Fibroids, irregular uterus wall
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Biku - July 3

Hi Ladies,

I had history of Fibroids. I always had heavy, painful and long bleeding for 10 days. I was always anemic with hemoglobin 7. I did not want to go through any major surgery but no choice. So, I had myomectomy 3 years back. For sure, my condition got better. No more heavy periods and more normal hemoglobin (which I experienced for the first time in my life). Doctor told me that uterus is extremely irregular. But I kept my spirits high because I had o more symptoms of fibroids anymore. Luckily, I got pregnant after trying for another year and a half in May 05. I had too many complications during the pregnancy. I started spotting everyday. Doctor put me on bed rest. I had heavy scary bleeding during 7th week. Luckily, I was still pregnant after that bleeding. Doctor said this is due to still existing fibroids in your uterus. Unfortunately, I miscarried around 14th weak.

I am trying for my normal pregnancy since then with no luck. They did HSG, where they reported spill outside the tubes but not too much.

I am just so tired thinking what could be wrong in uterus. Sort of normal HSG. No heavy bleeding/pain/cramping at this time. My infertility could be because of irregular uterus wall, or may be any adhesions after D&C. I am thinking for IVF with IVF-Michigan (Dr. Fakih). I am not very positive about the IVF results because of my week uterus wall. Did any of you go through IVF with uterus fibroids or irregular uterus?


Mrs.James - July 19

Hi Rita,

Have you tried IUI yet? I'm 36 and I went to my doctor to let him know that we were ready to start trying for a baby seriously. I say seriously because we had been trying before for about a 1 1/2 but no luck. I wasn't really monitoring myself like I should so I didn't really think anything of it. When I went to my doctor he asked me a series of questions and the answers were painful periods, long periods, pain during sex so as a result he sent me to have a number of test (vaginal ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram which by the way was very painful for me) the hysterosalpingogram showed that my tubes were clear and that there wasn't any problems with my tubes. Next he sent me to a specialist (RE) Dr. Gelety who is very good by the way. Dr. Gelety tested me for fibroids (from the ultrasound it showed that I had two fibroids) and said I may have a bit of endometriosis. He said it would be best if he removed the fibroids before we tried fertility drugs becasue the fibroids could possible grow along with the baby and cause complications. We agreed to have the surgery and last month I had a hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and a dilation curettage. They found that I had 4 fibroid tumors inside of my uterous (one the size of a grapefruit, one the size of a lemon, and two the size of a large marble). They had to cut two of them and they were able to laser the other two. Dr. Gelety showed me the pictures of the surgery and the fibroids and they are now all gone. I really believe this is what was causing my infertility because they were inside of my uterous and blocking the pathway making it hard for the sperm to get to the egg. Like you my doctor said that painful and long periods should go away along with pain during sex. I'm just a month out of surgery so time will tell. After I recovered from the surgery Dr. Gelety said everything is healing well and he put me on Clomid and scheduled me for another apt to see if the comoid was working. I went back this week and for sure there were 3 Follies so they gave me a trigger shot to make the eggs drop and Tuesday I had the IUI and next week I'm scheduled to go back to see if the Clomid and the IUI worked. I wish you all the best with your IVF :)



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