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Lorna - May 21

Hello all!
I’m Lorna; 25 years old and my husband is 33 years old. It’s already 4 years since we’ve got married and we are hoping for a baby but ……Time is flying so fast. We visited a doctor and both went for some tests. They said that everything is normal for my husband and I have some problems with my menses. In fact the problem is that my menses are very irregular but …. I have followed treatment with 3 doctors and this is the fourth one. But none of them have been able to find a solution to my problem. This fourth one has prescribed me to take Repronex. I have already ordered it from but I’m bit scared since this is the first time that I’ve ordered a medicine online. Is this pharmacy trustworthy? Also has anyone used Repronex before? Is it really effective?


bdantonio - May 28

I have used clomid and ovidrel hich by my understandin ovidrel and Repronex are the same. However i have never used one without they other i used both during the same cycle. If you dont mind me asking what are the directions the dr gave you on taking it? And also i do order my fertility drugs through a mail order company its easier and faster. If i can help in any other way let me know.


LinzyD - June 6

[size=2]My problem is somewhat the same as yours. I have my regular menses but the doctor says that I don’t ovulate….. this is why I am unable to conceive. I am fed up of taking medicines everyday but no luck…I find that my husband’s behaviour has changed. He no more loves me the way he used to…and we get into discussions very often. One day he even called me “sterile woman” and said he is wasting his money for my treatment. My heart is shattered; I can no more tolerate his words. My marriage is at stake. I went to visit a doctor yesterday without letting him know about it. He told me to take “pregnyl” that I have ordered from the same[/size] [url=http://www.drugdelivery.
pharmacy[/size][/color][/url] [size=2]because it is much cheaper over there. But I am in a dilemma now. Do I continue taking the medicines that the other doctor had prescribed? What will I tell him if he asks me about how my treatment is going on? I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel like living anymore…I’m just fed up with life.[/size]


bdantonio - June 6

I know the feeling. Fertiltiy puts alot of stress on a marriage. Not only is it stressful the drugs that we get put on makes us moody on top of it all. I have gotten pregnate with the clomid several times however i also have a problem with carrying. However i had to use the highest does of clomid to get pregnate and give my self a shot of hgc(ovidrel) to ovulate. When i finally did have my little girl though. However when i finally did conceive i did not do insemination or follow the sex plan they gave me. I used one of the clear blue easy ovulation tests, not the disposable but the monitor you keep and buy strips for. When the monitor said that i was at high ovulation I gave my self the ovidrel that night . And the next day it read peak ovulation and we had sex all that day, we actually took off work that day. But i know the feeling of wanting to give up. There was times that my husband and i fought alot and there was times i wanted him to leave me and find a women he could have kids with. But we mad it through and we doing it again for another child. I have gotten pregnate a total of 6 times now 3 m/c then my daughter then two more m/c. So not only do i need help concieving i need help carring. I wish i could tell you it gets easier and less stressful but it doesnt.


bdantonio - June 6

Have they tested to see if your falopian tubes are open all the way. That was one of the first tests tht i had done. Have they dones a hsyteroscopy. Thats where they go up through the cervix with the scope to make sure your uturus is okay. I had both these done before i was on any medications. Have you had these done?



Mahogany Heart - June 11


I have been ttc for 14 years and yes it have been a long journey. I was diagnose in 1994 with PCOS to find out in 2004 that I didn't have that I was just a woman who just don't ovulate. Which in 2004 I got pregnant but it was ectopic. I just gave birth to my newborn son August 31, 2007 and my life has change for the best. He brings a joy out of me that I didn't know I had. He even makes me want to ttc again like now.

I know it can be very depressing but you have to be strong and know that your miracle is just around the corner and do something about your ttc.

As for your husband you are going to have to pray for him and keep somethings to yourself when it comes to your appointments and treatments in order to keep from the horrible things he is saying to you. My ex use to tell me I was less then a woman because I could not get pregnant but it was for the best because we are no longer together. Not saying that is your case.

You have to think positive and trust the Lord. It was very hard for me but I founded out what worked and that is how I got my BFP. With my irregular periods I use Provera. For ovulation I use Clomid. For quality cm I use pre-seed and green tea. For the lining of my uterus I use Prometrium. I took prenatal vitamins with and extra folic acid. To make sure I was ovulating I test with the LH stick ovulation predictor kit. When It came to BD I only BD two times in my fertile window. The cycle before that we did it too much so I limited it but made sure it was on time.

Don't give up just trust the Lord and he will work it out for you. If he did it for me he will do it for you.

Keep The Faith!!!


bdantonio - June 11

I found out today that I am pregnate, Hopefully I will be able to carry the baby this time.


Mahogany Heart - June 15

Congratulations Bdantonio. Just have Faith and take care of yourself.


bdantonio - June 18

Thank you.
So far everything is going okay i had my first ultrasound today i am 5 weeks everthing looks okay. I am on Lovenox injection once a day. and i was put on the pogestrone injection saturday once a day too. The suppositories weren't enough and my level dropped. besides my stomache bruised from the lovenox shot and my butt hurting from the pogestrone shot im feeling pretty good. I just have to hope and pray that i get through the 1st trimester


grandmaof2 - June 26

Sorry to hear that your husband is being so difficult.
Remind him that him putting more pressure on you is not going to help you. Stress alone can cause a temporary affect on fertility. Good luck and keep your head up high. I have not taken any meds for fertility yet but due to closed tube I am thinking about IVF. Any advice would be wonderful.

God Bless you and your family
Baby Dust


bdantonio - July 5

Well i am 8 weeks and doing pretty good except hypermesis or other wise extreme morning sickness I have been hospitalized twice for dehydration so far.


violet23 - July 23

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