Single, using DS, 2nd medicated IUI-needing input/support
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annheins - December 13

Hi!. I am brand new here. Hoping to get some input/support! I don't want to make this to long, so I will try and do it briefly. Single, looking for Mr. Right (or Mr. ok), 39. HSG, labwork all show normal reproduction. History of endometriosis, last surgery over 10 years ago. Regular cycles with normal ovulation. I started the process a 1 1/2 years ago, using known donor, my best friend, doing self inseminations. Never worked. So, in October, I did my 1st IUI, with anon frozen DS. Clomid 50mg CD3-7, HCG trigger after 2 mature eggs on follie tracking u/s. Timing seemed perfect. Lining good. BFN. The sperm bank guaranteed 10million minimum and this is a long story but ultimately, I got 9.2 million with 23% motility. They are replacing it for me. Financially I would be waiting until Feb or March to do IUI if it wasn't for that. This time, I am doing Clomid 100mg CD3-7, HCG trigger, follie ultrasounds. I go through my GYN, who is wonderful, suppportive and I truly believe that she cares and really wants me to get a BFP. If this one doesn't work we discussed the next one injectables, but would have to go through RE. Unfortunately, my work insurance is changing. I had infertility coverage up to 10K max, and now will have NO coverage. So, I REALLY need this 2nd IUI to work. So, I'm looking for tips. I need to lose weight, decrase-stop caffiene/smoking. I am taking red clover blossoms for tea, and will start vitex. Starting folic acid back up (after my negative, I was so depressed I stopped doing everything). I asked my GYN about monitoring Estradiol, she said she doesn't know enough about it to really monitor it. My question is this- we did the IUI 22 hours post HCG trigger - I was petrified I would ovulate before the IUI if we waited 36 hours. Also- with 50mg my lining was around 7mm, but- what do you all think about progesterone support..., I would like to do it- if my GYN will, but by injection I think. Any input would be taken gratefully!



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