starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - January 31

Hi Jade,
I know they use to connect continual clomid use with cancer so not to use for more then 6 months my old dr said "they" no longer believe there is a link so i am not sure. I haven't heard anything about femara other then people use it that have breast cancer at some point maybe it hasn't been used for infertility long enough to know but it does work by a different mechanism then clomid so i bet we are okay using it for a few months i bet your RE will try something stronger if femara doesn't work soon but it could and you have only been on it this month right?


Jade - February 1

Yes this is my first month on it. Hopefully my last. It wasnt bad though. I just wish I could do this naturally, you know? Oh well

DH and I are taking a long weekend to go skiing. I have never been so this could be interesting. I hope I make it back in one piece. I wont be back on until Monday, so have a great weekend.


alison29 - February 1

Hi, Yes i know i feel like a dud with all this crap. I just received an email from one of my friends with all of these pictures of her little baby samuel ahhh so jealous but happy for her of course. Well I am glad you are getting away for the weekend i will take a break from the site too. I have never been down hill skiing either looks like lots of fun I am a little terrified of hights so the chair lift is unappealing but the rest seems grea. Have fun be careful.


Tiffany F - February 5

Good Morning Alison and Jade,

I hope all is well with everyone once again I had to take a break because I started getting depressed :(, this is taking such a toll on me I can't put it in words, I'm sure you both understand.

I went in for my progesterone test last thrusday and I got the results back today and it's up to 22 from 1.4 last month I'm assuming taking the Clomid did boost it up, I have to go in for the biopsy tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to that, but yet I am looking forward to finally getting down to the bottom of things, after the biopsy my RE will be able to tell if I have Luteal Phase Defect I'm almost sure that is what I suffer from along with very low progesterone and having both makes it impossible to have a succesful pregnancy, the baby is unable to implanet and it causes you to have a m/c!

Jade~hope you had a wonderful get away, I no you made it back in one piece ;).
Alison~I no what you mean about recieving pics from people of their babies, I mean were happy for them but it's like DAMN can that be me please sooner than later, we have a few new additons to the family between Dh's family and mine his aunt is 43+ and is due next month she has had several aboritons and did not have to see an RE to get p/g it happened all naturally, I'm happy for her but I always ask "why not us"!

Talk with you soon ladies~~~Tiffany~~~


alison29 - February 5

Hi Tiffany,
Its great that you are back. We all have to take a break sometimes if it gets too depressing (you are right only to ladies here can understand that) I checked out taking charge of your fertility at the library this weekend and dh said i am crazy. If only he could chat with the women here everyone wants to get pg that bad and more MEN! that is great that your progesterone is up it is great that they have found something to fix so you are on your way. ARe they going to check your lining and cm on the cycles that you guys try to get pg to make sure everything is okay? Do you get to try next month? About your aunt yep that would make me a little bit green eyed too jeez spread some of that fertility around woman. Seriously though my sister (was adopted) is like that too super fertile the oops we weren't even trying variety. She has three boys and is 39 but said she would be a surrogate if need be because even 9 years older than me she is probably a better shot a self proclaimed "breeder". Getting ahead of myself on that one. I hope you are feeling better you have been through so much this past year so keep your chin up your time is getting close good luck with the biopsy. Jade: I hope you are in one piece too asnd had fun


Jade - February 5

Hi everyone. I did make it back in one piece, BUT I DID NOT have fun. It was the worst. It was toooo cold. I am such a pansy when it comes to being cold so I moaned and groaned the whole time. Poor DH. It was like a blizzard out there. No more skiing for me. I am sticking to the beach.

Tiffany~ That is good that the clomid worked for you. How soon will you get the results from you biopsy? I hope they can figure out what is going on with you.

Alison~ Anything new with you? You should be close to hopefully Not seeing AF right? I hope you werent near the bad weather that happened in Florida this past weekend. I thought about you when I saw it on the news. I guess you arent though bc you posted on here so that is good news.....


summer - February 6

Hi Alison, Jade and Tiffany

sorry i havwn posted in a long while. i have been a bit sick but am getting there.

ladies keep the faith and i am hoping for 2007 babies for you. I will keep on checking on your progress.

Love you all


alison29 - February 6

Hi Jade,
I think i would rather vacation on a beach too the cold is ick! No news accept the deranged emotional state i have every month cause of good ol pms at least this is no longer a surprise. How about you? The tornados were about an hour and a half south of us thank god but thanks for your concern.

Summer: Hello there woman good to hear you are sick
(that lets us know you are still pg) thanks for checking in. That clock is ticking away fast to have a 2007 baby it is crazy.



Jade - February 6

Alison~ So you are having PMS symptoms? That sucks. I think I maybe too. I noticed some pinkish blood in my cm last night and a little this morning too. UHHH. It sucks bc I am only 8 dpo so this is a little early. Maybe it is the femara. I never spot before AF. It is always just a surprise, but last month on the clomid I spotting 3 days before AF. YUCK.

Summer~ Yeah that is good news that you have been sick. It is a good sign. How far along are you now? I long for the day I can be sick....LOL


summer - February 7

oh ladies i know what ur going through as i have been there myself.

i am 11weeks on friday and i still cannot believe it. everything just smells i tell ya.

dont give u hope yet. you will definately get your miracles. i will pray for you as well.

love summer


Tiffany F - February 9

Alison and Jade~~~Good Morning and TGIF~~~

I say our board has been somewhat quiet so I am hoping all is well for everyone, I had the biopsy done on Tuesday and it hurt like a *itch it was very painful, my RE said that I have a small cervix or something like that, I thought I was going to die it felt like the wrost menstrual cramps in the world! I have been having brown spotting since then and AF symptoms needless to say AF arrived late last night...YUCK...I flow so heavy I can't stand it and I'm suppose to be going to the movies Saturday so I will be asking DH every few minutes"Is there anything on the back of my pants" any who I get the results back in about a week or two so I will let you ladies no what's goin on! Have a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend~~~Tiffany~~~

Summer~congrats to you, your almost done with your first trimester I will keep you and the baby in my prayers :).


alison29 - February 9

Yes TGIF!!! I got AF last night so surgery on thursday wish me luck. Tiffany: I was just talking to a friend at work and she said that the menstrual "flooding" is because of low progesterone and since she is on this prescription cream supplement she has stopped having the really bad periods so that makes sense with what you are thinking is causing your misscarriages. I feel for you on the biopsy i have a small cevix too (i guess that is the size diaphram i have and of course never needed ) the post coital test was bad enough for me yikes they should have given you something for the pain.

Hi Jade I hope you didn't get stupid af :(


Mrs. W - February 10

I had one round of clomid 50 mg with no side effects. I became pregnant, but I miscarried. Two months later I became pregnant again from the same round of clomid, but had another miscarriage. I waited a year and started another round of clomid 50 mg. Ultrasound showed that this time I produced too many follicles (its called Over-Stimulation). I became extremely bloated and full feeling. Could not eat or drink much of anything for several weeks. The doctor had to watch my kidneys in case of kidney failure from the fluid retention. They said I would have to wait it out until my af came and the symptoms would go away. It took a month. I was told that if I had become pregnant, the symptoms would have lasted even longer. Be sure to be aware of any over-stimulation symptoms, since can lead to kidney failure. Hope this helps.
God bless and good luck to all ttc!


Jade - February 12

Alison- Yeah AF DID show her ugly face. Start femara tomorrow and next Monday 2/19 going for HSG. I have read some pretty unpleasant things about this test so I am a little concerned. I have heard it can be pretty painful-GREAT. I dont know if I can TTC this month or not. I read somewhere online that you should wait 2 weeks before BDing after this procedure bc of risk of infection- so that could cause me to miss my o. Who knows.? I am sick and tired of this whole TTC crap. I feel like I am getting nowhere and time just keeps ticking. UHHH.

Anyway- so you have your surgery Thursday? I will be thinking about you and wish you all the best. Let me know how it goes when you feel better........


alison29 - February 14

I am sorry about af. Maybe they will give you a pain pill if you ask ahead of time there is no need to feel excessive pain when there are meds to help. Yep time keeps ticking it is so frustrating. Well wish me luck tomorrow i will let you know how it goes once i have access to a computer. That will stink if you miss a month. I miss this month too we shall see hang in there


Princess24 - February 14


I was just wondering if anyone had some thoughts on clomid. I should be starting clomid soon and I am still a lil concerned cuz I hear some pos. and neg. things. I was just hoping that I could get some feed back, good or bad.

Thank you hope to hear from someone soon.




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