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jiggidysgirl - February 17

I am going in for Laparoscopy on Feb 28th. I had a cyst due to Clomid and that is what my provider is using so that she can check for endometriosis and other factors that might be causing my infertility. If I still have a cyst on my ovary or if I have endometriosis she says she can take care of that with the laser.

Has anyone else had this done? Any questions I should ask at my preop? If you have had this done how long did it take for you to get back up and around and then back to work? This will be on a Tuesday and I just took the rest of the week off.

I am a little nervous but I am also hoping this provides more answers then eveything looks fine. I don't know how much they can see in the ultrasounds but I am sure they can see way more going in with a microscope.

Baby Dust to All,


Trying in NH - February 18


I had it done back in December for the same reason as you. I had a blood filled cyst and I did end up having endometriosis pretty bad. It wasn't too bad I was ok as long as I didn't move around too much for the first 2 days but then I was able to do pretty much everything after that. The gas cramping from the CO2 is worse then the incisions, but that only lasted 48 hours or so. I did bruise under my belly button but that went away after about 3 weeks. Just be prepared NOT to be able to wear regular button pants for about 2-3 weeks due to them rubbing against your belly button incision and the bloating.
Good luck and take care


jiggidysgirl - February 18

Thanks for the information.

What did they do for your endometriosis? Has it helped the process? Did they laser the endometriosis as well as the cyst?

Did you have your tubes checked out at the same time? My doc thinks we should do this at separate times so the insurance does not try to bill this under infertility.


Trying in NH - February 18

I didn't have laser done they scraped it all out. There is nothing that they can do for it, it will just keep coming back. My RE is trying to get us pregnant asap. Yes they checked out everything and found out all the scar tissue was blocking my tubes. I would do it all at once, because why do it twice. As for insurance we usually have a 250 out patient but for this we had to pay 500. If you do it 2 times so not to fall under infertility, we would have paid the same.

As for helping us get pregnant, we are in our first cycle of IVF and praying our hearts out that this works


TICKINGCLOCK - February 18


I just went through that at the end of Jan (they had to also remove a dermoid cyst on my left ovary I was truely surprised that I wasnt laid up for days. It wasnt bad at all it may have something to do with the fact that the only thing he had to do was remove the cyst everything else looked good no scar tissue ect.. My husband had me out walking around the next day we thought it would help with the bloated /gas feeling also my doc gave me some pain medicine but really dont sweat it "you'll be up and about the next day" ( and if you are) fake it stay in bed and let everyone pamper you for a few days!!
Best of luck & keep us posted




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