TTC there is a magazine just for you!!!
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Angel - December 13


Unfortunately, my DH deleted your email b/c thinking of it as a junk mail. Could u pls send it one more time? I appreciate it! Baby dust to you.


Mahogany Heart - December 13


Check your email.. I sent it to your email.


Angel - December 13


I got it. Thnks so much.


Mahogany Heart - December 15

You are welcome Angel.


jiggidysgirl - December 23

If you are still sending out the website I am interested as well [email protected]

Also, is there a certain type of green tea?

Thank you


TICKINGCLOCK - December 29


Hello, I am also interested in the information if you can send it to me my email is [email protected]

thanks a bunch



Mahogany Heart - December 30

Ladies Check your email. I sent it to you.

Happy New Years


chynnadoll - December 31

Mahogany Heart ,hey girl I have'nt forgot about you and the other ladies, you have all been on my mind and in my heart it has been almost a couple months since I've been on here, my teenage daughter totally messed up her computer and my laptop trying to download music there fixed now and that won't happen again...How's everything going for you? Hope all is well, Just the same ole same ole with me I had to start taking provera, that was kind of a drag...But what can I say....Can you please e-mail me the TTC e-mail address is [email protected] you


Mahogany Heart - January 1


Glad to read you are back. Next time let me know something I was worry about you. Check your email I sent it to you.


chynnadoll - January 2

Thanks Mahogany, I got the e-mail, girl I have been goin through it I feel like I'm ready to just throw the towel in, my dh gets so stressed out when it's time to get busy and try to make it happen...all the enjoyment and excitiment is gone, he wants this more than I do I have 2 girls from my previous marriage he has no children...I had got the preseed and everything, But when it starts putting alot of stress in the relationship it's time to give it up! open for suggestions from my sisters!


Mahogany Heart - January 3

I tried to email you China!!! Before you do anything lets talk first. I'm telling you everything will be alright.


Lisa B - January 19

I am hoping you can send a copy to me....Thanks


fiso - January 19

Hi Mahogany heart, could you please send me the TTC magazine info to my e-mail address: [email protected]

Chynnadoll, hang in there. It's a long and tough journey, but you have to have hope, otherwise, nothing is worth trying!


Jen1983 - January 20

My email is mrspankysmom and I would love to have it.

Thanks in advance.


Jen1983 - January 20

sorry it's [email protected]


Jen1983 - January 20

sorry again i will get it right it is [email protected]



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