Anyone ever heard of or tried this yet?
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DYoung06 - May 23

:) Hi all! I've been poking around quite a bit on the computer today and ran across this site.

is the first time I've seen it, and I've been reading for a good 20 minutes. Maybe they're on to something?

I think it's about time that someone out there actually started developing more options for women with PCOS.

Someone let me know what you think of this Insulite system. It's pretty expensive. About $100 a month, and that's if you sign up for a year. The less time you try it, the more it costs.

I read the descriptions for the medications and it all sounds like they're on the right track. I mean, we all know that pcos rotates around hormonal imbalance and usually insulin resistance. Apparantly, this system is supposed to help you lose weight as well.

Who knows? Lemme know what you think!


HeatherMac - May 23


It looks like a great site, but be careful...the information sounds a little too good to be true. My problems with my ovaries are worse now that I've had a baby...and I would give ANYTHING for this PCOS to be gone!! I got the double whammy - PCOS and very advanced endometriosis.

But because this PCOS cure sounds a little too good to be true, I did some investigating.

Turns out the parent company puts out a line of herbal supplements designed to improve your sexual enhancement. They're based out of the Phillipines and that line of supplements is their main business. They also run several porn web sites where they also sell their supplements that have the word "pervert" in the address. They're also in some legal trouble over their internet practices.

This could totally be legit with the PCOS cure...but, I have a hard time believing that endocrinologits around the world can't cure PCOS while these people have. It's also very expensive and they know women with PCOS would do anything to be rid of it...I would...I hate it...but it seems like it could be some magic beans and that they're preying on women hopeful for a cure to a horrible problem.

AGAIN, it may be TOTALLY LEGIT...but before you take any herbal supplements you should discuss it with your doctor. Herbs can be VERY powerful medications, so again, talk it over with your doctor.

I really did NOT mean to poop on your parade, but before you plop down a whole mess of cash for this kind of stuff, talk to your doctor about it. The internet can sometimes be a very unhelpful tool, so BE CAREFUL what you find when you serach for anything related to infertility...PCOS, endo, clotting problems, etc.

I wish you LOADS of baby dust!!



DYoung06 - May 24

Hi Heather :)

You didn't poop on my parade... I totally agree with everything you said. I was just curious if anyone else had seen, heard of, or tried it.

It really does sound too good to be true. And wow! From herbal suppliments, to porn? LOL!! Some people will try anything to make a buck. It's really sad.

What's even sadder, is what you said, that they'll prey off those of us who would practically give our right leg for some cure all solution.

I absolutely hate having PCOS. I hate the weight it makes me gain, all the extra hair growing in all the wrong places, and I hate the fact that no matter what I try to do.. my body just won't cooperate with me, lol!

Sometimes I dunno how we deal with it all, ya know? By 'we', I mean every other woman who has pcos.

Anyway, thanks for looking around and then posting what you found. It was pretty interesting.

Loads of baby dust for you too! And thanks!




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