starting Clomid..anyone else?
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Princess24 - February 14


I was just wondering if anyone had some thoughts on clomid. I should be starting clomid soon and I am still a lil concerned cuz I hear some pos. and neg. things. I was just hoping that I could get some feed back, good or bad.

Thank you hope to hear from someone soon.



Jade - February 15

Alison~ Just checking up to see how the surgery was. I hope you are feeling okay.

Kim~ I took clomid for 1 cycle. I didnt really have any side effects like headache or mood swings but it did cause hostile cm and thin lining. My Re switched me to femara. It is the same idea as clomid with less side effects.


alison29 - February 17

Hi Jade,
I am back in the real world (after two days taking percocet) Yikes that stuff makes you brain dead. Anyway i haven't talked to my dr yet but she called dh when i was in recovery. She said i had stage one endo on my ovaries and a polyp or something (dh not good on the details) So that could be affecting my fertility i guess they are not as sure about the cause effect relationship when the endo is not causing severe structural damage. But i would think that those little growths would affect my eggies somehow since they are on both ovaries so praying that this helps. The dye test revealed one clear tube and one blocked. Apparently the blocked tube could be a false pos due to a tube spasm (this is just what i have read on the net) so can't wait to hear the RE's opinion on Thursday when i get the stiches out. So good luck with your dye test on monday? i hope it isn't too bad. take care thanks for checking on me.


Tiffany F - February 18


I am so happy to no everything went well and I no your glad to have it done with and now move onto the next step, the worst thing is not knowing and that has been my situation for years and thank God we are all getting down to the bottom of what's goin on with our bodies so we can move on with this thing we call "infertility"! Are you in pain? I was in pain when I had the biopsy done almost two weeks I thought they should have given me a shot for pain or something it felt like the worst cramps in the world! I had a little discomfort when I had the dye test done also. I see we are both waiting to talk with our RE's, hopefully I will hear from mine by Tuesday the biopsy was the last test I had to have done so now it's down to the final results, I'm hoping he will put me on prometrium(is that spelled right?) which of course is progesterone when I spoke with the nurse last week she said from what she sees I don't suffer from Luteal Phase Defect but she also said the RE needs to review everything and discuss it further with me, well I guess I'll go walk my puppy has it been cold up there in Gainsville? It is really cold and windy today, I love it I prefer cold over hot humidity anyday! hopefully we will be moving back to California soon but this time not Southern Cali but Northern Cali not to far from San Fransico!

Hey Jade~hope all is well I have'nt been on in a lil while but I'm back on track now, you no how it is sometimes you just have to take a break from the whole TTC thing when it starts to get stressful and Dh is asking every second can we start trying again! and he knows we can't until we find out what is causing all the m/cs, so I don't no I just keep praying and I no that God will work it out for us all ;).

Take care Ladies and talk with ya'll soon~~Tiffany~~


Jade - February 18

Hi Alison~ I am glad that your surgery is over and done with. Did they fix the polyps while they were in there? I read about the tube spasm too. Hopefully that is all it is. I know you cant wait to hear the results on Thursday. I have my HSG tomorrow. I am a little nervous- mainly about what they will or will not find. I will let you know more tomorrow.

TIffany~ Hopefully they will figure it all out and you can start trying ASAP. I know your dh will be glad about that. So you will hear more this week?


alison29 - February 19

Hi Ladies,
Tiffany: They should have given a shot for pain especially since you aren't ttc right now. Yes it was painful for me but they gave me pain pills and i didn't do much thursday or friday (and i took max dose he he). I wonder what it is if not luteal phase defect? I bet you can't wait to hear. Progesterone supplements i wonder if that is the hormone that makes us really moody when we take it. My sister was saying that when my cousin was going through IVF (cousins wife) they were fighting ALL the time cause of the hormones (just something to be careful of I see injections in my near future too) but on the positive note she had twins and then a natural birth later. Since i had some endo removed dh is saying well now that your fertile whoo hoo (talk about pressure) so i understand. Yes it has been very cold up here. California is a super neat state it would be nice to live there if not so far from my family.

Jade: I hope it went okay today the anxiety is leading up these things is the worst! Let me know how it went. the dr removed everything i think (hope) I had lots of unpleasant drainage that first day i can't imagine what it is like for people with stage 2-4 endo yikes.


Jade - February 19

Hi ladies. THe HSG was fine today. A little painful (like extremely bad cramps) and then it was done. Everything looked fine-he said. So now we are back to the waiting game. I had some bleeding today so I hope that doesnt last long and I got the go ahead to TTC this month. Last month on the Femara I had spotting from 7 dpo until AF. I asked him about that and he said it should get better after a few months on the Femara- if not he may up my dose or put me on progestrone pill.
We had to go to a family function this weekend and my dh 2 cousins are both preg. and everyone was saying how it was our turn and asking when we would start our family. I told Dh before hand I didnt even want to go bc of that reason and he said it would be bad. When we left he complained the whole way home (2 hours) about how miserable that was and he couldnt believe all the comments. He said - now this month we have got to do this right. It has to work this month. I thought that was really funny. Like we have been doing it wrong all this time.LOL I wish that were the case. Hopefully we can get it right for him this month. I was glad to see that it effected him though. Ya know? Sorry this was so long....

I cant wait to hear results from your tests Alison and Tiffany- Hopefully the next cycle will be our month to get it right!!


amyjoy - February 19

I am waiting for af (should be here this week) and then I am taking clomid cycle day 5-10. I'm really nervous. We are doing an IUI also.


alison29 - February 20

Welcome amyjoy good luck with the iui you will have to tell us how that worked out for you.

Jade: I am glad that your tubes are open phew! that is a big stress i know. I know how it is about pressure from family members too i just finally broke down and spilled the beans to one of my sisters and mom about what we are going through but i don't think i would feel comfortable doing that at a family event. That is weird about the spotting I hope he gives you some progesterone it couldn't hurt. Well i will be back to tell after thursday appt.


Tiffany F - February 21

Hey Ladies,

Well I spoke with a nurse from my RE's office yesterday and she said that everything looked fine from the results of the biopsy and that the RE had written down something about progesterone? I have to go in on March 6th (that was the soonest apt) to discuss everything with the RE, one thing I can say I dislike about about the office I go to is, you can only talk to your RE in person NEVER ON THE PHONE and it's at least $100 or $200 to sit down and talk with him, the last time Dh and I sat there for like 5-7 minutes that was $100, the first consultation was $350 I talked with him for like 15 minutes, that was my fault I totally froze up big time! and when I talk with the nurses on the phone it's like they don't have a clue, she said I can' t really read the Dr's notes because it's very messy but I do see something here about progesterone! What the hell does that mean? So now I have to sit on egg shells for 2 weeks before I can really find out anything? sorry for getting so frustrated, so I guess I'm still not suppose to try and get p/g until after I talk with the Dr!

Jade~it is awsome your test came back fine when I had mine done about a year ago mine came back fine as well the Dr told me as he was doing the procedure that everything looked fine and nothing was blocked, hopefully we will all be TTC around the same time, I think Af comes for you Alison and myself around the same time, that would be neat if we all got BFP in the same month :) ;) :D! let's keep praying and believing for our miracles!

Alison~can't wait to hear from you tommorow after you talk with the Dr, I know everything will be fine, hopefully we can all get this ball rollin like I told Jade! remember how I was telling you all how I suffer from horrible headaches? I read last night that this is a symptom for women who suffer from low progesterone, I already have my list ready for the Dr on the 6th I will not sit there like a fool this time and not open my mouth, I was also told by my last OB I would need to get a curcologe?(sorry that's spelled wrong, but it's when they have to sew you up) between like 11-12 weeks, so needless to say I have alot to discuss with my RE at my next apt!

Talk with you Ladies later...take care...Tiffany~~


Tiffany F - February 21

sorry amyjoy I forgot to resond to you, I don't no much about IUI's but I pray all goes well for you and Dh please keep us updated on your situation, I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts as well ;)..take care..Tiffany~~


Jade - February 21

Tiffany- that is good about the test results. They should have listened to you when you mentioned progestrone. My Re said I may have to take some progestrone bc i am having some spotting before af. We will see.

Alison- Good luck with your dr tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.


amyjoy - February 22

Thanks for responding. Still waiting for af. So funny, I hate when it comes, but this time I can't wait so I can get moving with everything!


amyjoy - February 22

Oh, progesterone. My Dr. said he'd test my progesterone levels one week after the IUI (or intercourse if you are not doing the IUI) and if it's between 2.5 and 15, he will give me progesterone suppositories. Hope that little bit of info helps.


alison29 - February 22

Hi Ladies,
Tiffany: That stinks about the nurse not communicating well i mean how hard is it to tell you what is going on? If everything is fine then what is wrong ugh!!! I feel for you that is just craziness (expensive craziness :( ) Just give you some progesterone and you won't have headaches. Is that that thing you have to get and 11 weeks to hold your cervix shut? I know some women are dialated the whole pg.

Well my RE was positive about removing the endo and that it should help with fertility because even though it is mild it was active and could be interfering with things. We shall see how bad/good the cramps are this month. So after next period i start a new aggressive (but still only 15% chance of pg) protocol: clomid 100 mg 2x a day 5-9 FSH injections, HCG trigger and IUI. I am going to be a hormonal mess...better go someone at work is monitoring use on internet and the library is always full after work so I have much less access to this site unfortunatley.


Jade - February 23

Wow ALison~ You really are going to be busy next cycle. Sounds like they really have a plan for you which is soooo good. Should your cramps be less this cycle bc of the endo they removed? They are putting you back on clomid?? I guess it doesnt really matter if it messes up your cm bc you will be doing IUI.Yahh. Good luck.



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