ttc after m/c
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Slatka - July 9

Hi everyone again -- I haven't been on this thread in a awhile so I thought I'd poke my had back in to see what's been happening, what's the news. I know a few of you are poised to test in the next week or so (Trina and Liz, I think) and I'm wishing you the best best of luck! There's no reason at all why it can't happen this month! Unfortunately, though, this is prime time for anxiety and careful "reading' of every twinge, cramp, and craving...I know, I do this myself and end up on about ten conception/pregnancy website comparing my "symptoms" to those listed, even when, deep down, I know there's little chance I could be experiencing real pregnancy symptoms so early. But we are hopeful, determined women and, whether we are observant of our bodies in these 2 waiting weeks or not, it is what it is.

I used an ovulation predictor test this month and, damn, was it hard for me to do a four hour urine hold!!! What a wimp! Whatever the outcome this month, I did find out some valuable info about my cycle: I actually ovulate around CD16 or 17, which is much later than I had thought. This helped my husband and I time our "dancing" for longer and later in the cycle. Now, of course I second guess the timing of everything (for ex., I tested at 10 am and the line was dark...did it just turn dark, or would it have been dark if I tested 10 hours earlier, etc, etc., meaning, how close, exactly, was I to ovulation? You all knwo the drill).

Anyway, good luck to all with any doc appointments this week and, of course, a thousand good wishes for any preg. tests coming up!
Talk to you all soon -- Slatka


liz - July 10

Good morning ladies, Did you all have a nice weekend?
I live in Pa, we had beautiful weather for a change. We have had alot of rain lately. I enjoyed the heat and sunshine with low humidity for a change.

Trina, How are you doing? Any signs of pg or af? I checked out the site you mentioned. In my opinion anything is worth a shot. I have read alittle about herbs, many people swear by it. I actually purchased Ovulex, but decided to go some rounds with Repronex. If that dosen't work I will probably try something herbal.

Slatka, Great to hear from you. Thank you for your support. I will be testing on the 17th. This month I can honestly say I have no idea which way it will go. I am usually pretty good by this time I am telling dh I am not pg. He thought I was nuts until he realized I am always right. I guess you really do learn your body. This month I have no feeling either way. I am not sure if this is good or bad all I know is I am desperatly trying to control the anxiety and have "faith". DH and I are going camping this weekend with my family, so it will be a good distraction for me. I think I need it. :)
I never used an ovulation predictor. You actually have to hold your urine for 4 hours? I would never make it. I am in the bathroom every half hour. ::) I drink water constantly and of course it comes right out. haha.
You sound just like me, when I would do over the counter opt I would do the same thing. "I wonder when it turned dark, maybe I missed it earlier, maybe I am already ovulating. I guestion everything!!!!!!!!!!! I also over analyze everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dh is always telling me I need to just relax, yeah right not this high strung worrier!
So, are you officially in your 2ww? I will be thinking about you, sending you tons of positve thoughts. You never know it could be your month. Patience is a virtue, atleast that is what I hear, I unfortunatly have a diffucult time of it. I am the kinda person who wants everything "NOW".

Hope everyone else is well. Take care, lots of baby dust to all.


gavinsmommy - July 10

Hi everybody,

I hope everyones weekend was great!! Liz I live in Chicago. We have been having the same nasty weather, but this weekend was nice. I didn't get a chance to post these past 2 days because we had graduation parties to go to. We took the twins to Great America yesterday for their birthday. Everything was going great, weather was nice and it wasn't to crowded. Then all of the sudden when we decided we were heading home our vehicle decided not to cooperate. We had friends with us so they took the kids home, but dh and I had to wait for a tow. Then of course when you are stuck like that it decides to start pouring and hailing. Who would of thought!! The tow guy shows up and he smelled of beer. He looked and acted a like someone from creature features. What does dh do, he puts me in the middle of them. Thank God everyone made it home safely. He kept telling my husband what a fine looking women I was, I thought we were going to die! I don't know if you ladies have ever seen the movie called "Wrong Turn", but I could swear this guy was the star of it. Even though I was busy with my exciting weekend I had all of you on my mind and in my prayers. Trina after all the excitement yesterday and getting home at 2a.m., dh decides he is a frisky little puppy. He convinced me he could relax me and he wasn't kidding. It was like our first honeymoon all over again. Liz I think Af went off and visited some teenage girl hitting puberty, because all the ladies on here are going to get a BFP!!!!! Liz this could be a good sign that something is different. Camping is a great idea, my luck though I would wake up with a bear hugging me. Trina let us know when you are going to test. Oh my gosh I think I talked enough for now, I will talk to all of you later. Super mega Baby Dust and huge hugs to all of you!!!!!


liz - July 10

Hi gavinsmommy,
Happy belated birthday to the twins :) :) :) :)

Chicago, I have never been. Would love to some day. I like to travel, explore see the sites etc etc. Unfortunatly I don't get to do it enough. :(

Sounds like you had quite an adventerous weekend. :) Can't imagine the tow truck guy incident. I am glad to hear you all made it home safe and sound.

Congrats on af's departure. I bet you are overjoyed :)
(and dh) ;) I hope you are right, I wish she would be gone from everyones lives for 9 months.

I am not sure about the "different" feelings this month. I can honestly say I don't know which way it is going to go. I am praying for the BFP, we shall see.

Are you still taking the Ovulex? I was just over on the Ovulex board reading what was going on and I saw a post from someone who has had af for 12 days and she also said she went away, but returned the next day. ??? Did you happen to see that? I thought about you right away.

Well, I better go start dinner or dh will start chewing his arm off. (I have a dh with a very "healthy" appetite. haha)

Take care, (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))), talk to you soon.


gavinsmommy - July 10

Hi Liz,

Chicago is ok, kind of unpredictable weather. I would much rather be in a warmer state. I am still taking the ovulex, I saw the post you were talking about. It is kind of weird how some girls have no problems and others seem to be getting all of the side effects. You have the right attitude, positive, positive. You will get there, for some reason I can feel it with you. We just have to trust in God, he knows what our hearts desire. I am usually pretty good about these feelings, sometimes I have a tendency to freak people out. My dh gets scared sometimes if I tell him something that I feel, and then it happens. You are going to be just fine. You are not giving yourself the credit you deserve on how strong you really are. Just stay focused, believe me I know that it is easier said then done. One thing I like about finding all of you on here is that I don't have as much time to focus on all the ttc stuff, because I find myself focusing on all of you and praying for all of you. My dh also has a healthy appetite, I know what you mean. It was good hearing from you, thanks for thinking of me with the ovulex post. I am keeping you and everyone here in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs and Mega Baby dust!!!!


Trina76 - July 11

Hi ladies, so good to hear for all of you and see that all is doing well!!!!! Slatka- where have you been???? Sometimes you need a break from the treads to take your mind off of things (I totally understand) hope you found your peace.....Gavinsmommy I love Chi-Town, I have family in Peoria, so I visit pretty regularly sometimes the girls and I will sneak on to Chicago to party but, not the last few times I visited-no one wanted to drive back to Peoria!!! Oh I saw Wrong Turn like 50x's, poor thing I know you were freaking out....
Hi Liz, how are things going for you???? No good news to share with us, yet? (in due time -huh?)..... I'm okay, this headache has not eased up at all, now it's accompanyed with a slight backache, this is CD30 for me, and God forbid but' I am trying to systematicly code evey tingle, twinge,and tug....I'm going crazy, I was up on the treadmil at 3am this morning, it did nothing for my stress as it usually does.....i don't know what to do next..............Okay, that's enough rambling about me, you ladies take it easy.......



gavinsmommy - July 11

Hi Trina,

Wow talk about a small world. How are you doing? It sounds like you are driving yourself crazy. I think we all do that . We are so tuned into our bodies, I think we can feel the hair growing on our heads! LOL.Please try not to stress yourself to much. The tow truck guy really freaked me out, I thought DH and I were going to be a statistic. Take care of yourself. I have been praying for you and everyone else. BIG HUGS AND MEGA BABY DUST!!


gavinsmommy - July 11

Hi Kim,
Welcome aboard!!!! Sorry if we didn't get a chance to say hello:(. Things have been kind of crazy here for all of us, but that is no excuse. I took the ovulex last month for the first time, and I started right at the end of AF. I just started my second bottle after a whirl wind of an AF. Maybe you are right, maybe I sould have started it in the beginning of AF. Well don't be surprised if you get headaches, nausea and some bloating. Try and take your second pill around 7PM. It seems that if you take the second one later you might not get a good nights sleep and possibly have some nausea the next morning. Try and stick with it because the symptoms I have just described ease up or go away completely in about 2 weeks. If there is anything else we could help you with please just ask. Everyone here is very helpful. I will add you to my ttc prayer list. So sorry again if you were overlooked . AGAIN WELCOME ABOARD!!!!BIG HUGS AND BLESSED BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!


liz - July 11

Hello ttc ladies!

It's funny how you mentioned just "knowing" things. I am very much the same way. Dh is always telling me I am nuts, then when I am right he hates to admit it. :) I also 100% agree with this site helping to keep your mind off of the ttc stuff. I have found that thinking about all of you guys, praying for you all, learning about what you all go through helps me to not focus so much on myself. It gives you "something else" which I think is great when it comes to this journey. We tend to drive ourselves nuts thinking about every little thing. Fertility definatly makes one insane! :)

Welcome aboard! Try not to take it personally no one droped in on your post, the same thing happened to me when I first joined. I think sometimes we each get caught up in the tread me most access and miss some of the new posts. Sorry about that! :( If you don't mind me asking would you like to tell us alittle about you? If you read back on this tread you will find a lot out about all of us here and of course if you have any questions, just ask! We love to talk here! :)

Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Don't forget to rest too!
I test on Monday 7/17. I was scheduled to test 7/14, since I had to do 2 booster hcg shots because of my dropping estrodiol they want to wait a couple more days to make sure I don't get a fale positive. It's ok with me, I seem to have a little more patience this month. Not sure what that is all about, normally I am chopping at the bit to test too early. This month I am relaxed (for the most part) and willing to wait.
I must admit I am not feeling so good this morning. :( I am feeling a little like I could be sick at any moment. Not sure what that is all about, again maybe the progesterone suppositories, don't know.
I am also what my dh calls "sassy". I am not bitchy (like when my estrodiol drops), but I am well just sassy I guess. :) Not quite normal for this time. Today is 10 dpo so we will see.

Anyway, I must get to work. Take care ladies.
(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))), baby dust and prayers to all.


Slatka - July 11

Hey guys --

I'm still here, Trina, though thanks for checking up on me! I've been caught up in another thread...and house-hunting.

I've been quite up and down this month. Down because I had a routine OB visit last Friday, and she told me she wouldn't refer me out to a fertility specialist (read: insurance won't cover it) until 6 months have passed since my miscarriage. This will be at the end of August. I went in wanting -- of course -- appointments made, plans laid out, and came out with the usual answer: you conceived once, you can do it again, you aren't giving it enough time, you have to relax, etc. She does validate my concerns, which is good, but she takes a very practical, scientific approach: I am healthy, they have found nothing wrong with the usual tests, and we just have to keep trying. Next step would be the HSG, which I was scheduled to have in Feb., but found I was pregnant instead.

And there's the relatively minor seeming "up" of using an ovulation predictor this month and finding my LH surge later than I had thought (the evening of Day 16, which means I probably ovulated Day 17 or so); we were more "targetted" this month. But then comes the down of feeling some cramping today for no apparent reason. No matter what (and based on my reading, I know it isn't always the case) I associate cramping with my period coming, though my period is due in about 9 more days. Sometimes, I try to protect myself by "giving up" on a cycle before my period actually comes; that way I ease through my disappointment.

So, I felt confident yesterday, resigned and "blah" today, and who knows about tomorrow. YOu guys all know this drill, I'm sure. And it's about 100 degrees here, so that's not helping!!!

Well, it sounds like several of you are testing soon -- Trina? You are on Day 30 -- do you test soon? Day 32, you mentioned before (though I may have that mixed up). And Liz I know you go next Monday. C'mon -- we all need your positives!!!

Take care everyone! And welcome, Kim. Oh, does anyone know what happened to Denise??
Love and hope to you all -- Slatka


gavinsmommy - July 12

Hi Liz,

How are you doing? I hope you are still keeping yourself calm. I think it is great that you are a little more relaxed this month. It is the same with my dh when what I feel happens. He thinks it is like an I told you so. The weather here in Chicago is just nasty today. I think the seasons need some ovulex to straighten out. Since I have been on this site talking to all of you lovely girls I find myself worrying more about you guys than myself. It is a nice feeling when someone jumps in on here and tries to help you out when no one else seems to listen. I am so thankful that I have met all of you. Trina how are you doing? I hope you are not over doing it. You need a day at the spa to treat yourself. Slatka it was good hearing from you, I don't know if we ever had a chance to chat yet, but I have followed your journey along with everyone else's. Kim how are you doing, I hope all is well. Big Hugs And Tons of Prayers and Baby Dust!!!!!!!!


Trina76 - July 12

Hi ladies,,, how is everyone tonight? All is well on my end. Gavinsmommy-you are so crazy, and funny you should mention the spa, today I did go to the local fitness center and got a massage,( it was wonderful)and sat in the sunna (15 mintues of that sweat box was all i could stand-I don't get the purpose of it??). Overall it was a wonderful day.Kim-WELCOME i'm so sorry we missed your last post!!!!We get so caught up in conversation sometimes.So, Sorry please feel free to join in and chat with us at any time- and I never took ovulex I ordered it, but found out I was pregnant before I recieved it in the mail,( Geritol helped me conceive) unfortunately I miscarried. After reading what it can do to your cycle I decieded not to take it (I have a very sensitive cycle). well congrats anyway on your journey to ttc......
Slatka, ohh I forgot you and dh were house hunting. how's that going for you guys anyway??? Hope all is well and insurance can make you so sick sometimes! I know because I work as medical billing office, supervisor.
But I don't know how much longer that is going to last everyone got to go home at noon today there is talk around the office that the company may be moving to Alabama, and unfortunatly it only pays to relocate department heads like managers,administrators, and people of that nature.....Oh well enough about the office......Maybe Denise got her BFP!!!!!!!I pray she did. Today while at the fitness center I kept running to the bathroom thinking A/F has shown her ugly face but no go.....Suspense is getting the best of me. So, I'm going to put a test out on the counter in the bathroom, tonight, so I'll remember to use it first thing in the morning Please pray for me and I will be praying for you guys as well..



liz - July 12

Good morning all my ttc friends. :) How are we all doing? I am about the same as yesterday, except I haven't felt like I would be sick yet today.

Gavinsmommy -
I am a strong believer in thinking/helping other people keeps you from spending so much time thinking about yourself. Of course you do need to look our for yourself, but is a wonderful filling to fill your heart with family and friends. I look so forward to checking in and seeing how everyone is doing each day. It makes me feel good to be able to be there for all of you in any small way I can.
Sorry to hear about your crappy weather. We ar having ok weather here today except it is about 100% humidity. The air is so thick it is like a ton of bricks hitting you when you walk outside. We are sopossed to get thunder storms today and tomorrow. Just what we need after the flooding we had 2 weeks ago. Oh, well as Slatka once said "rain makes you fertile!"

Trina -
Sounds like you had a nice relaxing afternoon yesterday. Good for you, treat yourself and enjoy!
Denise actually got a bfn. :( She is taking a break from the ttc circle till Oct. Her dh started a new job and their insurance will now cover treatments beginning in Oct. Other than that I haven't heard from her, hopefully she is enjoying her summer and her little one.
Did you test this morning? I am praying for you, I want so badly to see a BFP post this month. By the way do you still have your feeling on someone getting it this month? Just curious.

Hugs and prayers to all of you.
Take care,


Slatka - July 12

Hi All --

This will be uncharacteristically brief, as I have errands to do and no car: translation -- I need to get out in this awful humid heat before the thunderstorms come and get some food!! Or it's left-over lasagna again tonight. Of course, I will probably get so caught up I'll be on for an hour...

Nothing new here...I am due for my period roughly July 19/20 so I am TRYING to keep my mind on other things and people, like you all! I keep telling myself I had no idea I was pregnant last time (I thought I definitely wasn't), and I was. But then the m/c. So I am unsuccessfully trying to recreate that mental state of oblivion. I'm not sure, though, I can ever go back...

Liz, thanks for letting us know about Denise. I'd like to reply to your story from yesterday on the other thread, as I will write waaaaaay too much here.

Trina, one more day. I can see you putting the preg. test on the bathroom counter, all ready for tomorrow morning. Remember, since you had that loooong cycle before, if it comes up neg., you still might be pregnant. All I'm saying is there is a lot of hope for tomorrow and you know we are all taking that test with you! FIngers crossed. And, god, I hope you are not relocated or out of a job! That's some awful stress to add to your life right now.

Gavinsmommy -- I remember visiting Chicago when I was in college...the situation I was in was dramatic (I was ending a "love affair" with a guy who went to the university, but he didn't know it yet), and I saw the best of the city that college kids could afford. And, drum roll please, it was windy (it was in October). Hope the twins are doing well -- I have twins in my family, my father's side and none of my cousins have had them. So the big joke is that it will come down to me. Ha, I wish!

And a hello to you Kim!

Stay cool ,everyone. Now that leftover lasagna sounds better and better if it means I can avoid the outdoors today! Hugs and good luck to you all -- I feel like we're coming down a home stretch.



gavinsmommy - July 12

HI Liz, Trina and Slatka,

How is everyone doing? I hope all is well. The air here in Chicago is also very thick, its making me feel like a gummy bear. I swear that if I actually jumped up I could stick to the ceiling.
Liz just a little bit longer, but I am sure it feels like forever. Its kind of like when we were kids and waiting for Christmas. The days seem to drag with this ttc ritual. This time might be your time.

Trina, I feel like I am the one going to test. I will be anxious for you , ok. Then when its my turn you can do the same. I am so glad you went to the spa, you really needed it. I know it may have relaxed your body but probably not your mind , right.

Slatka, you might end up just like me. My dad is a fraternal twin. Everyone in his family was wondering who it would be. They thought I was like some princess, it really felt good. How are you doing on your house hunting?
Off the subject for a second here, but even my pet Finches just had babies. There are 3 of them. Maybe this is a sign or something!LOL
I will talk to you all later and stay positive so we can get the BFP!


liz - July 13

Good evening ladies,

Boy are we having a thunder boomer here right now. I better hurry up before power goes out. :)

Gavinsmommy -
Finches, is that a cat or dog? My cat "Peanut" had kittens on July 2. She had 3, unfortunatly 1 did not make it. Now we have 2 little pussers! Signs? Well maybe.

I am getting a little on the nervous side for my testing on Monday. I am not too bad just have moments went I get scared it will be a bfn. Of course, I am praying for the positive, we will see. I still have no idea which way it will go, which by the way is very unusual for me, usually I have "the feeling" by now. I still have the crampy/twingy feeling, it is a little better than yesterday, but definatly still there most of the day.

Is af officially gone?

Trina -
How are you sweetie? I am praying for you.

I better go, dh thinks we are going to loose power, the lightening is really bad.

Take care,
((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) and lots of prayers for all of us.



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