starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - December 28

Hey Woman,Welcome back i was wondering what happened to you. I would test those levels sound great (i have never had the testing) GOOD LUCK and let us know if we have yet another 2007 baby


Jade - December 29

Alison~ Has your dh had a semen analysis. Mine had his last month and found out he has low morph. I guess that means his sperm are not forming right. He seems to think that it was just that particular time bc he has performance anxiety LOL. I hope he is right. I feel myself getting more and more depressed as each cycle passes by. I know what you mean about being less of a woman by not being able to conceive. It makes me feel better by chatting on here with you guys. SOmetimes I feel like Dh doesnt understand. He says it will happen for us- but i want it NOW.

JNT~ That sounds promising. I would have been so impatient and already tested by now. I go for my prog test Jan 2nd. I didnt realize what the numbers meant. Good luck.


alison29 - December 29

Hi Jade,

Yes dh's don't understand. I talk about the possibility of more testing and he says come on there is nothing wrong with you we have egg and sperm so it is bound to happen (I guess ignorance is bliss). Yep i wanted it a over a year ago NOW it really became bad when is sister in law who is 5 years my junior came bouncing over to explain how they pregnant on the first try and how she had only been off birth control for one month ugh (can't help the green eyed monster some times) there sonn is 7 months now. It is really scary the unknown what if it never happens. Can you believe my STUPID doctor said that and it is a woman She said,"well it just never happens for some people" (maybe thats cause she sucks!) Dh has had testing they wouldn't give me any drugs until (and he even knocked someone up.before when a condom broke yes ME The big defect) so he had 85% good swimmers which suprised me because he still drinks rum and cokes (so there is alchohol and caffeine in those suckers) and smokes. His family is ULTRA fertile he has fraternle twin brother and sister (imagine dropping 2 eggs unmedicated that stick oh the luck) and another brother. Three nephews and no one is over thirty (accept for him). Thank god i live close enough to testing lab that dh could do it at home he wasn't to hot on having to do it in an office probably like your dh. When my dumb doc did the cm hostility test she couldn't only find one swimmer though (she said typically you see at least 5-6) he said he only partly ejaculated because of the pressure so who knows. They can always do IUI if the sperm is a little off. I will do anything they tell me. Well you have four days to your appointment less then a month for me :( ... Any plans for new years? I must say it will be my first alchohol free one in a few years I think i am going to have some virgin marys and pina coladas (i live in florida and it will still be 80 degrees hence frozen drinks) we are staying pretty close to home though maybe hanging out with some friends who live a few miles away (too many drunkards out there). Chatting with everyone on this site has been an enormous help to me also if not i would feel like i was the ONLY one to not get pg easy.
Take care talk to you later


jnt010 - December 29

Hello Ladies,

Jade good luck with your prog. test. I am very anxious to find out if I am prego or not. I plan to take a test Monday if AF doesn't come between now and then. What a happy new year that would be.

Alison it is horrible all that stuff your going though I hate the infertiliy effects anyone. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Anyway, i know what ya mean about all of the other family. My husbands sister is the same age as me and has three boys. And the other sister and my sister have one. And not planned either. It really sucks.

My husband has had the semen analysis three times and surgery to repair a vericele that cause male infertility. So we have it on both ends. Then Monday he went to another doc. and he told us that I need to get off the clomid and he wants to do 2 more analysis to make sure all is correst in his eyes. We were about ready to adopt until we got home and my doc call and told me about the prog. So now we are just waiting. Any I am just going on and on. I will talk to ya'll later. I am praying that god will bless ya'll as well as myself babies for 2007.



lakjsm - December 29

I have been taking clomid for a while now. I just had an IUI done yesterday. Does anyone have any tips on anything I should be doing after taking clomid and having an IUI done?


Jade - December 29

Hi lakjsm~ Sorry I cant help you with the IUI. I am now in the 2ww after my first round of clomid without IUI. I am sure relaxing and resting would be your best bet. I know it is easier said than done. 2ww can be so tormenting. When do you get to test?

JNT~ It would be a fabulous way to start off the New Year. I wish you all the best. What day of your cycle did you get you prog. test. I was supposed to do 21 but their office is closed until the 2nd which will be cd25. Do you think that will matter?

Alison~ Okay. I totally cant wait for you to see a new dr. I mean seriously, who says "some people just cant" that is just ridiculous. I guess I am in the same boat as you for new year's- alcohol free- I know after testing I will wish I would have just had some drinks after being BFN. That happened this summer to me when we went to Mexico. All-inclusive (alcohol included) resort for my husbands work. Everyone was drinking pina coladas and margaritas but I was trying to be good and not drink bc i was in the 2ww. Shortly after getting home and realizing I was pregnant I was very dissappointed that I didnt get my moneys worth at the resort. LOL You sure are lucky having 80 degree weather. I cant complain much though bc i live on the beach in NC and it is not 80's but close enough. 70's. Sometimes I long to see a little snow. OH well.

Happy New Year's EVeryone!


jnt010 - December 29

Jade I have no idea if that matters or not. I had mine done on day 20 b/c day 22 was on Saturday.

lakjsm I have to agree with jade. i don't know about IUI. I am also on clomid ( 2nd round). Good Luck to you.


ttcbb1 - December 30

Hello everyone!
I am on my first round of clomid (days 3-7). Today is only cd 9 for me. For those of you that have taken clomid in the past, what day did you usually ovulate?


Jade - December 31

ttc~ I took clomid on day 3-7 this cycle and I o'd around day 16. It was about 8 days after my last pill. Hope that helps.

Alison~ Feeling any signs of preg. yet. I am not. I wish I were but I have a feeling I will be back on clomid again next month. Boo-hoo.

JNT~ Any good news for us?


jnt010 - December 31

ttcbb1 i did kept up with my ovulation this month. i got tired of those darn strips. Sorry I could be of more help. Good luck though.

Jade I haven't got any news yet. I am one day late and plan to take a test in the morning. I really don't know if I am or not. I am am going on 3 years of all of this and I am tired. i just pray this month worked if not. It might be awhile b/c my husbands doc told me to get off the clomid so he can run is own test on him.

Well ladies I will be talkin to ya'll next year. Ya'll have a great night and I will let ya'll know.


Tiffany F - January 1


Hey Jade,

I was reading a post and I see that you go for your progesterone test on the 2nd, is this your first test? I was just tested on 12/31 and I get the results back tomorrow, I was wondering if I will get an accurte result because I did not ovulate, do you know anything about the results if you do not ovulate? I guess I will have to try taking clomid this month so I will hopefully ovulate and then retest , did you have any side affects from the clomid? I've never taken it before and I have heard good and bad about it (just like anything else) so I guess I just have to wait until tomorrow and go from there, keep me updated and I wish you all the best I will let you no what happens when I get the call from the nurse tomorrow~~~Tiffany~~~


Jade - January 1

Hi Tiffany,
This will be my first prog. test. I am curious to see the results. I hope it doesnt take long to get back. This was my first cycle of clomid. I was very scared to try the clomid bc I, too, heard all the side effects could be horrible. I started on 50 mg days 3-7. I decided to take them at night. I think that is what helped. I didn't have any side effects (thank goodness). I ended up ovulated ( based on temps and OPk) on the 16th. Now I am 7 dpo and waiting to test or get af around the 8th. HOpefully I wont see her this month, but I dont really feel too positive this time. Alison is on the femara and said that it has less side effects than the clomid. I hope that helps. Let me know how your test went.


ttcbb1 - January 1

Jade & Jnt Thank you for your replies. I'm just so excited that a doctor (RE) is finally making an attempt to help me. I have been asking my obgyn for long time for help, and he kept telling me that it was no big deal. My time would come. So I decided that I would find an RE on my own. He found that I was anovulatory. So he put me on my first round on Clomid days 3-7, Estrace from cd10 on, and Progesterone suppositories starting when I ovulate. I'm only on cd11 right now though.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!


Baby dust all!!! I hope one of us on this board will have a BFP soon.


jnt010 - January 2

well hello everyone. Hope everyone had a great new year. I did except the AF came on New Years day. When a way to start it off. Any way hope everyone has so luck this year. TTYL


alison29 - January 2

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to write really quick (more later) Happy New Year! JNT SOOOOO sorry about af. Jade: GOOD luck at your appointment :) Welcome TTC and Tiffany talk to you later


alison29 - January 2

Hi Again,
Tiffany the prog test tells you if you ovulate it you don't it will be pretty low (single digits i am gathering form other peoples posts). Jade: no symptoms for me yet i am only ~6 dpo. When you do your temps have you had at least 3 hours of sleep before hand? I read in your other posts you did them at night just wante to make sure you weren't wasting you time. Some women say that have less symptoms than any other month the month it actually happens so still thinking preggy thoughts for you...TTC: Just another example of an incompetent doctor (oh yes just relax DUH!!!) i am so glad for you that you got help else where. It seems that the anovulatory women around this site have great success once they ovulate i.e summer once she finally ovulated was pg the first try. SO what is the estrace for??? wb if you have time



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