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W8ing_4_A_Miracle - January 21

Hi everyone,

My name is Heather and I am from Northwest Ohio. I am 24 years old and just recently married my best friend of 5 years. We love kids and are patiently waiting to become pregnant. I stopped taking BC in January of 06, hoping that I would give my body enough time to regulate itself by the time my wedding rolled around 9 months later.

However, last June, I realized that something was wrong when I didn't have a period since April 6th. My gyn at the time said ever so nonchalantly over the phone that is was nothing to worry about and that it was probably just polycyctic ovarian syndrome. Having NEVER heard this term before from her, not even once, and fuming because she wouldn't see me, I switched doctors. I am now seeing one of the most well known doctors in my area and am very happy with my decision. He is proactive with my situation, which in fact DID turn out to be PCOS.

A slight set back to our baby making process, but we are hoping to see positive results by next Christmas. I was given Provera to induce a period in October, but have not seen my little red friend since. He put me on Glucophage since then and have still had nothing but upset bowels. I am to take a prego test in 2 weeks and if it is negative, another dose of Provera. I do not see him for another 2-3 months, so I am hoping that by then, my weight will come down and my insulin will be lower than 20. Right now it is 26 - talk about some insulin resistance!! If this glucophage doesn't work with in 6 months, I am going to ask him about Clomid.

Has anyone taken both Clomid AND Glucophage and had any luck?? We desperately want to have a baby and start our own family, but I am concerned about my health as well. The PCOS has made me gain 70 pounds from March to July of 06 and I have remained at that weight since then. My blood pressure was through the roof and has come back to normal with Atenolol and Weight Watchers and Exercise (Dr's orders).

To everyone out there trying to conceive, may God keep you patient and faithful and bless you with a little miracle!!


Kelly28 - January 21

Hi Heather -

Im in the same boat as you - just learned I have PCOS and my doc was a real jerk too. I am back with the nurse at the OB office bcuz my RE was not very nice. I am going to take clomid and metamorphin this month. I dont know anything about the glucopahge? I am fortunate that my weight has not been an issue, apparently I have lean pcos, but my acne is making me crazy! The metamorphin is supposed to help me with that.

My advice is that these docs seem to think we should all be so patient which is a joke to me, I am not getting any younger and was patient for the first 14 months and I am not anymore!! So that is why I am doing both meds this month. You know your body and dont be afraid to speak up with these docs, I didnt at first and I sure am now.

I wish you the best! Keep smiling :)


W8ing_4_A_Miracle - January 22

Thank you, Kelly! It is nice to know that I am not alone in this battle. My biological clock has been ticking away since I was 19! I am finally married and I we want is a family! The glucophage is a generic version of Metformin. I have been on it for only a month so far, and so far, nothing has happened. I don't see my doc for 3 months, so I guess I will wait and see what happens until then, however, if there are no results, I want the Clomid. I know that he is concerned about my weight and my blood pressure - which has gone down - and if we don't get prego by Christmas I am going to be upset. I am waiting as patiently as I possibly can - I know how frustrating it is to hear, JUST BE PATIENT. Your time will come. WHATEVER!! I honestly think that birth control pills screw everything up for women who eventually want to hav kids. I have talked to too many women that say their problems didn't start until AFTER they went off the pill!!!

Thanks for the response! Good luck with your med combo! Let me know how everthing goes!



Kelly28 - January 23

Hi Heather -

Well I can totally relate to the be patient crap everyone feeds us! Its so annoying! The last 3 times I have gone to the dentist the receptionists first words are - do you have any news for me?? She has no clue I am trying but I want to punch her when she asks - she has no clue!! I am on day 3 of the Met. - my stomach seems a little bothered but not too bad. The glucophage is supposed to be better for that?? At this point I will do whatever it takes, I am sure you will too!

How come you dont go back to the doc for another 3 months? How long have you been off birth control? I wish I had found out about the PCOS sooner - I just feel like I lost so much time that something could of been done earlier - oh well. I can only look to the future.

Keep up the good work on your weight and blood pressure!! Its so hard when were such emotional roller coasters but good things will happen to us!!


W8ing_4_A_Miracle - January 23

Well, since the PCOS has made me struggle with my weight, I am big in the stomach area and I HATE it when people ask me when I am due!!! I only wish I had a due date! Anyway, I have only really KNOWN that I have PCOS since the summer, which is when I finally started looking into it. My periods were always semi irregular as a teenager, but then I got on birth control and it evened everything out, so it was never a question until now, when I WANT to have a baby. I went off BC last January. My periods were pretty normal until April. They stopped after that. I am with a new doctor now (one that actually gives a crap) and I have only seen him 3 times. I don't have to see him for another 3 months because he wants to give the glucophage a chance to see if it will solve any of my problems. If it doesn't then we will take the next step and try clomid. If that doesn't work, FSH shots are the next best bet.

Good luck and keep me posted!!


Kelly28 - January 25

Hi Heather -

Well your periods sound like mine - oh isnt life unfair! I tell ya I am so sad and angry today - the worls isnt on our sides...

Hang in there, at least we can vent to each other!

You know one thing I really learned from all of this is to never ask a person when they will have kids, get married or anything like that - we all know how awful it feels...and having to fake a "when were ready" answer or some crap like that makes me crazy.

Is your hubby supportive? Mine is but hes so clueless at the same time - you know what I mean?

So far the Met is ok, was sick the first day but knock on wood I have been ok since - I pray this works. The emotional roller coaster is really taking a toll on me. You too I know - feel free to email too if that is easier - [email protected] - ok??


amyjoy - February 22

I took Met when I was first diagnosed with PCOS and it did nothing with my periods but make me sick. Now I take Actos and in 4 months I was ovulating on my own. My friend took Met and Clomid and she got pg. I've been on Actos for about 3 years now and I am very happy with it. No side effects at all! Glucophage and Met are the same thing...I think glucophage is the generic from of Met. I am starting clomid this cycle and I will stay on the Actos until I get pg. Hope that bit of into helps. I've been fighting PCOS for 8 years now.



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