Where is Everyone???
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gemdandy420 - February 11

It seems things have gotten realyy quiet here. :( Did everyone decide to take breaks for a while?

Well here is my update - No breast cancer YEAH ;D, no biopsy needed either. Started TTC again, on provera, only one more day to go then just wait for period. Doing a round of clomid this cycle with metformin 1000 mg daily (been on this for 5 months now). It has not regulated my periods, still no natural period since Sept. 2007. My BF did his sperm test last Friday and we are waiting on results, should get them tomorrow. The waiting part is hard for everything.

Let me know how everyone is doing??
Congrats to all the new mothers. Pass that baby dust around and keep in touch with us still TTC.



gemdandy420 - February 22

Where did all my support ladies go?


Did everyone decide to take breaks or what?

Please keep in touch...

Good luck to those out there and if anyone needs someone to talk with I will give support :).

Baby dust to all.....



gemdandy420 - March 3


Yeah someone has come back to this forum. I still would like to know where everyone went. We still need support here. I went to the 2ww board since I was there but had a failed clomid cycle, first cycle so not uncommon. Getting ready to start another cycle with provera next week after bw on Friday.

Please keep in touch, I am glad your back. How is the little one? I bet it is hard coming back to work. I don't know if I will be able to do it.



lili246 - March 3

Yeah it is sad that everyone is gone I really hope they come back and share their stories.

My lil one is doing great it is sad coming back to work since I got so attached to him I sure miss him already but I have to work you know.

Hey why did you thought you had breast cancer? I am glad that everything came back normal.

I will pray for you so that you can get that bfp, good luck and please relax enjoy it and don't stress.

It's been a while since I was here so please tell me about you alittle more...

Have a great day


gemdandy420 - March 4


I had a baseline mammo done because I am 35 and they found a mass, had a lot more mammo's done and u/s done, went a saw specialist for a biopsy and he determined it was just a lymph node so no need to do biopsy afterall. I had to change breast centers in the middle of it all because the first radioloigist thought it suspicious, so I decided to not mess around and went to the best center for this and I am glad I did. So now with this resolved I can move forward with ttc.

My hx is very irregular periods since I was 15. I have been dx with PCOS and unexplained infertlity. All my blood work comes back normal all the time, I just don't O but maybe 1 or 2 times a year on my own. My ovaries are enlarged and have the pearl of cysts on the outside. I have had lap, hystosopingram as well. My tubes are open and I also have endo. I was married for 14 years and my ex had no sperm so we gave up on ttc. I have been divorced for over a year and me and my bf (soon to be dh) have been trying for 1 year now on our own. He has no problems, great count and mobility and morph. So it is just me. We just did first round of clomid 50 mg. No O but did stimulate ovaries so dr. is going to do another round at 50 mg. I am also taking metformin 1000mg daily even though I am not insulin resistant. Just trying to get ovaries in condition. I have been on the metformin for 5 months but it has not regulated me. I need provera to start af. I am on cd20 from first round. I get to do beta this Friday and estrodiol test. If BFN, then I start provera next week for round 2. So that's me....



lili246 - March 4

Hey girl thanks for that info I am glad that you are not giving up have faith everything will be ok and you will get pregnant very soon. I will be praying for you.
Where do you live?
I have so much faith in giving a msaages to your ovaries. I couldn't get pregnant after trying for a year with my first child and after I went with this lady she would put my ovaries back where they were suppose to be and did that for like 3 months and boom I got pregnant right away. I really trust when you get that massage so if you know anyone or ask around there are people that do that and I really have faith in that.
The lady that would massage me she would tell me that my ovaries were not in position and there was any way I would get pregnant like that so she would put them back in position.
Like you say all your blood work come back normal then it might be your ovaries so give it a try girl. :)

What is a mass? How do you feel it?

About 3 weeks ago I felt a lymp in my left ovary it would hurt but within 2 days the pain went away and the lymp got smalller and I still have it but it is very small and it doesn't hurt I got scared and don't know if it could be something wrong. Besides I don't have insurance and wasn't working so I couldn't go to the doctor since it can get expensive. I am only 24 years old and I was thinking it could of only been a pimpel but you never know.
How did yours felt?

I am glad that you are ok and there is nothing wrong. Thank god :)



gemdandy420 - March 4

I live in Southern California. Thanks for your words of encouragement and advice. I will look into the massage thing and see if there is anyone around here that does it. Is it expensive? My insurance does not cover infertility at all, so it is all out of pocket for me.

A mass is a lump. I feel good about it though. My surgeon will take a look at it again in 6 months just to confirm its nothing to worry about. You said you felt a lymp in your left ovary, how can you feel it? Sometimes you can gets cysts on your ovaries and then they go away. If it doesn't hurt anymore it is probably fine, but you should go check it out if you are worried about it. Just to put your mind at ease if nothing else.

Keep in touch and I will do the same, it is nice to have someone to talk to about things.



lili246 - March 4

Well I live in orange county and I know this lady that does massages and I really trust her because she has massage me and my mom I went with her when I was pregnant with my little one I was like 7 months pregnant and I was having some pain in my tummy like of the baby was rubbing his bone on my skin and it would hurt bad I couldn't even laugh, cough or sneeze it was bad but that lady made me feel better with her massage.
She doesn't charge alot she charges like $20.00 to $30.00 dollars per massage I really recommend it I have so much faith in that.
She live in Tustin, CA I could always give all the info if you ever come down this area.

sorry but the lump I had was in my breast I don't know why I said my ovary it was under my skin in my left breast next to the areola it did hurt like if it was pimple for like 2 days but then it went away the pain and the lump got smaller and I can still feel it but it is going away I think. I get scared of everything aswell so maybe when I go to have my papsmear I might tell the OB about it and see what she says.
Thanks for the info. I sure hope everything is good with you.
Did you feel yours or did it hurt? How did you find out?

Praying so that you get that BFP!!!



gemdandy420 - March 4


Cool, I live in near Riverside and have family in Orange County. I would love to get the info. on that lady in Tustin. My e-mail is [email protected]. The lump in my breast is deep against the chest wall, you can't feel it at all. It just showed up in my baseline mammogram. I never knew it was there. Sounds like yours might be a cyst. They can get painful and then go away. Are you breast feeding? Sometimes it can also be a milk duct inflammed and they also hurt like a pimple and go away, unless it gets infective. :( I would check with your OB when you get your check up just to make sure.

Thank you, :)


lili246 - March 4

Thank you so much for the info you are very hopefull. I did breastfeed my son for 1 month only because I had breast infection called mastitis I had it on one breast and then went to the other so it might be something related to that I am being faithful that it's nothing bad. But I will tell my ob when I go.
It doesn't hurt anymore and it seems that it is going away.

Let me look for her card and I will give you the info. She is a mexican lady and she has a older daughter that speaks english she might speak english aswell but I am not sure her name is maria well I will give you all the info ok.
She will tell you how often you should go it is really helpful and it will help you I have faith.
I will also give you my number so if you have a questions go ahead and ask me or if you want me to call that lady I will.
By the way do you speak spanish?

How are you feeling?


gemdandy420 - March 4


I speak a little spanish and understand a lot. My mom is mexican. I can have her go with me to translate if needed. I bet your breast lump is related to the mastitis for sure. Do you speak spanish? I will try anything to help have a baby. My bf has a dd and ds, the dd is by him and ds from ex, but he has been there since before she gave birth and he is 11 years old. We have them every other week, 50% of the time. He is a great dad and now we want to have one of our own together to start with. I have wanted a baby since I was 18 and now I am 35 with no baby yet. It has been a hard road but I know it will happen, in God's time. He knows when is best. I am feeling good these days. I am on cd21 and just started getting headaches every afternoon for the last 4 or 5 days now. I know clomid can cause headaches but I have been off of it for 12 days. Any thoughts on this?



lili246 - March 4

That is good then you can communicate with her. I will be sending you the info shortly.
Hope that you can go with her as soon as possible I also did everything I could to have a baby and it did helped. So it;s worth trying everything.

You sure need a child of your own it's not the same having other kids that are not yours, you will enjoy being a mom. I will pray for you girl.

About headaches I think it could be because of the medicine it can last in your body for days.
But otherwise it can be all normal we seem to stress alot when we are trying to concieve.
I had alot of headaches aswell and I;ve been like this since a long time aswell.

Love Lili



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