Lovenox injection sites?
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happymommy - October 14

Hello All,
I am relatively new here and wondering for all who are taking Lovenox for their entire pregnancy, where do you do the injections?? I am 11 weeks, and I already running out of room on my tummy, where my RE first told me to do them. I have heard you can do them elsewhere, but I want to make sure the absorption is the same rate. Any help would be appreciated please.




amyjoy - October 14

You can do them in your outer thigh and upper arm.


stroke - January 3

I know the feeling....I am also running out of room. I never thought I would complain about running out of fat.


CLADesigns - January 9

Are you not supposed to inject in the same spot? Even if it has been a few days since you injected there? What about if it is just close to the spot?


bdantonio - January 10

you will have to eventually over lap you have no choice.


CLADesigns - January 16

And what about being put on bed rest if you are considered high risk? Has anyone ever had that happen? What about pre-eclampsia? Has anyone developed pre-eclampsia while taking Lovenox?

Any information about this would be extremely helpful in my decision to have any more kids.

Thank you for all your help.


jennygirl - January 29

My peri just told me I can inject all around my belly button. Think of a 2 inch circle around your belly button, don't inject inside that circle because the belly button is just scar tissue and the lovenox won't absorb. with that said, now imagine a big fat cross sitting on your belly centered on your belly button. every place the cross touches is mostly fatty tissue, you can inject on those sites alternating of course, she also told me I can inject on the fatty places of my thighs,no tone places because you want to avoid the muscle. Hope this helps...Jenny


eileens - February 5

I have this fear of injecting Lovenox on my tummy. I have both my upper thigh injected but I think I would have to try my stomach tonight. Every time I see the needle, it gives me this quesy feeling. I've only done it less than a week so may be I will get used to it after a while.

I tried to put iced pack after I inject Lovenox and it seems to work better since I don't get bruise around it, just a red dot.

My mom also suggest to inject the needle when the needle hole is facing upwards (or facing you). If you see carefully, the needle is cut at about 45 degrees angle. so the side that is at 45 degree should face up. I feel that it also gave me less bruise.


Lupusgal68 - February 26

Hi there,

I am 39 yrs. old and I am going through an IVF cycle. I have Lupus and My cousin is going to be my gestational surrogate. SO have just started LOvenox injections and in a few days when I start my period I will start with the hormones and antagonist meds....10 days from then I will go through the egg retrieval and keep our fingers crossed.

I have been on Lovenox before but not as much as this time. This is my 5 th day of 40 mg. I am also on Plavix, a baby asprin, 40 mgs of steroids, plaquinel, and other meds. I was doing ok with my shots (you get use to them) but yesterday's something went very wrong with and I am not sure what??? I gave myself the injection at a 45' angle under the skin subQ and then held a guaze there for about 5 mins. I now have a purple/blue/black bruise about 3inches in diameter. The only thing I can think of is shortly after the shot I dropped the container I store my needles in and had to bend over to pick up...did I get everything moving and bleeding in there again by doing this???

I would love to know your opinions and any new tops on how to avoid bruising at injection sites. Also, I would like to know why at 50 lbs overweight I cannot pinch fat on my thigh to give myself this shot?! :) The skin is too taut. Not sure where else to go.




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