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jay_nelle - February 26

I have never been dx with PCOS but the DR'S think thats what is going on. Here is my long story. I am overweight (working on loosing some of that and exercising) I have irregular periods....I was so excited because I had two reular ones in a row and seemed to be going really well....I can tell this month its not going to be the same I have no signs of AF. I went to a OBGYN he gave me metformin (made me sick went off of it) I decided that loosing weight and decreasing my sugar and fat intake it way more effective then metformin (did a lot fo research) 37% metformin 58% eating right and exercising. Anyways I was also given a RX for Clomid 100mg days 5-9. The DR wanted to do all theese tests when I took my first round. Well sense then my insurance changed to Group Health (anyone familar)? well you are usualy just able to see their drs. and they do not cover infertility...so I have no idea how that will work...my insuracne becomes effective 3/1/07. I thought about asking for provera to get my AF (unless it starts on its own) and then take my clomid which I have 3 refills on and some sitting in my cabniet. I also have a Clear blue easy fertility monitor which I have bee nsuing this month...no O just stayed at high for like 8 days :-( I also know that you can't use your monitor when your on Clomid. What do you women use to see if you O'd on Clomid? Can anyone relate to my story? Good luck to you all!!!!



julitx_baby - March 29


I am 23 yrs my husband is 26 yrs , ttc for 2. I was diagnosed with PCOS in November of 2006. It has been very bad for me, I gained alot of weight, loosing my hair, long and short periods. I am currently taking Metformin 1700 mg daily. The first month i started metfomin i had a very heavy period, my Gyn said it was normal . She prescribed Clomid 50 mg... going to start this med in April 10th or 11th . Praying to God that this medication will help. Baby dust to all ~~~~~~


mimia - May 11

hi,i'v been dx with pcos in 2003,i was ttc since that year,i got pg in august 2004 without any medical intervention..everything went well and i had a wonderful baby girl..she's now 2y old, n m ttc again, i ordered ovulex and i recieved it today...but don't know if it will work or not.....i'll give it a try n c...............baby dust to aaaaaaaaaaaaaal



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