ovulex works on PCOS
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mimia - June 12

hi, i'v been dx with PCOS 4 years ago, i had a baby girl 2 years ago naturally, and i'v been trying to concieve again for a year and a half now,..i started ovulex for about a month and a half ,i had my period twice!!i know it sounds weird ,but i'm confident that it's working, it's just a matter of time..any one who's been dx with PCOS and using ovulex post here, just to support each other...thank's


Yukon Queen - June 13

Hellow mimia,
Welcome to the board and am happy to hear that ovulex works.Am on day 12 with ovulex.Saw what i would call my period 2 days later.Scanty with pinkish discharge.I really count it as my P.cos i have not seen it since march.
Hope it wil improve more.I really need a child .Been married since 3 yrs,Been trying for a yr now.
Am believing God and HE will bless us all.
All the best


mimia - June 13

yukon queen, hi and thank's for the welcoming,..do u have pcos?? and about the pinkich discharge, have u always had your periods like this, if not i suggest that u take a HPT coz this might be implantation bleeding,..:) that would b nice....keep me updated and good luck


Yukon Queen - June 14

Yes i have pcos was diagnosed since 2004. Am not sure its prgnancy cos i dont have any symptoms and am really tired of testing without positive results.
May take HPT next month and if negative ,my dh and i will be going back to see our Dr.
I was on clomid for three cycles without bfp.And my lmp was on the 2 week of march.
Things can be a little confusing a times, my dear.
take care


mimia - June 15

yukon queen, if you don't have any symtoms then it could be ovulex , i started bleeding after two weeks of being on it, and i got them early the next cycle as well,..i just wanted to know..did u ovulate on clomid?..i didn't try it, i didn't use any thing for the cysts, i went to ovulex coz it's all natural. i didn't have any fertile mucus since i started ovulex, just wondering if u had the same thing??m on day 6 of my cycle, i checked my cervix position, and it's a little bit higher then yesterday, but always dry??do u have any knowlige about it??


Yukon Queen - June 15

Mimia,right now i dont have any fertility mucus,i just dont know what to think anymore.I didnt Ov with clomid.My fertility dr said that the follicles did not respond well to the drugs .He placed me on contraceptives and asked me to come back in 3 months (this june)but i stopped the drug after 5 days and ha my af few days later in march.
Though i had some fertile mucus during my first week on ovulex(today is day 15).
I will just hope for the best otherwise,will go for follistim ,my dr already prescibed it.
Cx is supposed to be soft during ov and hard ::) 8) after wards like the tip of the nose.Have not checkad mine but will do so later,Take care.


mimia - June 16

yukon queen, happy to hear that u got some mucus on ovulex,..i didn't get any,sounds strange a bit, well i guess it's a matter of time, i just need to wait and see..thank's for responding


Yukon Queen - June 16

Hi Mimia,lets keep using it,it may really take some time to work.I quess all depends on individual body make up.
Have you heard of geritol tonic?Do you know how it works?
Know of any treatment for hair loss?


mimia - June 16

hi yukon queen, sorry but i haven't heard about it, i know that castor oil is very good for promoting the hair regrowth and it stops hair loss...i know that loosing the hair has a lot to do with nutrition.


Yukon Queen - June 16

Dont think that nutrition is my case ,cos i have pcos and it one of the major symptoms of pcos.
Will try the castor oil.


mimia - June 18

hi, tellme have noticed any changes since u'v started ovulex? any pains in the pelvic or in the ovaries..coz i feel some pain in my ovaries from time to time..,i still don't have any mucus though,i tried to check my cervix it's so strange,in the morning it was high and soft,2 hours later it was low and hard, and in the afternoon, it's open, ijust don't get it


Yukon Queen - June 19

Yes,i am having those pains,right now i dont have any cm.The whole place is dry.
keep your fingers crossed!


mimia - June 20

hi,how r with the pain, mine have stopped, still no mucus...i think i'm not ovulating, i used to see the stretchy mucus before using ovulex, but never after starting it, m a little bit worried, don't know what's happening..i'll give it an other month or so, and if i don't c any sign of ovulation i'll stop it..


Yukon Queen - June 21

Saw the ovulation cm too during my second week on ovulex but am not sure any thing happened.


mimia - June 22

hi, nothing new yet


Yukon Queen - June 22

[quote author=mimia link=board=13;threadid=4285;start=0#37238 date=1182538659]
hi, nothing new yet
Lets keep our fingers crossed,though am not feeling well.Just a little weak,May God bless us all.
Take care.


mimia - June 23

hi, what's wrong??..you said you'r feeling weak!!! in what day of the cycle r u?...m on cd 14, i had some sharp pain in my right ovary, i don't know if i ovulated or not, coz the cervix was low and seemed closed..any way i'll c what will happen,... let me know if you have any updates...OOOOOOO YES, before i forget, i read in the net that tthe EWCM tastes sweeter then the normal one,..the one i had tasted salty!! do u know if it could taste salty too... take care



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