be on FEMARA Too yay! (hopefully not be if you have another cycle at least it won't be wreaking havoc on your lining) Have you asked about any other tests or do they just assume you are okay?

Shannon: Hi I live in Florida welcome aboard

TTC: IT sounds like you have a great doctor if he is giving you meds to counteract the clomid :) thanks for the info.

Summer: Stay healthy and keep us posted you give all of us ladies inspiration.

I better go for now let us know what your test says JADE if you have time (20 more days til my appointment then i will have some tid bits for you guys FINALLY)



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