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vlopez5803 - March 8

I've been on Ovulex for about a week now and the husband is on Amberoz, there has been an increase in the sex drive, ++ but I've notice alot of cramps in my lower belly. He says hes feels fine. I hope this works. Been trying everyday since I got of my menstrual.


AuroraBell74 - March 8

I've been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks now and I still feel fine. And I actually felt myself ovulate this time. That's a plus :)


mija1221 - March 9

I started taking ovulex on jan 19th of 2007. On March 4th began having lower abd cramoing. Now on March 9th I have a + preg test! I had no side effects at all!! Good luck![quote author=Rachy link=board=4;threadid=3585;start=0#30510 date=1168640491]
Ok the rules to this post:

Simply state how long you have been on ovulex for and whether you have had a success yet.

Also state the positive effects and negative effects (if any)

Please don't turn this into a conversation post as we have a wonderful one already on the ovulex XIV one ;D

Simply just make one post each with the details requested. That way we can all see who is doing what and how its workign for them!



muslimah diva - March 16

Hello my ttc sister's
I would like to know how should you take the ovulex.One the bottle is says 2 tablets 1 hour before bed.But on line it says take 2 tablets a day 12 hours apart.
I recv my bottle on 03/15/07 and I took it [email protected] 1hr before bedtime.And today I took 1 this morning @7am and I will take the other 7pm.PLS HELP ME MY SISTER'S.


lili246 - March 16

When I used to take ovulex I took it one at 8a.m and the other at 8p.m. they do say it to take it one hour before bedtime but them at 12 hours apart but I don't think it makes a big difference. I founf this time more accurate.

Hope this helps and good luck!



Anngie60 - March 18

Hi all! I am on day 11 of the ovulex now and can say i have not had any side affects. My clearblue fm showed i actually peaked for 2 days and im sure i felt ovulation twinges. I definately have better ewcm!


Chrystal - March 19

I've been on Ovulex for approximately 28 days, tonight will make 29.
I haven't noticed any major side effects really. Mainly just gas. I have PCOS and do not O or have AF without the help of medication. Although I haven't started AF, I believe I felt myself O.

Love and Baby Dust,


touchoflove - March 19

Hi! Everyone
I have been ovulex since 2/28/07 no signs of side effects and actually I stop cramping I take my ovulex in the morning since I work at night with green tea and I have been ttc for along time I have one child his 14yr I 'm 34yr old hope ovulex will be helping us all soon !!!

Keep in touch!


designatedmom - March 19

Hi Everyone.
I've been on Ovulex for 18 days(started 3/1) after a failed IVF which led to strange spotting for several days. I say strange cause it was never a full fay of bleeding and at time none thru the night and start again mid day following day for about 6day. so never really reported a full period. had -ve beta, with progestrone esting at 18, which RN said I shouldnt see a period for atleast a week, but two days later was spotting, so for sure wasnt period cause RE says cant get period whith such high progestrone. Anyway I waited and AF never showed.

On 3/1 started Ovulex hoping to aleast bring on AF but 18days later nothing. Since i had a scheduled consultation with RE on 3/12, he suggest I take blood test for Estrogen and Progestrone as well as U/S Sound which will tell him where in the cycle I was. results even more shocking, I had a mature follicle measuring 23mm and E2=153 and very low P4=1.5, both test results and Ultrasound suggest I was about to ovulate any minute, which made me very excited but still wondering how can this be happening when i never saw AF. but anyway still on Ovulex, hoping and praying for some even more +ve results whether it be AF or positive HPT, but which ever case i think ovulex works.

One question for all who use it is that I never saw EWCM although had a lot of CM, and i'm still not completely "dry' like it would after ovulation. Has anyone else experienced this?
Thanks and hope this is our year.


misskdub - March 22

I have been taking Ovulex for 3 months now. my frist cycle was 7days late and cramps so bad it felt like i was miscarring...the second month was the same and third month has been the same ... so if anyone want to buy my last bottle unopened let me know [email protected]


jordan23 - March 22

HI everyone!! I just ordered ovulex a few days ago, so i'll definitely keep all of you posted. I wish the best for everyone, keep your heads up and stay positive. And for those of you that did get pregnant...CONGRATS!!!


jordan23 - March 22

Sorry...quick question. For those who are drinking green tea...what kind are you drinking? Is it decaf or caffeinated? THANKS!


touchoflove - March 22

[quote author=jordan23 link=board=4;threadid=3585;start=15#33745 date=1174538435]
Sorry...quick question. For those who are drinking green tea...what kind are you drinking? Is it decaf or caffeinated? THANKS!


touchoflove - March 22

I drink natural green tea it doesn't say def or caff but, the ingredients are natural herbs good for the body I'm do for my pd today but, nothing let's pray ovulex help and working it's way to help another.
May God Bless You'll With A Baby!!!!


Mahogany Heart - March 22

On Green Tea I drink the Lipton Green Tea in the bottle during the day and at night DH would brew me the Decaf Lipton Green tea bags.


jordan23 - March 22

Thanks for the info!!!! Talk to ya later...



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