Anyone order clomid on their own?
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ambersparkle - May 25

Hi! My name is Amber. My Dh and I have been married for almost 3 years and have been casually "TTC" up until this point...Before it was all about trying regulate my periods (which still hasn't happened after 3 bottled of Ovulex) and I am REALLY ready to have a baby.

My friend mentioned to me the other day that she ordered Clomid herself on the net in order to get PG with her first child and it worked...She suggested that I do the same since I have a HUGE fear of doctors. I am not sure though- I did order BC pills via the net before and had no probs, but this is different.....

I am considering it because I want a baby so badly, but what does everyone think???


bdantonio - May 28

amber.. all 6 of my pregnacies were and have been clomid babies, however i did it with a dr. Your regualr ob can give you the medication. They will give it to you if you say that you have been trying for 12 months. I have irregular periods and do not ovulate regular either but for no know reason they can not find one, I can go anywhere from 37 days till 105 days withour a period. I know the feeling of being on the side line though. But i recommend you go through a dr not on line. If you are having problems concieveing there may be other reasons. Even after i got pregnate i had 3 miscarriages before my daughter and two since her.. You sound like you need to find a dr you trust. If i can help anyohter way let me know.


grandmaof2 - June 26

Did you go see a dr. and how are you doing? bdantonio is right you should see a dr first. You could over stimulate your ovaries and cause more problems that way. If you have insurance and are able to see a dr I strongly urge you to before taking any meds of any kind.

Good Luck


ECARROLL - June 27

Hi Everyone,
Hey ambersparkle, I remember u from the ovulex borad, I tried 3 bottles myself no sucess. I have an appointmetnt with Dr to get clomid, I was nervous about ordering on my own, not sure why periods are inrregular so I agree with bdantonio. Keep the FAITH laides our day will come and BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!



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