starting Clomid..anyone else?
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shann0664 - January 22

Yayy my follie was 19mm today I think they are gonna have me do my ovidrel shot tonight!!!!!


alison29 - January 22

Good for you Shannon! Soon you will be in the tww have fun bding..


Jade - January 22

Alison~ I know you are super excited about your appt tomorrow. I am anxious to hear how it goes. What time is it? I dont know if the femara is going to work for me this month. MY temps have been up and down and I take them at the same time each morning. Last time my temps were like this it was an annovulatory cycle. So maybe I need a higher dose of femara. I am only on cd 14 so there is still hope. YOu should be oing soon right?

Shannon~ That is great news about your follie. SO after your shot you will o in 12-24 hours? I have never had the shot so I am not sure how it works.


shann0664 - January 22

I am injecting tomorrow at 9pm an then the nurse said bd deff thurs morning but she said the more bed the better so I am thinking like wed night thurs morn an thurs night too and then I go back to test at the RE feb 8th my fingers are crossed!!!!


alison29 - January 22

Hi Jade,
There is still hope for you the first month on femara i o on day 14 last month on day 17 (I started to wonder if it worked for me either). You noticed an increase in CM right? that is also a good sign I hope it works this month it is so demoralizing "wasting" a month. I did the opk this morning not a trace of lh so i am going to do it again Wednesday so maybe o by Friday or Saturday. At least things are happening for Shannon. But keep me updated please :) . My appointment is tomorrow at 9:30 so as soon as i can get a little privacy at my computer (i share an office with someone) i will let you know what she said.


Jade - January 22

That is good that your appt is early. You dont have to waste the whole day worrying or wondering. I know how you feel. I cant even use my computer at work for internet. I am a teacher so I have NO privacy and plus all the good sites are blocked. I have to wait until I get home. SO I will check with you then. Good luck.

Shannon~ SOunds like you will be busy bding the next few days. Feb 8th will be here before you know it. Good luck.


alison29 - January 23

Hi Jade,

Well the first thing she said was that we should test for endo and make sure my tubes are ok. So i have a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on Feb. 16 then i have to take the rest of that cyle off from ttc and we will discuss what comes next based on the results. Today she took blood for prolactin levels, and thyroid. I appear to ovulate regularily so that is why so little bw (i guess) and why she suspects that there is 80% chance of endometriosus playing a role of not the case we will discuss what happens after. She did not however feel any during my exam but it can be small. I really want there to be something to fix if that makes any sense. Dh is getting another SA at their lab. So this month we are still bding and if it happens (ha ha ha) then cancel surgery. By the way you are a saint for teaching (my mom did it for 30 yrs too)i tried that and could not keep those little (or big middle school) under control especially that age where they don't want to be there and they definitely have NO interest in science lab :) So any news on your end??


Jade - January 23

Well that is good about your appt. At least they are testing for endo. I know what you mean about wanting something to fix. Hopefully this will be your month and then you wont have to have anything else done.

Aas for me, I called the RE today to ask about when I should expect to O. He wanted me to come in today for an ultrasound to see if I had any follies. So I did at 12:00. He saw some really tiny ones and 1 medium one. Nothing that was anywhere near ready to be released. So next cycle he will up my dose of femara bc it didnt have the results he was hoping for. SO as for me Oing, he said there was still a chance. ... He said to stop opk for a few days, start back on friday. I should surge before monday. If not, I will go in monday for another u/s and then they will give me shot to release egg. If I do surge on my own , I need to call and they are going to check if swimmers can swim in there, or if it is hostile. You had that done right? Give me the details. So I guess I will be waiting.


alison29 - January 24

Hi Jade,
What the heck??? I can't believe it if that stupid dose doesn't work on nonovulators why do it? I was wondering that about summer with clomid they made her start at 50, then 100 which did nothing. It works for me mabybe because i just need help ovulating earlier. I am sorry hon but there is still hope like he said just not what was- expected....I got my surge today (i honestly have no interest in bding now that it seems pointless) but i will put on something sexy tonight just to say we did try hopefull dh isn't exhausted, this morning he was still in fetal position when i left so no hope there....

About the post coital test: You have to bd at least 4 hours (I think) before your appointment. Then you doctor will reach up in your cervix with long tongs and dig out the cm see how it streches and then look under the microscope to see if the swimmers are still alive I found it quite uncomfortable a little worse then pap smear.

...I learned at my dr yesterday that Iui will cost 600$ I wonder how people afford 6 of them...Anyway hang in there keep in touch


shann0664 - January 24

Hi everyone just a question for anyone who can answer, I injected my ovidrel last night at 9pm I dont feel anything...Am I suppose to feel something??? I am just so nervous this isnt gonna work!!!Please help anyone who can calm me down!!! Thank you


Jade - January 24

Alison~ That is great about your surge. I hope it works this month for you. What cd are you on? Did it come earlier than last month? Yeah I am a little disappointed so far but he said I may still O late bc he did some follies- just not very big. I will opk again on fri and see what happens. This ttc is so aggrevating. I get so upset when a cycle is wasted. OH well. Oh about that P.C test- will it effect my chances of conceiving? I mean if they are digging the sperm out and all how will any make it to the egg? Sorry I am so stupid about some of these things- but I dont have a clue...

Shann~ I have no idea about the injection. You probably wont feel anything. When did he say you should O afterwards?


Tiffany F - January 25

Alison and Jade~I'm back I just had to take a little break for a few days, there was so much going on here where I live with the kids and bullying it was driving me crazy, even though we own our townhome I still feel like I'm renting with all the rules and regulations here...I hate it! But anyway I got a surge yesterday listen to this I used 3 different opk's and here's why I used the clear blue easy first, then I used the strips I had ordered from early pregnancy and last I bought a couple from the dollar tree just to try them out and I GOT A SURGE ON ALL THREE! So I guess the cheap ones do work! So now I go in on Feb 1st for my serum progesterone test and then again on Feb 6th for the endometrial biopsy and after that we will sit down again with the RE and discuss where we go from there! So I guess the Clomid did work for me, last month when I was'nt taking it I did'nt detect a surge, so I don't no!

Alison~I see we got a surge on the same day, the only difference is I can't ttc until after I'm done with all these test, it sounds like things went really well at your apt was your RE nice? mine is ok, seems kind of just straight and just to the point kind of cold, I wanted a lady but it did'nt work out that way!

Jade~I no it can get so frustrating this whole ttc thing, my dh can't understand why he has to keep using the pull out method or condoms (hope that was'nt TMI) but like I tell him I can't get p/g right now until they get down to the bottom of things! I hope you get a surge soon, I will continue to pray for us all and we just have to keep believing!

Shannon~I'm like Jade I have no idea about those injections, you can always go to the fertility 101 and ask the doctor that question on the main board! Good Luck

Talk with you all later, it's been raining out here for the past 2 days in Tampa!


Jade - January 25

Hi Ladies~ I think I am getting close with the O. I used OPK today and line was ALMOST as dark as the control line. So maybe tomorrow. I hope.....

Tiffany~ That is good the clomid worked. It made me O too. It really sucks you have to wait though. I know you really want to try when you see that line. it can be so exciting when you finally see it. Second best to a pregnancy test LOL.... Maybe I will try the cheap internet strips to see if they work when I do get the surge. I am using Clear blue right now but I only have 2 left. They get quite pricey.


alison29 - January 25

JAde: I am so glad you are about to surge woo hoo! It is so hard to tell if the line is the same or almost the same this morning mine was the same but yesterday a tad lighter. Anyway about the pc test i think that the swimmers that will be fertilizing are further up in your uterus? She said that she typically sees about six under the microscope so they aren't taking many out (i guess the majority get sucked up farther so don't worry).

Tiffany: I am glad you are back I thought you got sick of chatting oops i have to go for a second i will finish this in about an hour


alison29 - January 25

My RE is a lady i just lucked out i guess because everyone else there is a man. I prefer women to men for reproductive stuff too men just can not understand all of the nuances of a womans body and alot of them treat you like you are nutso. She was nice I just pray that she is a good diagnostician because i only want surgery once. What tests are guys waiting for to start ttc? Husbands get frustrated so easy that is probably why us ladies have the babies (or try to anyway). good night ladies i am out of here


shann0664 - January 25

Hi everyone ok I think I ovulated yayyy we bd'd alot so on to the 2ww oh boy I cant wait til feb8th anyone else on 2ww
I am glad the clomid is working for you girls!!!! We are on our way to our BFP's



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