starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - March 3

My friend told me about that article. I guess it won't help me though cause i don't think my problem is ovulation. I was scared about until i got to that part because i just started a weight watchers ice cream bar addiction (they have these great chocolate/chocolate ones). From what you said you could handle the extra fat so go for it. I was looking up possible dietary modifications for endometriosis and came across an article that described the "prototype" for it as being caucasian, slim sometimes overly anxious female who has prolonged her fertility. Well darn it I am the poster child (is that you too?). Okay so you have about 3 more months on Femara at worst. I wish something would happen for you already this month. I hope you don't have to move on from there but i am really curious as the WHYS of your ovulation problems. At this point i feel personally invested he he. One of these days soon i am going to set up a yahoo account right now i only have state email address then if it is ok with you guys have you email me on that. I like sharing if anyone is still reading but i am scared about coming to this site at work (no computer at home) is it considered a chat room? Basically anything fun is not a llowed anymore. jeez this thing is long sorry have a good weekend too


Jade - March 4

Yeah Alison. We could email if you would feel better about it. My email is [email protected] I guess I would be the prototype for endo. Great. Just add that to my list. I am still spotting and no sign of O for me yet. I will let you know. I thought I might be getting close bc my line on OPk was darker ( but definitely not as dark as the control) on Fri and sat but today it was barely there. UGG. I may have to take provera this cycle. I think I will wait til cd30 and give my RE a call back... HOpe you had a good weekend.


kttc - March 7

I am starting clomid tomorrow. First time and can't wait. I'll keep you guys posted. I love reading your stories and it's great to have everyone be so supportive.


amyjoy - March 12

About 3 days into the clomid through today (cd 16 and no O yet) I have had cramp-like pain. Most of the activity is on my left side and I'm wondering if it's just working over time. I know most and the biggest follicles are on the left side. Anyone else had a similar experience?


carmy_right - March 13

I am on day one of provera to start my cycle and then on day 5-9 I will be starting clomid for the very first time which will probably be in the begining of april since I take provera for 10 days then can start AF anywhere from day 2 to 10 after that. I am so excited at the prospect of possibly finally getting pregnant that I can't stop thinking about it and I am afraid of a huge let down. UGH! How do you get excited and not broken hearted. And Iam pretty scrared about the side effects.



kttc - March 14

So I finished my first 5-9 cycle on clomid. I took my pills at bed time. No real side effects except for really bad headaches!!!!!! I wish they werent so bad. So now I gonna have to start with BD. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


summer - July 4

Alison , Jade...where are you ladies? I am here to check on you and to sprinkle some more baby dust if needed.


Jade - July 5

Hi Summer. How is the pregnancy? How far along are you? I need some baby dust for sure........ I am waiting for af after m/c at 9 weeks. Hope she comes soon so I can get back to ttc. Are you having a boy or girl?


bdantonio - July 5

Is anyone on anyother medications except clomid? I am on a list of medicince I conceieved with clomid and am 8 weeks. This is pregnancy no. 7 for me i had 3m/c then a duaghter who is 2 1/2yrs. then 2 more m/c. They have me on quite a few drugs.


Jade - July 6

I am on femara. It worked for me when I had the correct dosage. Unfortunately I had a m/c on May 30. I just got my AF so back to TTC and I will start on 5 mg of femara on SUnday.

SO congrats on your pregnancy. I know it is stressful when you have had all the previous m\c. I have had 2. What meds are you on now?


bdantonio - July 8

Well I have had 5 m/c I am on I used clomid and ovidrel to get pregnate. Now im on prenatal folgard baby asprin lovenox progestrone and two antinausea meds and still getting very sick. I have been hospitallized a few times for dehydration.


summer - July 26

Hi Jade

the pregnancy is coming along ok and i have sore hips and pelvis. i think i am having a girl, although sonographer was not 100% sure.

I am so sorry i didnt know u miscarriaed. such a painful thing. fingers crossed that af turns up soon and you start trying again.


Jade - August 16

Wow summer! You are getting so close. I know you cant wait. Keep us posted. Oh and Alison is having twins due in March......Yaay!!


summer - October 1

[quote author=Jade link=board=13;threadid=3004;start=270#39863 date=1187296741]
Wow summer! You are getting so close. I know you cant wait. Keep us posted. Oh and Alison is having twins due in March......Yaay!!

Oh my God!!! that is awesome news. i cannot believe it. Well done Alison on the twins. And you Jade how are you girl? and how are things? I will keep onsprinklin some baby dust your way.

Well my bubba is here and she is now 4 weeks old


deb84 - November 26

hi, i just want to let you know that i started clomid in feb this year i started on 50mg, and was taking it for three months and it didnt work then my doctor put it up to 100mg and i fell pregnant. At my 12 week scan i found out it was twins and at 20 weeks found out it was two girls but sadly 6weeks ago at 22 weeks i masscarried due to a weak cervix im so gutted. do u know anyone who has taken clomid after a misscarriage i hope you get pregnant soon
debbie :)


lilmaria - May 16

I start clomid in june it will be the first round. I took clomid to get pregnant with my first. the first two times ididnt get pregnant but i was also on a whole bunch of different medications. i am also pcos. when my hubby went to iraq i stopped taking all medications to clean my body out and a month after he got home from iraq i took the clomid by itself and it worked. so im hoping the second time around it happens a little quicker.



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