Factor V Leiden & Fertility Drugs
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LindaLenn - January 27

I am 32 years old and was going through my second fertility treatment - Gonal F + Novarel + Crinone for IUI. IUI was not successful, and had a stroke about 5 days before I got my period. After many tests on heart, blood, arteries - it was determined that I tested positive for Factor V Leiden. Does anyone else have something similar? Doctors say this is very rare for someone my age, and risky. But I want to continue with Fertility Treatment. (I have PCOS)


Trying Again - April 3


Well, you have come to the right place. I have the same thing. I am 29 (going to be 30 in Sept.) and it isn't odd that you would have it, since you are born with it.

I am sorry to hear about your stroke, i hope you are doing well?
Does the doctor think that taking the meds necessary to stay pregnant are risky, or being preganant? It is serious condition, no doubt. There is a higher change for pre-eclampsia and other conditions, especially after the baby is born. So what is he/she worried about?


bipo - April 7

I'm 35 with FVL. I was tested when my sister had a late lterm miscarriage due to FVL (it caused clots in the umbilical cord). At the time, I was going through treatment (I'd done IUI and IVF without success). After getting my FVL diagnosis, my RE make it very clear he didn't want me trying to conceive with or without medical help. It's extremely dangerous to take any hormones when you have FVL and the high doses you take during treatment are like a timebomb. I was very lucky I didn't develop clots. It's been a year since we stopped trying to conceive and I'll admit it's hard to abandon the dream of another child (we have 1 from IUI 8 years before my diagnosis and 1 from adoption).

My sister just had a baby and she had 4 clots within 1 month of delivery even though she was on Lovenox, then Heparin and then Coumadin. She spent an additional 18 days in the hospital, was in horrific pain and has a permanent filter in her vena cava. She decided to never have another baby because her life was at risk.

Please find a great hematologist to talk to about your concerns. SInce you had a stroke you're at an even highrer risk for having more clots.


melissavelez - August 22

I am just trying to find more information on my condition (FVL). I have posted ther below in other posts, but then saw this one... any info is helpful and appreciated, thanks!

I was just put on Lovenox 80mg 2X daily injections. I am 32 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I have suffered from 4 miscariages in the past. I was diagnosed with Leiden Factor V and Protein S & C deficiencies in my 4th month. I opted to go natural for the past few months... not until after switching doctors 3 times, did my current doctor finally explain all of the risks involved with NOT taking the medication. He is also into holistic/alternative medicine, so I feel very comfotable with his recomendation, but because I am a naturalist myself, I am still warry of issues in labor/delivery and post partum. My current doctor did mention that we will be changing the medication type as I get closer to full term, as there are risks associated with Lovenox and epidurls/spinal blocks. I am very concerned about this and also about the risks of having a C-section while on this medication or other similar medication.

Has anyone ever experienced a still birth or a bleeding complication from taking Lovenox or other similar medication in late pregnancy, labor/delivery or post partum?? Any advice or sharing of your experience is greatly appreciated!



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