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Jeefer Mac - April 13

Felecia, I would love to stay in contact with you so you can tell me how the FertilAid is working. I too have started it b/c my husband and I have been TTC for 3 yrs now and I too have PCOS. Has the FertilAid given you regular periods yet and helped you ovulate? I see you posted over a month ago so I'm hoping you come back and see my reply. Please answer whenever you have the chance. I can't wait to find out how it's working for you! Good luck :)


sHANNON - September 2

i am so glad i just found this site. I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and went through the clomid and metformin thing without success. I had my ovaries drilled and cauterized and ovulated for a year after that but still did not get pregnant. Then a little over a year ago someone turned me onto a low carb diet to help with PCOS I started having periods not completely regularly but much more so than before. So when I went for my annual I asked if I could try clomid again with the low carb diet. He said sure. 3 months later we got the the news that I was pregnant. I had a very easy pregnancy eveything looked great and then at 31 weeks the placenta suddenly abrupted and I had an emergency c section that saved me but my little boy had been without oxygen for too long and was still born. The tests afterwards have shown that I have MTHRF. I am being treated with folic acid. My homocysteine levels were normal. The doctors said that they can't guarantee that I won't be in a life threatening situation again. So my husband does not want to try again But I do. He has children from a previous relationship but more than anything I want a child of my own.


zinnia - January 17


I have mthfr mutation, which pills are you taking dailly. I am taking around 10 to regulate my homcystein level, before I am given the ok to try to get pg again.

I am doing research to make sure I am taking the amount of vit I should.

Thank you,


[quote author=HeatherMac link=board=13;threadid=876;start=0#10570 date=1130268329]

Hopeful -

I just wanted to tell you that I have PCOS, MTHFR and Stage 4 Endometriosis...and I have had a wonderful pregnancy!!

HOWEVER, I am on nearly 15 pills a day just to prevent any problems the MTHFR would have caused (miscarriage, cleft pallette, spina bifida, etc.), including two blood thinning injections each day. I'm also on meds to help with actually getting pregnant since the PCOS can interfere with that.

Yes, it is very difficult to get pregnant with all of these issues, but know that it is NOT impossible to get pregnant AND have a healthy pregnancy and baby!! There is a doctor in Cincinnati, Ohio who is doing groundbreaking work with BOTH the MTHFR issues as well as PCOS. He has a website:


man is a genius and has helped THOUSANDS of women all over the globe to get pregnant, stay pregnant AND go on to have healthy babies!!

So, the key is to research as much as possible, but also to get the help you need from anywhere you can get it. This doctor may be able to refer you to a doctor in your area if you're not near Cincinnati, or don't want to correspond with him and his associates via e-mail.

Let me know if I can help - just remember...it IS possible!! Keep the faith!!




shann0664 - January 19

Oh boy I am getting nervous now I am on Cd11 now no cm yet at all that I have noticed, should I be worried yet?? my last clomid pill was 3 days ago, I go to the RE tomorrow to have an ultrasound, I have been having tingling in my ovaries I think but I am not sure, I am on 100mg clomid first round. Please someone give me some hope!!!!!!


LindaLenn - January 27

I just want to say be careful! I have underlying clotting disorders - Factor V Leiden. I was taking fertility meds b/c of the PCOS, and suffered from a stroke. I am only 2 years old. Doctors initially told me never to take fertility meds again; then they said to wait a few months and they would re-evaluate. If I can continue, I would have to work with High-Risk OB, Neurologist, 2 hematologists (one specializing in clotting) and fertility doctor in addition to daily shots of heparin. I have a little over 2 months to go until they will re-evaluate me.


optomistic - February 22

I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago - I am one of the few thin girls with the disorder. My sister also has it (she had one child after 7 years of trying). Last year, after two IVF mcs, I learned that I am also homozygotic for MTHFR and was put on folbic/foltx once a day. After 2 months, we tried IVF again and have been successful (now at 19 weeks). We had a blood clot scare at 9 weeks, but after several days of bedrest and weeks of light duty, all is well. Dr. told me to stay away from baby aspirin and I've already been screened for gestational diabetes (okay, will be tested again later). Thought this might help some of you out there with the lethal PCOS/MTHFR combo. Keep your spirits up!


mandee - November 25

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with MTHFR a few years ago after having 5 miscarrages. It was horrible!! My doc is great and he did what he could to explaine it but I was still lost and since then I have changed primary docs and when I let her know I have it she looked at me like I was crazy because she had no clue what it was. I started to carry around a print out about what it was. It was hard to find that years ago. I was looking around tonight and found so much more. I could not believe how much info is out there now! But still, make sure you do your own research it helps out a ton!!! And by the way I do now have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. I had to take a lot of pills thru the days but it was worth it and finally worked!

Does anyone have symptoms of the MTHFR?


suma - January 15

i got irregular periods for this i have done my dnc a year ago after that for 4 months my periods were regular. then from 6 month the same problem for this i went to infertility clinic then they told me to do embryo fertilization as i was degonised as pocs.



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