starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - January 3

Tiffany so sorry about the wrong info. Don't feel bad about not asking questions i never did either with my gyn but that is going to change I was so happy to get drugs and over whelmed by the doctor aura. What the heck does the darn test tell you if no matter what level you have you could have ovulated hmmmm maybe someone else here can tell me (or I can look it up). How did she check that you ovulated? I am also interested in hearing about the endo biopsy. I bet if feels like a REALLY bad period. It hurt like a b--ch when i had the post coital test (i am super sensitive though) she stuck these 12 inch pliers up there and was digging around ugh! Your insurance is kinda lame :( but from what i have heard (hopefully not bad info again he he) the RE releases the patients to the obgyn after a short period whenever they feel the pg is established i guess.

JADE: This is very interesting about skinny and clomid i never heard it and i too am skinny (5'8" 125 lbs before holiday eating carnage probably 130 now) I also wondered about the lining but of course was not checked i am SO HAPPY your new doc is worth a crap I had no idea that the progest test was in morning and very specific as my doctor SUCKED (I must keep making that point for some reason) So you will be on FEMARA Too yay! (hopefully not be if you have another cycle at least it won't be wreaking havoc on your lining) Have you asked about any other tests or do they just assume you are okay?

Shannon: Hi I live in Florida welcome aboard

TTC: IT sounds like you have a great doctor if he is giving you meds to counteract the clomid :) thanks for the info.

Summer: Stay healthy and keep us posted you give all of us ladies inspiration.

I better go for now let us know what your test says JADE if you have time (20 more days til my appointment then i will have some tid bits for you guys FINALLY)


Jade - January 3

Alison~ That is so weird. I am 5'8 and 125 lb. Crazy! Anyway. ..... he said he was three consecutive ovulatory cycles and then he will run more tests. He seems confident with the fact that i dont ovulate regularly. They took like 4 vials of blood today and are testing practically everything so we will see if that gets us anywhere. I will let you know tomorrow.
I know you can hardly wait until your new re. I would start making a list of questions. You know you will get there and forgot everything (well maybe You wont but I did) I was just so happy to be getting help! YEAH.


Tiffany F - January 4

alison29, Oh my goodness I live in Florida too :), I just moved here last year, what part are you in? I'm in Tampa actually it's called Temple Terrace it is a small world! I just did some research on the biopsy and it did say to take a pain pill like 30 minutes before the procedure because you will probably have bad cramps, I wonder what exactly there checking the lining for? It seems from other post I have read that there able to check the lining by doing a vaginal exam? I don't no what the hell is going on, I guess I will be able to let you all know what happens tomorrow, the nurse said I would have to have the biopsy done between cycle days 25-28 tomorrow is day 26 so I guess, I think it might even bring down your period and since I usually have a 28 day cycle when it's normal that's why I have to go in tomorrow! alison29 thank you so much for all the good information, can I ask you what kind of insurance you have? I have Humana through DH job and it was like we did'nt have a choice, but it kind of sucks ! I will be counting down the days with you until your apt YEAH! and like Jade said make sure you have all your questions written down, don't do like I did and sit there like a bump on a log and not ask ANY questions, I had been waiting to see an RE for over a year but with us moving after being seen by the high risk obgyn and she let me no there was nothing else she could do for me I just waited to get here to see an RE and then I sat there and did'nt ask a single question! (dum me) the next time I sit down with him I will have a book of questions to ask!

Jade~ yeah it was what I thought the cut a piece of the endometrial lining but I'm still not clear what they are looking for, I will let you all no tomorrow so I guess I will start getting mentally ready for this tonight, hopefully I won't be cramping to bad DH and I are suppose to go to PF Changs for lunch Friday, so good luck with that! talk with you all tomorrow~~~Tiffany~~~


ttcbb1 - January 4

Hello Everyone,

Tiffany, I had an endometrial biopsy last year. They put in a tiny little tool to scrape just a a little bit of the lining. It almost feels like your usual pap smear. It didn't hurt that much, when I stood up I had a slight cramp in my stomach. I ended up driving myself that day, I would say it's a good thing that DH is off just in case you have any cramping. Good luck to you!!

Everyone, I had a positive OPK today (cd13). So does that mean that I ovulated today or that I am going to ovulate in the next few days?

Hope and prayers for everyone on this board.



alison29 - January 4

Jade: Well that makes sense about the 3 cycles. Maybe that is why my doctor didn't do any tests (I am a little high strung about things but we haven't used protection really ever in 6 years so i know something is off). That is really neat that we are the same size wow that hardly ever happens (everyone i know is tiny). Good advice about the list of questions i turn into a complete moron around doctors they give me anxiety for the first few visits not good. Of course keep us updated on the bw.

Tiffany: I live in Gainesville now but i went to college at USF in tampa i lived on Bruce B Downs AVe. in NE tampa pretty close to Temple Terrace. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield it is pretty good insurance through my state job (which doesn't pay much but insurance is sooo important) I think they pay for visits with RE other than co pay, all diagnostics, bw, meds,. They don't pay for ART work like IVF or IUI though. I will know for sure when i go but this is what i am counting on I hope i am not wrong the RE office told me to do so investigation about it on my own before my appt so i wasn't shocked at how little isome insurance pays. Thanks for considering how much i can't wait for my appt. it seems like forever since i made it and i am going ot write stuff down only you guys understand the importance.

TTC: I think you should probably ovulate in a day or two. That is what the box says anyway. I have had confusing results regarding those things. I have played around with them and kept doing them after the first dark line this month by the time i had the darkest line dh said i was "dry" (so not fertile you would think) this is a question i need to write down. Well happy BDing. This could be it :)


Jade - January 4

Okay. SO the Dr called today and wanted me to rush in for more bloodwork. I guess I have critically high levels of potassium and my insulin level was less than 1. what ever that means. So there are thinking that they let the blood sit out too long before testing it and the results are invalid. Who knows. I hope everything is all right. I will find out tomorrow. I am feeling pretty bad today. I am so exhausted. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I think I will take a nap now.
How is everyone else?


alison29 - January 4

Hi Jade,
That is crummy you have to redo blood work. Maybe you feeling REALLY tired is a good sign though I have heard that is a symptom. I am sure you are alright labs mess up ALL the time i know that is what i do (lab work). I am doing good today just trying to ignore every twinge in my abdomen (which are probably related to digestion in the intestines not anything preggy). Anyway, get some rest thanks for the update. Oh are they testing your blood for pregnancy too?


Jade - January 4

Hi Alison~ I think that they must have messed the blood work up. I hope so at least. So you have been feeling twinges in the ab today? I know what you mean about ignoring it. I have been having those too and I have also been STARVING.It isnt even funny bc I will eat and then thirty minutes later I feel like I am getting weak bc I havent eaten in so long. I hope it is preg. bc if not it wont be too long and I will be getting large from all the food. LOL I hate not knowing. I am 10 dpo and my temps are pretty high. 98.7......Fingers crossed for us both!


Tiffany F - January 5

Hey all, I did'nt have a good day either the Dr was unable to do the biopsy today ???, I thought to myself when the nurse called me yesterday and told me my progesterone was only 1.4 did'nt she no I was unable to have the biopsy done, the progesterone was to low! Any who Dh and I sat down and talked with the RE for a few minutes and he said that my progesterone needed to be above 5 to have the biopsy done, so now what I have to do is go in on days 2 or 3 of my menses and have a ovary check sonogram (yuck) I told the nurse I flow so heavy I can't imagine having that done, but hey I guess I have no choice and she was nice and said they will make me feel very comfortable not to worry, after that as long as I don't have any cyst (hope that's spelled right) then I will start Serophene/Clomid 2 pills a day 100mg on cycle days 3-7, next I will start LH tracking on day 12, one day after my surge I have to go in for a post coital test, and then for the serum progesterone test 8 days after the surge or days 20-22 if there is no surge, last but not I will have the endometrial biopsy 12 days after surge or 5 days after progesterone is drawn if no surge cycle days 25-27!!!!! Did everyone get all that? so basicly I back to square root 1!

Jade I see you did'nt have a good either, will at least when they redo your blood work they can test for a pregnancy :) ;) :), lets keep our fingers and toes crossed for that BFP...Yeah...I will keep praying as always!

alison29, thanks so much for all the good info, I'm going to check and see if his company offers Blue Cross it sounds much better than Humana, oh my goodness did you read where I said I have to have the post coital test done? I thought about you instantly when the RE said that, I hope they don't pull out any 12 inch pilers I would probably go crazy!

ttcbb1, thank you so much for responding I wish I would have read it yesterday evening I had given myself a headache I was so worried but as you see I did'nt end up having it done today, so at least I will be prepared when I have it done at the end of this month, hopefully someone was able to answer your question about the positive OPK, I'm not really sure I think that means you ovulated that day ???, good question you can always look it up online to be sure....sorry...good luck!

Well ladies I guess I'll get up and get dinner ready....everyone is in my prayers and thoughts~~~Tiffany~~~


alison29 - January 5

Hey Tiffany,
That nurse sounds kinda clueless. I am glad your doc is checking you cm. I bet it won't bother you as much as me but it was more "uncomfortable" than the annual pap (or my ex doc was really crummy at it ) ttc didn't think the endo biopsy was that bad i am sure the post coital test is less invasive then that so not to worry i am just wimpy :)...My day at work is crappy i can't wait until i leave. I hit this women's tail light in the parking lot and she was really a huge B--ch about it ugh I am nicer to complete strangers when they back into me traffic. She just HAD to have it fixed at the dealer ship so add 40$on the 200$ that pep boys would have done it for. OF course i had to hit the most expensive car in the parking lot ARGHHHHH!!! I am so mad i don't like being treated like that. Anyway thanks for lettin me vent about non ttc stuff.

Jade: WOW your temps are REALLY high that sounds great. The hungry and REALLY tired spells sound good too.... Yes i am keeping everything crossed for us. i have had the emotional stability of a newborn this morning (mad, crying etc.) about the whole car thing so I AM praying it isn't PMS. My temps were only 97.5 but before o they read anywhere from 96.4-97.0 so who knows the temps confuse me sometimes. Have a great weekend


Jade - January 5

Hi Ladies~

Alison~ That sucks about the car. But maybe your emotion breakdown was possible pregnancy emotions??? My temps have been really high this month. 98.9 this morning, but I have been have AF cramps all day. I feel kinda puny. So i feel like she may be right around the corner. I guess Sun or Mon. Was your Af worse on clomid. I hope it is not bad. Havent heard from blood work yet. I will keep you posted. When will you test?

Tiffany~ WOW that was alot of info and confusing.LOL That stinks that they didnt do the biopsy today. But at least they have a plan. Were you on clomid this cycle? I cant remember.


Shannon C - January 5

Hello well its been a phew days since i have been on. Hope everyone is going good. it sure is nice to see how things r going. I have Humana millitary is anyone else in the same boat?. I went in the other day and my foli was at 13 but still havent ov. last monthit was so late i act didnt ov tell after my per was due? i hate going through all this every month such a roller coaster.Wishing you all lots of luck.


Tiffany F - January 6

TGIF Ladies :) ;) :D,

Hey Alison~likes Jade says that's sucks about you backing into that car, to bad when something like that happens that we are unable to choose where the person gets there car fixed the dealership is a rip off! you did'nt want to go through your insurance? If not I don't blame you, if it's not alot of damage I guess it's best to just pay out of pocket :(, and about venting I feel that's what we are here for, we should all be able to talk about things other then ttc, we all know how stressful that can be!

Hey Jade~no I have never taken Clomid before this will be my first time, I pray it does'nt have me acting like a *itch, or very moody that won't be fair to my family!

Hi Shannon~I have Humana HMO and I'm going to checking into trying to get Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana only pays up to the first $2,000 and then we are responsible for 50% so that kind of sucks, is it the same way for you? and your right this is such a roller coaster ride, I pray it works out for us all in the end, I no it will :).

Well ladies have a wonderful and a blessed weekend all of you will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts!


Jade - January 6

The clomid wasnt so bad for me this cycle. I didnt seem to have mood swings or headaches or any thing like that. I took it at night- so maybe I slept it off..... It caused my lining to be too thin though. So that is not good. I will be starting Femara next cycle day 3-7. Alison is taking that too.

Alison~ Give me the dirt on Femara. Did you have any side effects? How long after last pill did you O? I am excited to try something new and I am staying positive that it will work for us both. YEA!!


Jade - January 7

Did everyone have a great weekend? It went by so fast. No good news on this end.........
Well I am now waiting for the dreaded AF. I took a test today ( 14 dpo) and it was BFN. I know I was going to try to wait until 18 dpo but I just couldnt help it. My temps were way high 98.9 for the past few days and I thought I would go ahead and get it over with today. I have been having cramps for 3 days now. It really feels like she should have been here already. I am never crampy until the 1st day of AF. I think it may be the clomid. Doesnt it cause you LP to be longer?
Any news from anyone else?
Alison~ Hoe many days until you will test? It should be soon, right? I hope that you have great news for us soon.


alison29 - January 8

Hi Jade,
I am sorry it didn't happen this time but at least you can guess it was probably from the thin lining and next time you are going to use something much better for you skinny self plus you old doc didn't even do post coital test. Yes the clomid makes the lp longer by making us ovulate earlier. I feel cramping early too now i don't know if it is just cause i am tuned into every little thing (half the time again I think it might be digestion in my case). You are doing you temps after a few hours sleep right? As far as me I am pretty sure af is on her way but she isn't expected until saturday i never even get a chance to test she is so ON time b--ch. I wish i could be an inspiration to everyone but not this month i really do think there is something else going on with me (due to the fact that although i am a late ovulater you would think something would have stuck in the oh 6 years i haven't been on bc) anyway i will be back later



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