Nervous about Lovenox
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happymommy - September 9

Hello Ladies,
I am new to this board and in need of some advice. I am pregnant (5 1/2 weeks) by IVF and on Lovenox, as a "prophylactic" according to my RE doctor, as a precaution because my Protein S showed to be deficient (slightly). My question is, he is planning on having me on Lovenox for the first 3 months, then stopping. From all the reading I have been doing on the internet, it seems everyone that goes on Lovenox, stays on it throughout their pregnancy. I've only had a chance to talk to the nurse so far about my concern and she said that at this point they would not know if the Lovenox is the reason the pregnancy has lasted thus far for me. I have had 3 miscarriages prior, all ending early around 8 weeks. I am confused about what to ask the RE doc when I do see him again, and worried that if I go off of it, and then loose it, I would feel soooo very bad. Has anyone here taken it only 3 months, and been successful with the pregnancy? And what would I ask the doc to determine whether to take it and additional 6 months or not? Thanks so much for your help, DM


bdantonio - September 9

i only did lovenox until i was 10 weeks and i toped it and i m/c 5 times prior. and i wam now 17 weeks pregnate. So you should be fine.


Rachellove - October 18

Hi Ladies,
I stumbled across this group while attempting to do some Lovenox and pregnancy research. I had a transverse sinus thombosis (a blood clot in my head) when I was 17. I was on coumadin for 3 years as it was determined a have a Factor II clotting disorder. At that time (almost 9 years ago) I was told this may prevent me from having children safely. Now 25, I have been told I could go on Lovenox to have children though there still would be some risks. For the first time ever, my husband and I are trying to conceive, though it is with so much fear that I say this. I am not even pregnant yet but am terrified of the idea of having another clot or losing a baby. For those of you on Lovenox, especially with the Factor II disorder, can you please give me an idea of what pregnancy is like on Lovenox? How is your level of discomfort, worry, excitment, ect? Do you have any suggestions for someone in my situation? I would really appreciate any responses...there is so little information out there. Thank you...


stroke - January 3

where does everyone give the shots? I am currently doing 2x day in my stomach, but am running out of fat to grab....any other ideas? Also, any of you with injection site hematomas? this is all new for me, and I have about 10 more months to go.... I had a stroke 2 weeks after I gave birth, that was almost 6yrs ago. The docs say I should be fine, but I have to take these shots...


charlotte57 - July 26

When I do get pregnant, I have to get on Lovenox as soon as possible. I have two copies of the MTHFR gene mutation. That is the only reason I have to take it....never had blood clots before....thanks for posting...I am glad that I am not the only one that has to do that...and its an encouragement to see others post about doc did put me on a low dose of aspirin daily until I do get pregnant.



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