gonal-f cycle cancelled-what if i get pregnant anyway?
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mommyof1 - July 10

Hello everyone,
I am 30 yr old and have PCOS. I began taking gonal-f injections 6 days ago. yesterday they told me that too many eggs are maturing and that i need to cancel the cycle and not continue with the ovidrel shot. I understand that they are being careful so I do not have a high multiple pregnancy. They told me that the eggs that have matured will need to be absorbed and that i will preobably have to skip next month and start the next cycle of treatment in September. BUT, they also told me not to have intercourse for the next few days so i don't get pregnant. What would happen if i did get pregnant? It doesn't make sense to me that if i could get pregnant why wouldn't i try??? Why do I have to wait a month for the eggs to get smaller and not have sex becasue i may be ovulating??? Can anyone clear up my confusion? I feel helpless and out of control. My doctor and his office do not give me much information about what is going on. I may need to change RE's but this doctor is highly recommened and close to home for all of the ultrasounds and blood work. Please help. I want to just have sex tonight and see if i get pregnant but they said i shouldn't-why is the question! Please share any information you know! thanks!!!!


garden - October 6

Hi mommyof1,

I feel sorry that u had to cancel your cycle after 6 days of medication.I am also using gonal f and i took 75iu for 13 days and got 1 mature follicle..each person responds to this medication differently..

The reason for you to abstain from sex is to avoid multiples as you have many mature follicles and if all the follicles release eggs and there are chances that all of them get fertilized and mutiple gestation leads to preterm labour and some times even abnormalties if u have 3 or higher order...which is not good so have to cancel cycle to avoid that.

I am not trying too scare you but that's what my re told me..i understand how You may feel to cancel a cycle and wait for next..but doc has a point,all everyone wants is good full term pregnancy and healthy baby right... :)
Hope this helps and good luck .



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