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Brianandjena - November 25

MY husband has low sperm count and morphology issues. I started him on a multivitamin and i was reading he should take extra A,E,C, Zinc, selenium. So i bout those as well. But I havent givin him the A yet bcuz I dont know how much is to much and the selenuim is 200 mcg and I have red that only a 100 is recomended ,. I didnt evern see 100.. so I have been giving him that but apprehensive.. anyone know??


wolffie - November 26

hi jena -

My husband also had poor morphology. Our RE suggested he take Conception XR. It is similar to a multivitamin but it is specific vitamins for male fertility. I guess like a prenatal but for men. It can be purchased online at the Conception XR website. I can't remember exactly what the web site is but if you google it you'll find it. I can't say that it worked wonders but I know that at our IVF retrieval they said that his sperm looked great.



Brianandjena - November 26

Daniella, Thank you for that information. I went to the website.
R u preg?


wolffie - November 27

hi jena!

yes, i am prego! 9 weeks and 3 days after our first IVF cycle. We are due the end of June!!!! I obviously can't say that I know for sure that the conception xr played a big part but i was willing to try anything to help increase our chances.

good luck to you. Are you doing IUI or IVF or something else?



Brianandjena - November 27

I am on clomid and trigger shot and iui.
I am on my 2nd round of iui and clomid I go on the 30th to check the follies . then get trigger shot and then iui. then 2ww,,,


wolffie - November 30

jena -

good luck tomorrow with the follies! i hope everything is going well.



lucky - December 7

Hie daniela
It was a lott help that u r pregnant after 1 ivf am so happy for u ,just that bu dont know me i have posted quite few times here and there in the forum, i have had 3 failed iuis and know r 4 weeks in to my ivf treatment, am doing actupuncture since may 2007 so hope for the best as it concerns vitamins, i am taking well women daily tablet with all nnded vitamins and plus because of cold feet am taking iron syrup named floradix, I heard fromthat men need folic acid too in this conception plan,
deos any one have an idea or has any one taken it?
what aboat u did have a scan do u know what sex the little one is and hoe was ur ivf any advise please feel free, take best of luck


wolffie - December 10

hi lucky -

i also did acupuncture but i only did it through my ivf cycle. it really helped me relax and feel like i was doing something to help. I am a bit of a control freak and with ivf i felt like i didn't have any control over what was happening. I did anything possible to help me feel like i was helping to contribute to a positive outcome. My husband was taking conception xr, i was doing acupuncture and fertility yoga, and no caffeine. who knows if any of it had any effect but it helped my state of mind.

this whole process is dfficult. I still worry everyday that something will go wrong and it will all be over. I think that is a normal feeling for people like us. I don't think that feeling will ever go away until we have our little one here with us. As of right now, things are looking good and that's what I keep hoping for everyday.

best of luck to you! keep us posted



lucky - December 10

Hie wolfie
thank u so much for ur input it helps to know that some one cares, I actualy started actupuncture for 2 reasons one so i can get pregant before my ivf time comes(bad luck it did not happen)
2 to increase my ivf chances it gives better blood supply to the lining of the utrus, but i think it was very good for stress ralease which plase a very important rolle in concieving or whille we r on medication for ivf and then all those negative thoughts, I think its very normal as u said to have such thoughts, i remember there was a time were i started to except some how that i cant get pregnant ever which was bad because ur body and mind need to work together but if ur mind says some thing else and body the other it becomes i conflict within us. .i dont know if this makes sense.its been 8 years that am fighting with this battle hope to succeed, tell me more aboat ur ivf how was it, how did the 2ww go ,did u trnsfer 2 embroys and was there any thing else that helped, am going on the 13th for my BT and ultrsound letts hope the follicles r healthy should i say, i feel so relaxed after the actupuncture its some thing great i have done towards my conception and i will advise every one not only for pregnancy but just to be in good health.
Good luck for the little and keep us posted.


wolffie - December 10

lucky -
at our retrieval they were able to get 9 eggs 5 of which were mature. all 5 fertilized and 4 divided normally (one stopped at day 3). we did a day 5 transfer of 2 excellent quality embryos. we found out early that both embryos had implanted but we lost one of the babies at 5 and a half weeks. The surviving one has been doing well and seems strong. The two week wait was difficult but I tried to stay positive and keep my mind busy. I don't know if there was anything specific that helped. I just tried to take it as easy as possible between the retrieval and transfer and after the transfer during the 2ww. i let my dh take care of me!

did they tell you what date they are shooting for the retrieval?



lucky - December 10

H ie wolffie
Thanks for some lovely information, I dont know realy when the ratrieval will be but a guess is around 15th to 17th i have a ultrsound on the 13th so. the treatment has to finish before chrismas holidays because the clinic like any other clinic is closed, letts hope for the best.
How was ur ratrieva whar method did thy use was it pain full am realy scared nd curios,?
lotts of baby dust.


Brianandjena - December 11

Hey wolfe how is ur little one doing? Looks like everything is going well. keep us posted,


wolffie - December 12

Jena - the little one is doing well, thanks for asking. We have our 2nd OB appt. on Friday and u/s on Saturday. Have you had your IUI yet? How are you feeling?



Brianandjena - December 13

*HUG* hi, Yeah I had the iui . I am on cd 25 today.
I am feeling okay .. just hate when it gets closer to test time. feeling dread... I hate seeing the bfn. I almost feel like I wont be able to handle it . I have never seen a + in my life. so ,. I cant help it. I am really trying to be positive.. But at 34 and no children and have never prevented them . although this is only my 2nd attempt "with help" 2 iui , so we will see... so for being so down.. *smiles* I am so happy for you. I love ur ticker...... how r u feeling?


lucky - December 13

Hie girls i hope u all r doing well,
Can some one share there ratrieval storie with me am goin on monday to get it done and r very nervous,
i hope it deos not pain too much i dont have the energy as before to go through things its been enouh dont feel like getting too much done. I hope this is the last looking forward for 2 lines please pray for me
good luck to every one else we all r together and we will make
god bless us :)
wollfie i hope ur doing well and having some great thoughts
jena hang in there every thing seems positive and so it will be
i will pray for all of u


wolffie - December 14

jena - i am hoping you will see a bfp! when do you get to test? i know how difficult the waiting process is. i think i had more down days than up days through the entire process. how have you been feeling?

lucky - i am not going to lie, the retrieval process is not pleasant. It took me a couple days before i felt like myself again. take it easy and let others wait on you. i did not start hurting (cramping) until a few hours later...i think after all the meds wore off.




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