my first acupuncture
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Latina - January 6

Hola ladies-
Well I did it, I started acupuncture. It went fine i will be doing it once a week untill I do the FET and then I go right in the following day after transfer. i was told that with acupuncture your chances are increased. My fertility clinic will begin doing acupuncture and deep tissue massages beginning in Feb. Their is a new massage that works the womans organs and I also heard that this is supposed to be great but painful. It is a 90 massage. I have an apt next week I will keep you posted....


jiggidysgirl - January 28

Hola Latina,

I too started acupuncture this month. I had my second one last week. I love it. Although when she sticks the needles in the ear that hurts a bit and it is just a weird thought to have all those needles but I do get relaxed after they are all in.

What is a 90 massage? Is that the amount of time or is that a certain technique?

I have heard acupuncture increases the chances of pregnancy all around. It is certainly a relaxing way to try!!!

Baby Dust to you!


fiso - January 28

I will let you know soon if acupuncture works for infertility! I decided to do the acup sessions this time. It really realxes you and increase the energy flow all over your body, but mostly in the ovaries area, where we need all the help we can get! I love my acup doc, she is really nice and is specialized in women's health/problems. I had a session an hour before the transfer and right after. It helped with the discomfort afterwards.
Good luck Latina. Baby dust to all


jacki - February 4

So I guess the acupuncture worked correct? :) How often did you go before you did your IVF. Please provide me with some detailes. I am scheduled for my second ICVF in April and am trying to get information no anything that can increase my chances. Thanks!



fiso - February 26

Hi Jacki. Yes, as you can see, the acupuncture worked! Or at least it helped. I went once every week before the retieval and then the day of the transfer I had a session before AND after. Now that I am pg, I will go once a month, just to get some TLC and to make sure that I have a good energy and blood flow. Thats' what acupuncture does to your body.
Try to get some one who is like my acupuncturist specialized in woman's health. She was recommended to me bytthe IVF center where I go. But she is not covered by my insurance. Good luck!

DianaEvans 2, here we go again, anotther 2 weeks to wait. But at least you have the BFP! It was hard for me to wait to see the heart beat. But lonce I saw it, it was reality sinking in. And it was great! Hang in there.



angelz9 - July 13

hi have a question i did the acup. once last month with at least eight needles placed on my abdomen and my leg which gets numbing pain before my period the pain in one leg went away but a week later its in the other leg .... can u guys tell me where exactly were ur needles plaed if not too much trouble...
thanks :o


fiso - July 14

Hi Angelz9, I noticed that depending on what you want to heal, that's where the needles are placed. And it changes from one session to the other. Make sure you tell your acup. about the pain in the other leg. It's very important for them to know as much as they can in order to be able to help you.
Good luck with it. I don't know if it's thanks to the acup. that I'm pregnant, but it worked! Don't lose hope.


Kiki06 - August 6


I have been having acupuncture for several months. The person I go to always sits with me for 30mins to discuss what pains/issues I have and that determines where the needles are place. Also, she says it depends on where you are in your cycle. One week I have them on my abdomen, hands and legs another it's my back. Hope this helps.


Megz - August 6

Ok this may sound strange, but my husband and I are just starting treatment and I will have my first IUI in about 3 weeks.

I have been reading the boards and am interested in acupuncture, but deathly afraid of needles. Funny since I have been getting b/w done once a week for a month and a half now. But back to the point, can you feel the acupuncture needles once they are in? And how long are they in? I am willing to try anything to help increase our chances! Any input would be great. Best wishes to everyone.



Kiki06 - August 7


I find some areas of the body more sensitive than others. For instance, my ears and feet. You may be different though. It also depends on where you have blocked qi. For me, it was my right tube so when she put the needle in - I felt a lot of movement which in Chinese medicine means there is some blockage.

Give it a try. Some studies have shown that it is beneficial for increasing blood flow to the uterus which aid conception. In fact women undergoing IVF doing accupuncture have a greater chance of conception. However I'm sure that are studies that counter this.

If for nothing, I fiind it incredibly relaxing. Good luck!



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