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Rachy - January 12

Ok the rules to this post:

Simply state how long you have been on ovulex for and whether you have had a success yet.

Also state the positive effects and negative effects (if any)

Please don't turn this into a conversation post as we have a wonderful one already on the ovulex XIV one ;D

Simply just make one post each with the details requested. That way we can all see who is doing what and how its workign for them!


vidia1103 - January 13

I have been on ovulex 1 full cycle...but a total of 1 1/2 months. No success so far and very limited side effects including fatigue light cramping and head aches that have all now subsided. testing on wednesday


BroodyMin - January 31

Hi ladies

I am 34 and have been married for 8 years. I have been ttc since. I started taking Ovulex on the 16th january and have not had any major side effects, just loose stools on the first two days but otherwise fine.

Am keeping my fingers crossed this will be it.


wantafamily - February 1

I have been taking for only a week, but no problems so far.


Trying - February 18

Hi Ladies,

I've been on Ovulex since October 2006 and I'm still taking Ovulex as directed. But, nothing so far. I'm still waiting to get pregnant. I'm hoping.


Charity - February 19

I was TTC for 2 years - no luck. I was on Ovulex for 2 months and my husband was on Amberoz for the same 2 months. We are now 7 months pregnant.


ann40g - February 19

Hi Ladies,

I have been ttc for over 2yrs. I just started Ovulex on 02/15/07, so far no side effect


ttc2 - February 23

I've just been on Ovulex for 1 week. Only side effect was more ewcm than usual, and according to my temps I O'd a couple days earlier than usual.


hildabean - February 24

Was on Ovulex since Dec 14, 2006, no luck yet. Only side affect is gas! I went off it for a couple of weeks to see what happens. I ended up AF earlier that it should but it was only for 2 days and very light. I am going to start again.


lane1022 - February 24

[quote author=Charity link=board=4;threadid=3585;start=0#32335 date=1171902824]
I was TTC for 2 years - no luck. I was on Ovulex for 2 months and my husband was on Amberoz for the same 2 months. We are now 7 months pregnant.

Were you still taking Ovulex when you found out that you were pregnant?



AuroraBell74 - February 24

I started taking Ovulex a few days ago and I feel great. No bad side effects at all. Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)


Lisa620 - February 25

Hi everyone! I am new to this but need people who understand to talk to. I have only been on Ovulex for one week. So far I have had no side effects. I have been trying for one year now and never thought it would be this hard!


oceanlver77 - February 25

Hello all,

I found this board from a web search. I've been trying desperately to find a board that discusses Ovulex, I sure hope this one is sitll active !!!

I ordered Ovulex & started 3 days ago. The first day it was great, helped me relax and sleep great. Now, the past 1 1/2 days I've been really fatigue/out of it. Just kinda blah, like I'm in slow motion.

I realize this isn't a conversation board, but I've been searching for weeks and cannot find another ACTIVE/CURRENT board that discusses Ovulex, I'm hoping you'll forgive this post if its out of place --

Thank you in advance...


AuroraBell74 - February 25

I was kinda afraid to take it at first. But I heard too many success stories to not try. I still haven't had any bad side effects. Only a good one, increased sex drive. ;D Definitely not a bad thing.


carmy_right - February 26

I have been taking ovulex for 12 days now and I am only experiencing fatigue and gas! I have been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years only seriously for the last years I have PCOS and I am hoping that ovulex is the answer. However, my Dr. is suddenly ready to try the clomid thing and I am scared. I want a baby terribly! I have a nearly 6 year old and I do not want my children to be much farther apart I had always figured since I got the first one out of one night’s activities that the second would be no trouble. I was so wrong!

Wish you all luck!



Anngie60 - March 8

Started day 1 of ovulex yesterday, early days but thought id say hi. Felt very tired about 30 mins after taking but not sure if that was just coincidence or if i was just tired anyway. I'll keep all updated once have been on it a little longer x x x


vlopez5803 - March 8

I've been on Ovulex for about a week now and the husband is on Amberoz, there has been an increase in the sex drive, ++ but I've notice alot of cramps in my lower belly. He says hes feels fine. I hope this works. Been trying everyday since I got of my menstrual.



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