PCOS specific diet foods?
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DYoung06 - May 25

I've decided to get serious in managing my pcos. There are so many stories about women who drastically change their diet, and take certain vitamins/suppliments.. and they actually start losing weight, and sometimes resume normal periods.

I caught my husband watching a Baby Story on TLC. LOL!! So I think that's a hint that he wants me to try again. I just got so depressed and fed up after a year of dieting, and taking so many rounds of hormones. So I gave up and said I'd try again later.

That was early 2005, and now it's mid 2006. I'll be 31 this year, so I guess it's time to buckle down and get really serious.

This time I'm going to do it differently. I'm first going to focus on repairing my body so that I'm healthy. I'm changing my diet, and I'll take the recommended suppliments.

It's just so hard to lose the weight, especially when you have this crazy craving for carbs and sweets. I can usually fight off the sweets, but I LOVE pasta.

Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to make a grocery list. I've been browsing online at the same time, trying to find some diet specific foods for PCOS. All I can find though, are pages saying what 'not' to eat.

No rice, no sugar, no bread, no potatoes, no foods that say 'hydrogenated' on the label.

I read that meat is bad, as it takes longer to digest.

So that leaves what? Vegetables and fruit? Fish, but I'm not a big fan of fish. And then even certains fruits and veggies can work against you and raise glucose levels, take longer to digest, etc.

Oh how nice it would be to have my own personal dietician! LOL!! :D It'd be easier to have someone just hand me what I needed to eat at the right times.

I know.. I should stop dreaming, lol!

I did the Atkins diet when I was first diagnosed, and actually lost a little over 20 pounds. But now I hear that diet isn't so great for women who may be TTC. And plus, once you come off that diet, you blow back up with weight.

So does anyone here have a diet plan they follow, that works? Could you give me examples of what you'd eat in a day?

It all just makes me feel like beating my head repeatedly against my desk, lol!

If I find a diet plan, I'll post it. And too, I might just break down and buy a book.


HeatherMac - May 27


Anyone with a diet plan PLEASE share!!!

It's frustrating to be eating anything you like one day, then the next be told that you can't ever have anything you've relied on your entire life!!

So, yes, if anyone comes across a diet plan PLEASE post it or a link to it!!




shansy - May 29

Hi ladies,

I found this online book about PCOS and specific foods- you can purchase it and then download it onto your computer. I just began to read it, it is packed with information about PCOS and certain foods you should and should not eat. Hope you find it useful.





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