Welcome back Ladies, Lets now share our baby stories :)
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lili246 - March 20

Hey girls,
Renee, Alexa, Mist, Jess, Shara, MH, Shan, Destinybaby(TIA), GonnaBAMomma, Shan123, Nancy, Bdantonio, Les23 and Jesswantsafamily.
And all others I miss, everyone is welcome here :)

Welcome back girls hope to hear from all of you girls and lets now share our baby stories.

I miss you all and hope to hear from you all soon.

My son is now 3 months old his name is angel he weight 8lbs, 7oz and measured 20-3/4 he is a healthy little boy and for now we are happy.
We might start trying again within 3 years from now.

Have a great day and lets keep in touch :)

Love Lili


NANCY - April 13

How are you doing? I haven't been back in a long time and then thought about everyone here and for the life of me couldn't remember that is was shared journey.

How are you doing? WOW a little boy that's great. How was your delivery?

I can't believe that Madison is now 14.5 months. She is definately keeping us REAL busy. At times her sister and I call her TROUBLE.

I am so glad to get back here to say hi.

How is everyone else??

Talk soon


lili246 - April 14

Nice to hear about you girl. I wish all of the other girls stop by son remember Charity and the other girls on the other forum well it's sad not being able to hear from them I hope everything is going well with them.

wow isn't it amazing your little one is now 1 year old time sure goes by so fast.

Well Angel is 4 months old today I take him to the doctor for his 4 month check up and shots..UGH I don't like that but I guess we have to.

My delivery was longer this time it could of been shorter but the doctor didn't do it all at once she did one thing first and then the other.
I went in to the hospital on sunday 12-9 at 10p.m. at 12p.m. they started the ring they out down on your cervix to soften they did that for full 12 hours straight after that on 12-10 at 12a.m. they put Pitocin or whatever it's called on the IV for the contractions to start so that afternoon at 3p.m. the doctor showed up at noon I was about 3 dilated and at 3p.m. I was around 5 dilated and the doctor broke my water and at 6:25p.m. my baby ANgel was born I did have the epidural since I thought the doctor was going to take long to get to the hospital but what got me scared was that when the nurse check me at 6p.m. I was bleeding and alot I got so scared and they called the doctor right away lucky she arrived very fast and deliver the baby right away vaginally.
The contractions weren't that bad they could of gotten worse but thats when I got the shot you know it's such a relief having the epidural.

So yeah my baby is now 4 months old and very healthy thank god.

Have a great day and hope you keep more in touch with us.

So how is your little one doing besides being a trouble maker..lol thats a commom thing I know my 3 year old is a monster..lol

Love Lili


NANCY - April 18

Charity's daughter is going to be a year old. She is to cute!! Her mom says that when she is mad she pulls her hair. My cousin laughs becasue he has no hair to pull!!!

I can't beleive how fast time went. She is going to be 16 months at the end of the month!!!!OMG!! She is great though she is my little trouble maker but she is a good girl. I had taken her to the DR Tuesday and she is definately a little peanut 18 lbs. I still can't turn her around in my car. I think she will like car rides better once I can turn her around

My DH says that if we had her first we would have waited for a 2nd longer that this. She is very loving and I love when she gives hugs she hugs you but also squeezes her little hands on your neck.

Both girls are getting along fine(at times). They really look out for each other it's so cute. Madison will bring Paige her cup of milk and Paige will do the same thing. I couldn't have gotten any luckier they are really good to each other!!!

Wow 4 months that's great. How do you like being a mommy of 2? Crazy at first right. It is so different the 2nd time around. I remember not being able to get them down at the same time.

Sounds like a long delivery. Hopefully you got to sleep through the night at least when they put in in the night before. I did it both ways in the morning and at night and I like going in at night better!!!

What happen that you were bleeding? that would have made me scared also.

I am so glad that I remembered the site. I hope everyone else comes back and says hello too!!

Talk to you soon!!


lili246 - April 18

sounds that you are very lucky with your two girls. I know what you mean about a little trouble maker..lol

My older son is a trouble maker and OMG he still gets jelous of the baby but he loves his baby.

The reason that I was bleeding was because I was fully dilated at 10cm and the baby was ready to come out the nurse took a while in order to check me and when she did I was all dilated and the baby was ready to come out.

You said that your little one is 18lbs??? I took my son to the doctor this last monday for his 4 month check up and he weights 17lbs, 10oz. He is not fat or anything he is very skinny comparing to my older son at 4 months he was way to heavy and very chubby but not this one he is slim and does weight alot I think.

I am glad to hear that Charity is doing good. Is she working? You need to tell her that she needs to stop by and say hi to us we miss you all.
I am glad that her little one is doing great how funny I guess each child does their own little thing..lol

It is hard at time to be a mommy of 2 and you know what I mean, at the begining it was way to hard that I was going nuts but once the time went by I guess I got used to and it's a piece of cake. I love my 2 kids and I am very lucky having them they are just my insipation and can't ask for more at this time.

Hope you stop by more often take care and have a great weekend.

Love Lili



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