Fallopian Tube Blockage
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cin - September 28

Has any experienced one or both tubes blocked or scared tissue and still had a sucessful preg? :-\
I have not been told I CAN NOT but some serious trying methods may need to be involved ( i guess like miracle or perfect PERFECT timing). Any sucess stories to know there is a chance would be great!


baby4us - September 28

Hi Cin.. It all depends on other factors... as to your success... I have one blocked tube.. and thoguth it was over for us.. we had been TTC on our own for over 1 1/2 years.

My obgyn wannted us to try IUI first.. before going to IVF... he reasonded that if everything else was fine with us (after countless blood tests, ultrasounds and many tests for DH.. we seemed to be ok.. other than being older and having the one blocked tube)

I have just finished my 2nd IUI and have just heard from my clinic that I got a BFP... so you might want to look into that.. but please make sure you get everything else checked out before deciding which route to take...'

Good Luck!
PS.. I have read and have been told by a number of doctors.. one tube isn't nec. a bad thing... apparently the egg will find the open tube.. not sure how accurate that is.. but it did give me some hope!


tinkerbell - September 28

Cin, in my case I only have one tube and one ovary :( I had this surgery when I was 20 and the dr removed one of my ovaries and tube.. but the good news is - I got pregnant naturally! so the other tube functioning did it work wonderfully! :)

hope all goes well for you...:)


SMS1129 - September 28


I have 1 blocked tube and I only seemed to ovulate from that side, so IUI's didn't work for me. I had to move to IVF. Everyone's story is slightly different. Good luck to you!



Bim - October 6

Can you help, I have just had laproscopy done and told that I can not get pregnant, because my tubes are blocked.


cin - October 7

I had the laposc bout 2yrs ago and wz just told it wz a mess and that more surgery would be needed however did another dye test 1yr later and one tube still open nxt option wz is to have surgery to ATTEMPT to open tubes and remove scare tissue etc. i forgot name of surgery but i do know i will be out of wrk for about 6wks and they will go in like if u where hving sesection..
don't give up hope and ask bout the surgery to open your tubes then if they can consider IVF. The stress behind this is sometimes not worth it .. i lft the situation alond for over 1yr or 2 and now found this site w/others who have one way or antoher can relate so i'm going to start process again..trying pill they have posted here Ovulex then surger in newyr.. running out of time (age)..Good luck & don't give up.


brenda blankenship - November 16

I had abdominal surgery and after the surgery one of my tubes was blocked or they thought it was blocked and I have done 3 ivf's, and not one doctor has evaluated the tube issue.
we are not using my eggs but my concern is if the tube is blocked, will there be liquid in the tubes that could case damange to the embryos or the babies?
does anyone know anything about this


cassandra - November 18

Was your abdominal surgery a Laproscopy? If so, they will have pictures of your tubes in file and be able to tell you what is blocking them. Mine are blocked with scar tissue. I don't know about blockage with fluid. You should be able to find out by contacting the dr. that did your surgery. Knowledge is power and I highly recommend you call him and demand answers. It is your right to know. They should have reviewed their findings with you the day of the surgery. Good luck to you.

to others, I had the lap done and it showed both tubes blocked. On our third round of IVF we suceeded. I wish everyone here tons of babydust! cassandra


cassandra - November 18

Brenda, I just noticed a post in getting started that Cin posted on fluid in the tubes. Take a look. It is very informative! Take care..cassandra


cin - November 22

most times or majority of the diagn for blocked tube is scar tissue or water in tube (hydrosalpinx). the research i have done lately has made me some what uncomfortable with a decision i may have to make later. I have left tube blkd and right one open however w/scar tissue so the chances of eptopic preg are high like this. I just decided to notify my infertility dr. after 3yrs to see what the diag was, so as of today i know what the prob is and the decision to make in new yr is: TO HAVE IVF ,'YES' WATER CAN LEAK OUT OF TUBE AND ALMOST 97% CAUSE U NOT TO GET PREG. OPTION IS TO HAVE RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY TO TUBES AND TRY FOR 1YR OR REMOVE TUBES ENTIRELY TO ENSURE ATLEAST 95% CHANCE OF SUCESSFUL IVF. SO SEE TO REMOVE TUBES SEEMS LIKE FAR FETCH TRY TO ME...DUNNO WHT TO DO QUITE YET BUT MY INFERTILITY QUESTION OF WHY I CAN'T HAVE A BABY IS ANSWERED..SO A PILL LIKE OVULEX WONT QUIT CUT IT FOR MY PROB... IF U LOOK UP HYDROSALPINX THERE ARE MANY MANY SITES WITH INFO... LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ?S


CIN - November 22



Dr. Sujatha - March 15

My right tube is blocked left tube is petent since last 1 year i am going for follicular studies every time ovaries are formed in right side.

My Gynic tells me to go for Fertility as you are in thirties. what do you sugest which of the procedure make me pregnent.



CeeCee - March 26

Hello I really need help I start seeing a fertility doctor about 2 1/2 years ago my husband sperm was fine and the doctor told me I have P.CO.S and that when he started me on clomid pills and I was also giving myself injections but I still did not get pregnant I went to my Obgyn doctors which is a female and she suggested that I have a HSG test when I took it I found out that I have a tube that blocked on my right side and the left tube is open. My whole point is my infertility doctor was a male doctor and he had me spending all this money on fertility drugs that I could have saved and it took a women to suggest a test and there was the problem not only did I have cysts I also had a blocked tube and he is now is telling me I'm over weight and I need to loose 30 to 40 pounds in order for him to do the surgery to open up my tube.So if anyone can offer advice please help....


n'chayla - April 1

What's up, I've been taking Ovulex for 8wks with no luck as of yet. To my knowledge I have 1 blocked tube which I question the doctor b/c even he acted unsure if it was or not and the other was partially removed b/c of a tubal preg. My question is to everyone Has anyone of you guys had sex and sometimes the sperm comes out and you have to lay down for a while for it to "soak" in? Or when you stand up it wants to come out????????


Gen - April 28

I was wondering if anyones knows if IVI still works if your tubes are blocked. I am unsure what to do? my consultant has tested me and advised me not to bother seeing if my tubes are blocked, she has told me to go on the waiting list for IVF???


ElizabethS - April 28

I lost both of my fallopian tubes - one due to a large ovarian cyst and the other due to massive scar tissue from a bowel preforation. I was devastated, and our only option was IVF. On our first attempt, we put in three embryos and I delivered triplets on 11/18/05.

I believe and have been told by physicians that the chances of getting pregnant (via IVF) are high if this is your only factor.

Good Luck and Baby dust to all!


julie12 - April 30

hi i need some advice please we have been trying for a baby for the past 2 years i recently was referred to my gyn and have undergone tests to see the problem ie 21 progetrone test, semen analysis and HSG. The doctor doing the HSG told me my left tube is blocked and my right is patent. I asked him what this means but he said he would let the gyn explain that to me. the problem is my appointment isnt for another 3 weeks and i am going out of my mind with worry really. I know from my research on infertility that blocked fallopian tubes are not a good thing but i was wondering if the fact that one is patent is good i dont know can anyone advise is there hope there or not



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