starting Clomid..anyone else?
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WI102 - November 19

Hi Alison,

AF is due tomorrow and so far I seem to have my normal symptoms indicating her pending arrival >:( So I guess we'll be trying another cycle of Clomid next month. I agree, the tww is the worst, I'm glad its almost over.

Thanks for the well wishes Summer! Good luck to you too!


alison29 - November 20

HI Ladies,
Back at work and the computer. Interacting with you guys has been so helpful these past couple months thanks :) Anyway, Wl102 at least when af starts you have another chance to make a little miracle. That is how i have been trying to take it because the day before and the day af start is the worst!! Gosh summer your af is taking FOREVER at least you will have the crappy crampy part over before Thanksgiving. HMMM I finished my meds Saturday so now it is just wait and see i need more OPKs before i go out of town for Thanksgiving. Well that is all for now i guess we can all keep each company on yet another cycle. BABY DUST take care


jnt010 - November 21

Hello Ladies

How is everyone. I am on day 20 and no ovulation. Oh well I guess next month. Good luck to all


summer - November 21

Hi guys

My AF is juss taking forever to kick in. Its now 9days and nothing. I am tired of trips to the loo everytime i feel something. Anyway i guess i better be patient.

Fingers crossed Alison for your wait now. So how was the Femara? did u have any side effects at all.

(((((((((((()))))))))))) to you w102 & jnt010. i know it hurts but at least you can try again on the next cycle.

babydust to all of us


alison29 - November 21

Hi Summer,

I didn't have any side effects with the Femara lets just hope it works ugh it is hard to stay positive... That really sucks your af takes so long talk about holding things up. Jaqueline I am sorry that the clomid didn't work :( It stinks that the doctors start people out on such a low dose when 50 mg doesn't seem to do much for a lot of people. Are you going to take the 100 mg next time? Hopefully we all have some progress here after the holiday weekend.


jnt010 - November 22

[color=Orange][/color]Just wanted to tell everyone:
[color=Red][/color]HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! :)


alison29 - November 22

Me too, Happy Thanksgiving I 'll be back Monday.


WI102 - November 23

Hi ladies,

Well the dreaded AF came this week. I'm trying to keep my spirits up and stay positive for my next cycle. I do have a question for you ladies about your experiences with Clomid. I noticed on my first day of menstruation, I had alot of cramping and had alot of tissue pieces which I have never seen before I was on Clomid. Is this normal? Anyone else experience this?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


deedeela - November 24

hey! i hope that your first month went well.I've been on clomid for 2 1/2 yrs!!!!i did mange to get pregnant this summer but lost my "peanut" in the 10th week.I still am not convinced that i should still be on it after all this this time,but my God (in his head).And like a good God fearing catholic i don't question it gave me hope after i got pregnant now at least i know that i can get pregnant,before it was not knowing.I just finished month2 of 3in my cycle and Dr.God says that in the new year we'll probably schedule me for "Ovarian Drilling"(sounds fun huh????"i did talk to a obgyn nurse practitioner wit PCOS and who had her children on clomid and she recommends it for me.she has seen many good things with it...not to mention it's time to get me off the drugs!!! if the drilling doesn't work we will have no choice but to start the expencive treatments.(i'm from Canada so surgery is covered in our provicial's when you go beyond that is when you pay)clomid would be killer if i didn't have the med benefits that i have(thank GOD!!!!)
Any ways let me know how everything goes best of luck...take care!!!!


summer - November 26

Hi girlies hope ur enjoyin your thanksgiving.

AF finally came for me and in full force, so am happy abt that and will start taking my pills tonight.

Deedee- sorry abt your Doc. they sometimes think they know everything


alison29 - November 27

Back from the holidays. First of all Wl102- sorry you got af :( but this month I did notice tissue pieces ugh! I happened to only have maxi pads at the time so it was quite evident and it has never happened to me either it was grosser than a blood clot. I always have cramps though so i can't say about that. Whoo hoo summer i am so glad you finally get to start another cycle so you are on day two of the meds right? I think I ovulated sometime on Saturday but am not sure. Saturday the lines on the opk were same color and temps were low. Yesterday temps were high and the surge line was darker than control so that was kind of confusing. But I got back in town Saturday afternoon so we bd after the football game was over (go gators ha ha). Deedeela-I know doctors think they are god but at times i swear i know more than my gyn that is why i am going to the fertility specialist here. I have had bad experiences with many an incompetent doc so don't be afraid to switch. I have heard that clomid builds up after a while increasing the negative side effects on your lining. Why do they drill your ovaries? What medicine are you going to try next? Write back if you have time i am curious about what they will do next


summer - November 28

ladies!!! welocme back from Thanksgiving.

Alison- yes i am now on day 3 of my cycle and so far so good. the clinic booked me for my scan and BTs on day12 in december, cant remember the date. So we will see how this cycle will go. i have been praying to the Lord that let it be it , that would be the perfect christmas present ever for us....

Dee- ovarian drilling sounds scary. wat does it do. is it for blocked tubes, sorry for all the ?? :)


jnt010 - November 28

Hello ladies

Hope everyone's holiday was great. I am waiting on AF now. I am on CD26.
For ya'll talking about ovarian drilling. I had it done in May. What the doc. does is drill little hole in the follicals to help jump start your ovaries. It didn;t work for me, but i have read that it can take up to a year. It sounds scary but it really not. I had the Lap., ovarian drilling, and the dye all done all the same time. My doc does what he can to take the pressure off. He's great!
Well the best to all of ya'll.


summer - December 1

how was thanksgiving. hopefully ur all rested

i have now finished my last pills of clom so am now waitng to go for bloods and scan to see if there is anything growing in there.

alison how are you any news

jnt, wio1, deedee where are u ladies.


jnt010 - December 1

Hello Ladies

Well i am a roller coster of emotion right now. I am on day 30 and no sign of AF. I took clomid this month and I am now confused to wheather I read the test right. I have cramped like crazy the past 4 days. Today not yet. My doc had me come in for a pg test but I had 2 neg home test. If someone could give me some encouragement I sure could use it. I just have an horrible feeling he is going to say it is a neg again. I hate hearing those words.

Ladies I hope everything is going better for ya'll. Good Luck summer with this round.



summer - December 2


jnt010- with this round oc flom ur on isnt your doc doing any blood tests or scans to tell u wat is going on? with my 1st one they did some scans and lots of B/Ts but of course i ddint develop any follicles and didnt ovulate. but anyway he're s to wishing u some luck and it not over until the fat lady sings..huh.

alison and the others how are u doing?

i go for my scan and bloods on wednesday, i'm juss praying that this round works for me.



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