NEW2FORUM:PLEASE HELP...14 day periods, just started ovulex
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LilJack - February 21

Hello everyone,
This is my first time being on this or any other ttc forum. I am 31 years old and have never tried to get pregnant before now (my career has been on the front burner). I'd love to know any advice you all have about my situation. I'll give you some highlights:

-I was believed to have endometriosis (my sister had it, was able to conceive 2 children, but had a full hysterectomy at age 34). I never had a lapryoscopy or took pain killers because I saw my older sister have countless surgeries and the endometriosis just kept coming back. I chose to treat mine naturally with bio-energetic testing and herbally. It has relieved my pain by over 95%. Pain used to be so bad in my early 20's that I would be doubled over in pain in the grocery store or mall. I still have pain once in a while when I have a BM. (dr's thought this might be because endom. spread to my bowels).

-when I was 14 I had alot of pain and had an ultra sound that revealed ovarian cysts. I was put on the pill to fix that and was on the pill on and off until age 22. I have only been on the pill one time since age 22 for about 1 week.

-in my late teens and early 20's I had irregular bleeding (bleeding and pain during intercourse, also in between periods for no reason..dr's believed it to be a polyp.)

-I also have painful fibrocystic breasts. In my mid 20's I had some clear fluid leak from my right breast. The dr believed it to be harmless and caused from the cyst that gets bigger on my right breast when I get my period.

-my periods range from 7-14 days and have for many years. I usually spot for 4-5 days, then flow heavy for 3, then spot again for 3-6 days. Bioenergetic testing has helped to make my periods slightly lighter, but they still last as long.
No matter what, my periods always come every 28-30 days (so I usually only have no bleeding for 2 weeks).

-I had an internal ultra sound last year and it showed no polyps or other irregularities and the dr said there should be no reason I can't conceive.

-My husband and I have been TTC for 5 months now and I am not pregnant yet.

-I ordered OVULEX last week and have been taking it for 2 days. Is there any one that has heard of OVULEX helping to lighten periods or make them shorter? Is there anyone who was TTC for a very long time that did conceive once they started taking OVULEX?


I would just love and appreciate any help and advice any of you could give to me.....ideas to help conceive or shorten and lighten my period.

I would appreciate your help SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing as I'm TTC.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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oceanlver77 - February 27


Hey, I'm new here as well, and a fellow ovulex user :)

Ovulex is actually supposed to lengthen your cycle, allowing a longer ovulation time (more time to BD and concieve)

If the ovulation time is longer, then your overall cycle would be longer. Meaning from cd1 to when you start AF again...

I would think, since the purpose of Ovulex is to regulate hormones (it contains MANY herbs that do that) you're cycle should become more "normal"... normal meaning closer to a normal 28-30 day cycle. I would think with regulated hormones, your bleeding would lessen a bit as well as any PMS or cramping that you may have...
I would continue it as long as you can. I've heard nothing but rave reviews of this stuff and I believe it. I'm familiar with all the herbs listed in this combo and they are all incredibly beneficial for your body, repro system & hormones...
Many prayers,Pamela



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