ovarian cysts
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m_renee2628 - June 24

I'm new here but I was hoping someone could give me some answers. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years and nothing happened so after a few ultra sounds my gyn found an ovarian cyst a little bit bigger than a large grapefruit, so he made an incision (the same that would be made for a c-section) and took it out, he didn't have to take my ovary as a matter of fact it was in my fallopian tube and he just peeled it out. My question is will I really beable to get pregnant since everything went well? Should I start taking fertility pills or should I wait? Please some one help me out. ???


HeatherMak - June 30


These are questions you should really ask your doctor...because everyone heals differently.

Having said that, I will give you my experience.

I never had ovarian cysts until I started Clomid. The last cyst I had before my pregnancy was ENORMOUS and, like you, my surgery was a laparotomy with a tradition c-section scar. That was in September of '04 and I had to wait until January of '05 to start trying again because of the healing of my uterus (during surgery they also removed some uterine fibroids). So, my RE and OB suggested waiting three full months post-op to assure full recovery of my uterus and my incision as well...those abdominal muscles need time to heal!!

FYI - during my surgery they removed an enormous endometrioma from my left ovary and eventually ended up scraping the inside of my ovary to keep the cyst from re-form prior to pregnancy.

Sounds like your doc is on the right track, but, I'm sure it's terribly frustrating to wait. That's all infertility is - waiting...waiting for treatment, waiting to cycle, waiting for test results...waiting, waiting, waiting. So, I'm sorry to tell you, but you may need to wait a bit more. Take time to heal so you are physically at your best for your baby. That way, when you start treatment you won't have to worry that your body isn't healed yet.

Be kind to yourself - treat yourself as you would treat a very dear friend after surgery...take good care of YOU because by doing so, you're taking care of your future babies, too!

Speedy recovery to you!! KEEP US POSTED!!



joy - October 3


how are you! it was nice to read about you
i am 35 yeras old...... not fat for my height ( 138ponds.)

i am a vegetarian and i used to have bad pain and nausea since teenage years ..........took no medication than just herbal teas

than 6 years back i got married and................i also could not conceive after marriage so went to the doctor who found out first that i have one closed tube .

so she suggested i have laproscopy to open the tube. but later they were able to open it without laproscopy .
still the found out i had endometriosis too ......so during laproscopy they tried to remove some of it ...........it was in 4 th stage.

after that she recommended ivf ...........but to us that was too costly so we opted for drugs .

i took clomid once and had 3 growing follicles but than the endometrium was not thick enough and the nurse for got to tell me about taking asprin.
now i only have two cyts from clomid and doctor says i need to give a gap so the cysts go away.

she says i should try letrazole next .........i did reasearch .......and it says this drug could cause an abnormal baby. so ....?????????afraid

but if i wait more ( its already 5 months since laproscopy) than endo will grow back.
so i am just confused wheather to go for a loan and get ivf done or stick with medicine .
who ever i talk to seems to have had success only with ivf sooooooooooo?
do give ur suggestion.

i have already stopped coffee and tea totally its been 2 years. and am eatinf tofu and pumpkin seeds .
some one also suggested eating one garlic clove before ovulation each day ...........so i have tried that also and now i tried the clomid too.
but just am afraid to try too many medicine as the have side effects.
so evan after laproscopy i have not been successful it seems.

just believe in god dear .....and keep trying like me.



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