starting Clomid..anyone else?
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Jade - February 23

Wow ALison~ You really are going to be busy next cycle. Sounds like they really have a plan for you which is soooo good. Should your cramps be less this cycle bc of the endo they removed? They are putting you back on clomid?? I guess it doesnt really matter if it messes up your cm bc you will be doing IUI.Yahh. Good luck.


alison29 - February 23

HI Jade,
Thanks for your enthusiasm. Unfortunately i hadn't consulted dh before the email. He has some weird hangup about the IUI (not actually doing the act i guess) Last night he thought i was mad cause he wants to try without it (o natural ugh but they only do IUI with those expensive injections) so he said fine if you want to do ":turkey baster thing" so I know i could push for it but i am confused. As the dr said she would recommend 3 iuis then move to IVF which i am not even sure is an option for us at this point. But right after surgery is best time to do these things before the stuff grows back. But it could be the last chance for treatment. Do you see the mixed feelings i am having? What do you think you would do? Please help!!! I have a couple more weeks before af so time to think get advice etc. Any one elses input would be appreciated


ttcbb1 - February 23

Hello everyone,

I think I left a post on this site a while ago. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I got my BFP yesterday at 11dpo. This was my 2nd round of Clomid 100 mg days 3-7, Estrace starting 3 days after the end of my period, and 150 mg progesterone suppositories starting 3 days after ovulation.

We had been trying for more than 5 years. I'm so happy that Clomid works. I hope you get your BFP's very very soon.

Babydust to all!



Tiffany F - February 23

~~~Hey Ladies~~~TGIF :) ;) :D

amyjoy~thanks so much for the info on progesterone. Your Dr said if it's between 2.5-15, just think mine was 1.5 so I will definently need to be on a few different kinds on progesterone, I was given crinone 8% suppositories with the last pregnancy but I still had another m/c, so I'm sure this time I will be on a natural pill and injections! Good luck

Alison~this whole thing has taken a huge toll on Dh and I, I'm sure we are all going through alot mentally but thank God it seems as if we are all getting down to the bottom of things YEAH! You sound exactly like my Dh, he said why can't they just give you the freakin progesterone so we can get the show on the road! If the progesterone is the answer to why I have had several m/cs and also why I get horrible headaches that will be my miracle prescription! And yes that is the thing where they have to sew up the cervix shut at like 11-12 weeks, I have also lost prgnancy at 5 and 5 1/2 months that was close to 10 years ago but still I don't want to take any chances. I was also told that I will have to pretty much be on bedrest and no sex the whole nine months! Let's see how Dh deals with that, he will because he wants a baby more then life it's self. I seems like you are on the right track with the IUI's hopefully you wont have to do IVF my goosh that is so expensive, I don't no much about any of it but I have read alot about women that were going through having endo removed and even a tube but with the help of IUI and all the injections you mentioned they went on to have a wonderful pregnancy, like Dh said maybe you should try naturally first since you have had the procedure done, and if that does'nt work then move on to the other things, thank God there are other options that we all have, did the Dr say how long it is before the endo can come back? my cousin had polups removed (i'm sure that's spelled wrong) and she was told they could grow back it has been like 3 years and now she does have a few small ones but it has been over 3 years! I think you also need to find that out so you will have an idea, you will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts~~~Tiffany~~~

Jade~yes I guess it was good news that the biopsy results came back fine, but I will have a better understanding of everything when I sit down with the RE on March 6th, you said that you might have to take progesterone for spotting between af, did they say what form? My goosh I now see how important progesterone is, I never had a clue! I guess were all waiting on af in a few weeks, good luck to us all we just have to continue to pray!~~~Tiffany~~~


Jade - February 23

Alison~ That is a tough decision. I understand why your dh wants to wait. I am an impatient person so I feel like I would go for the IUI. Does your insurance cover IUI? I think that I would go for the IUI for 3 months and then try the natural way. IVf is so expensive- does your insurance cover that. I dont think mine does - i havent even checked. I think the IUI will work for you and then you wont even have to worry about IVF. At least you have a little time to decide. I wonder when i will O this month. Last month it was day 21- Do you think it could be sooner this month?

Tiffany~ I think the progestrone will be for my LP I guess. I didnt get too much info bc he is hoping it will be better this month. Plus it was during my hsg and i just wanted to get the hell outta there. LOL

ttcbb1~ Congrats.


alison29 - February 24

Jade: I hope you ovulate earlier this month isn't your re upping the dosage of the femara. When i was on clomid and didn't ovulate until day 19 my ob said it didn't work so i hope if you get more drugs it will go quicker. I missed this month can you believe it? I just expected to o really late like I always did without meds (19-21) but low and behold i think it happened day 15. There was a chance we could have made it last night but dh was really stress out about his business so not up to it. Then said again that if i want to the iui we could YAY!! he is not allowed to change his mind for now i amgetting ready for it... I am going to go for it like you
said then worry about the rest later. Nope my insurance only covers parts of the art work which i am pretty grateful for. It probably cuts things in half or less but still kind of pricey but nowhere near what some ladies have to go through
(like Tiffany :( ) My dr gave me some idea but she isn't aware of my personal coverage so hoping it is less. What cd are you?
Tiffany: Thanks for all of the info of your friends personal experience. The dr did say that the best chance for conception would be the next 3 months so i guess they can't say for sure but everycycle that a woman bleeds she can incur lesions (that si how i understand it anyway)...Can't wait to hear what happens at your appt march 6 it will be here before you know it.

TTC: Congradulations :)


ErinG - February 24

I took clomid earlier this month, I am about 3 days from my period, I took 3 tests today, can you believe all 3 failed, I have the worst luck with these, I had 2 faint lines that may be positive, but you couldnt tell, and its not like I dont know how to test, they were also generic drugstore tests, maybe there was a defective batch, just my luck!!


Jade - February 26

Alison~ That is great that DH changed his mind. I know you are excited to get the ball rolling. That sucks that you missed your O. I thought that you couldnt try this cycle anyways, but I guess you got the all clear to BD. So you should expect AF in the next 2 weeks? What is the first step of your new process??


Jade - February 26

Alison~ I am on cd 15 now. No sign of O yet. I had to go get checked today bc RE thought I may have an infection from my hsg bc i am still spotting. But it is not an infection. So who knows. He said it shouldnt mess anything up for this cycle. He decided not to up my femara this cycle- he said that the longer you are on the meds the better each cycle will be. I guess we will see...


alison29 - February 27

Hi JAde,
So i guess you are looking for your surge now right? I hope your dr is right (they are the experts :) ) My dr didn't say to not try on our own so i thought what the heck because they didn't remove anything from anywhere other then ovaries. My next step is calling when af starts i think they order the meds from a special pharmacy cause they cost so much. Then i have to come in for appt before 5 day maybe an ultra sound (i forget what for i put the protocol away so i wouldn't be sad before dh agreed to do it) Good luck that dang surge better show soon.
Hi Erin two lines sounds like you are pg (you like christina applegate back during married with children :)

Better go


Jade - February 27

Alison~I am so cycle sucks. I have had spotting since my hsg last monday. I had spotting last Mond-Thurs then it went away. It came back yesterday and is worse today. It is a brown spotting (sorry tmi). I went to Re yesterday bc he thought it may be infection, but he said it wasnt. So I still havent O CD16- not even close on my OPK. Do you think this spotting will mess up my cycle?? I hope the RE is right. I started OPking on cd 12- the line was darker on cd 12 than it was today. UHGGGG. I dont know how much longer I can handle this. I wish that I could have 1 normal cycle. I think the spotting may be from the meds- not the hsg. I think the Mond- Thurs spotting was from hsg but now I think it is from the meds. It caused me to spot early before AF last cycle. What do you think?
Do you have to pay for meds up front and the procedure or do they have a payment plan? How many different meds will you go on? Wont be long before AF and then you can get your new cycle started. YAAH.


alison29 - February 28

Hi Jade,
It sounds like it is the meds. How would an infection start with the HSG shouldn't they be using sterile techinique. Your RE should explain why (what physiological reason) you would spot from the meds jeez it is his specialty not just well it should stop. Have you ever had an lh surge on teh opk? My sister said one of her friends had a hormonal problem that she thinks related to that hmmmm. I would definitley pos in the morning to get most clear reading (unless you can limit liquid and hold it for 5 hours). It is hard to say if it will mess up the cycle without knowing why the medicince would cause those symptoms.... They bill me for the procedures i still owe 200 for the surgery. I am getting a new credit card with 0% interest until next feb so that i can space out the cost for a year and not pay finance charges. I will be taking clomid and FSH injections....I hope you find some answers soon you deserve more than this. Keep me posted.


Jade - March 1

Yeah. I am still spotting. I guess I have to call RE tomorrow if it is not gone ( i know it wont be) and he wants to schedule an ultrasound. He also said he may count this as another cycle even though I didnt O and start me on more femara. I think the femara is causing this problem. It has happened before. I had spotting on bc for years and they would change it all the time. in Sept I tried Ovulex (herbal) for TTC and it caused spotting like this for 45 days. So this could go on for a while. I hope they fit me in tomorrow. I usually get an LH surge on the OPK. I have tried in the AM and in PM and it both will have a surge. I am still testing OPK right now bc RE said maybe it was mid cycle spotting before O even though I know otherwise and not even close to being a positive.SO....... we will have to wait and see. It is really depressing. .....

That is good that you had a 0% credit card bc that will help alot. I hate that it is so expensive but it will be well worth it. I hope you get your BFP soon bc I can sure use some good news to give me hope.


alison29 - March 2

I am glad you have has luck with the opks. That completely SUCKS about the spotting i would be really depressed about it too UGH "It will happen when its meant to when you give up and aren't thinking about it" (argh! that is the advice everyone is giving me don't you hate it) but sometimes it is only angle left to rely it seems but i can't just forget about it the clock is a tickin. So will upping dosage cause more spotting? How many more months are going to stick with femara? What is causing the ovulation problem? Has your re hinted at reasons or said anything?.... I took ovulex too not too sure what to say about that stuff but it sure is expensive. I better go talk to you later


Jade - March 2

Alison~ My spotting isnt quite as bad today- still there though. I hate when everyone gives you the advice about dont try so hard. I dont know if upping the dose will cause more spotting. I dont think my RE thinks it is the meds causing the spotting. He said we will try the femara for 3 or so months (that I actually ovulate) and then move on from there. This is month 2- if it works. He hasnt really said reasons for it but I have irregular cycles. I read an article yesterday in the newspaper about eating ice cream helps with infertility. YAAH- that is good news..... oh and that low fat dairy may cause infertility. I didnt really believe it but I looked it up online and found a few websites about it. So i may start the ice cream treatment this weekend. LOL
is the website if you want to read it.
When are you expecting AF? I hope she hurries up for you. You missed your O window, right? If you didnt I hope she doesnt come for you.......Have a great weekend!


alison29 - March 3

My friend told me about that article. I guess it won't help me though cause i don't think my problem is ovulation. I was scared about until i got to that part because i just started a weight watchers ice cream bar addiction (they have these great chocolate/chocolate ones). From what you said you could handle the extra fat so go for it. I was looking up possible dietary modifications for endometriosis and came across an article that described the "prototype" for it as being caucasian, slim sometimes overly anxious female who has prolonged her fertility. Well darn it I am the poster child (is that you too?). Okay so you have about 3 more months on Femara at worst. I wish something would happen for you already this month. I hope you don't have to move on from there but i am really curious as the WHYS of your ovulation problems. At this point i feel personally invested he he. One of these days soon i am going to set up a yahoo account right now i only have state email address then if it is ok with you guys have you email me on that. I like sharing if anyone is still reading but i am scared about coming to this site at work (no computer at home) is it considered a chat room? Basically anything fun is not a llowed anymore. jeez this thing is long sorry have a good weekend too



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