DHEA! 43 yo w/ FSH 15 banks 66 embryos!
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anitasto - July 21


A 43 year old woman with FSH = 15 banked 66 embryos!

Here's the case study published 9/2005 in fertility and sterility :

the research updates:

begged my doctor for immediate blood tests - got them today - and will start DHEA tomorrow.
It appears that most doctors are not aware of the case study! At least I hope that's the case because otherwise I would have heard about it before my first 3 bonked cycles.

Good luck ladies!


DianaEvans2 - July 22

THANKS so ever much for sharing Anita!

If I read right....this patient had 9 cycles? And as a result banked 66 embroyos. So that's about 7 embroyos per cycle, but the chart shows increasing quantities retrieved. I didn't understand if any embroyos were actually implanted and if she had a full pregnancy. I read that the two other patients were on track in the first trimester.

WIshing I had seen this earlier this year, as since it seems it takes DHEA a while to take hold/have an impact? I'm in the middle of my stims right now, so I don't want to chemically mix anything else into my body to process-it's working hard enough now.

Anything else along these lines? Wishing you a super Saturday! Diana


Hanni - January 9

Hi there!!!
i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and at age 46 i'm trying to get pregnant, have FSH 50.5...:( do you know if with dhea treatment would apply to my case? Do you know somebody apart form the woman of the article?
Regards and thank you!!!!
Ana :)


am1027 - March 3

I've been reading all the posts on DHEA and have decided to try it. I've had 2 miscarriages, many IUI's and 3 IVF with not success. My doctor told me that due to my age, 42, I should go with a donor egg. As you can imagine, this news was devasting and I was ready to do it, but, decided not to. I'm keeping the faith that I will have my own child and staying positive. I've ready all of the articles on DHEA and decided to try it. Currently, I'm taking 75mg per day of dhea, in addition to a baby asprin, 50 mg coq10 and evening primrose and robitussm (the last two only during 2nd half of cycle). While I'm just starting, I feel very positive and am sure I will get pregnant before the summer is over. They say dhea takes 4 months to really work, so I'm going to be patient. Enough with the doctors. I'm so tired of shots and visits to the office and be poked and prodded. I refuse to believe the doctors and am confident this will work. If anyone else has tried any of these supplements, please let me know.


mommymommy72 - October 14

I wish you the best of luck with this. I'm confused about the study you cited. Why would anyone want to have 66 frozen embryos?




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