recommendations to what meds can i take to get my tubes cleaned.
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babydesperate - February 3

i am a 23yrs old female my name is stacy ann and i want a child badly i have had one miscarriage but thats almost 6 yrs ago now i want a child and i have been trying and it's just not working out i just need some help i am very young but i really need to have a child so someone who has been in my situation or know of someone who have been in my situation please advise me on what to do what medication/s can i take to correct this problem ni am really desperate and i dn't see away out can someone please help me please :'( :'(


CLADesigns - February 4

Have you talked to your ob about what might be the problem? I would also suggest looking online for some information on natural family planning. It will help you learn how to keep track of when you ovulate and when is the best time to have sex to conceive.

But it did take me 6 yrs to conceive between my two sons. I wasn't exactly trying to conceive though.

I would still talk to your ob about your concerns though too. They should be able to help you figure it out.

Good Luck.


bp72 - March 13

Sorry I never heard of getting tubes cleaned. I have heard of this procedure/examination where doctors take a look at your tubes to check for blockages. It's called Hysterosalpingogram. They inject a dye in your tubes and watch it on x-ray to see how it flows. My doctor told me sometimes after this procedure many women get pregnant b/c the fluid can clear up debris that might be causing a partial blockage. But if there is a blockage, the the GYN can help you clear that up. I can't post links here so google it for more info.

I don't know..maybe start there, and then maybe talk to a naturopath. They might be able to suggest a natural remedy to help.

This book was recommended to me. It is probably at the local library. You can get it at any bookstore like Amazon too. It might have some helpful suggestions for you.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement (Paperback)
by Toni Weschler

Good luck, Stacy Ann!



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