ttc after m/c
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Slatka - July 5

Hi all

Trina, hope your stomach cramps have eased up. I know the drive to work out when stressed (my mom suggested knitting -- that lasted for a couple of scarves, then I had to recognize I would never move beyond the knit stitch!): I just have an uneasy feeling that I overdo it. When I was in high school ( a million years ago -- ok, early nineties) I ran track, cross country, soccer and danced ballet. I would sometimes skip periods and would have awful cramps. I haven't gone back to that level of activity, but I'm always aware of my tendency. It sounds like you're moving to a more healthy weight on a healthy frame -- muscle! All I can think of is your poor back when you were a too skinny 120 with your breast size! I, unfortunately, am of the size that bra manufacturers think require a huge foam pad in each cup (a B), even if I don't want them!!! OUr bodies are such a source of worry...and humor, sometimes.

My mantra is balance and moderation...though I break that often enough.

Hello to everyone on this rainy, humid day (here in DC). I'm heading toward ovulation (I hope) -- will this month be our month? I'm thinking of those of you in the 2 week wait right now.



liz - July 5

Hi all you ttc ladies, I hope everyone had a very nice 4th of July. Mine was relaxing, dh, dog and I went for a nice walk (dh thought it would help to keep my mind off of today) and got caught in a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm in the woods! No the best place to be and we were about 1 1/2 miles from the car. We made it and even laughed about it later. It was actually pretty refreshing. :) Rain makes you beautiful, right?

Trina you poor thing. How in the world does your back handle it? I am a b and always wanted more, but I am not sure I can handle that much. :) You are certainly a better women then me! How is your stomach? Cramps subsiding?

Slatka, Glad to hear you had a nice weekend visting. We are too getting the rainy, muggy weather. Yuck! I think relief is in sight. How close to you in your ovulation? I will be thinking about you, praying for a good month.

Gavinsmommy, Glad those little ones of yours had a nice day. I am sure they were exhausted after their day. Probably good for you, I would imagine that 3 year old twins keep you on your toes. :)
I have read about the green tea thing and the Robitussin. I am having a really hard time finding decaf green tea in the packs to mix with your bottle water. I know they are out there, but I can't seem to find them. When I was on Clomid I had a cm problem, I read about the rubitussin and thought I would give it a try. I did notice a change in the cm, but unfortunatly my cycle was cancelled due to early ovulation. This month the Repronex injections made my cm a lot better, so I didn't need the rubitussin. Did I read your message correct you have been having af for 20 days? Wow, if that is the case I am so sorry. Are you currently on the Ovulex? I have read about it, I also check out the posts here. Are you noticing much of a difference yet? From what I read the delay of af is pretty much an Ovulex side affect. I did purchase a bottle of it, was going to give it a shot and they decided I would stick with what my re suggested for a couple more months.
I am so glad you joined us, it is wonderful to have you.

Take care everyone, baby dust, prayers and patience to all of us in the 2ww!



gavinsmommy - July 5

Hi Liz,

Yes you read it right, af for 22 days to be exact. I am about ready to pull my hair out. My poor Dh who is use to BDing has been put on hold. His eyes are probably going to cross if I don't straighten myself out. I did notice a difference with the ovulex, my Af was not as bad when it first came on, but then it just went crazy. It lasted the usual at first about 5 days and I thought wow this wasn't that bad. I thought wrong because then I started spotting , so I stopped the ovulex for 2 days and Af did not agree at all. She came with the vengance. She has been sticking around here for 22 days so far. I talked to the people at ovulex when it became heavier and they said to started taking it again because my body is suppose to be trying to get use to it. I seem to be having the opposite effect from everyone else. Some of the other ladies didn't get their AF for 20 some days my doesn't want to leave. You were certainly right with having two 3 year olds, I thought I had a disfunctional family until I saw a show about raising multiples. God was I relieved because my situation was not as bad as I thought. You are right rain does make you beautiful, and sometimes its fun getting stuck outside in it. I hope all of you are having a great day! Tons of baby dust ! Talk to you's later.


liz - July 6

Hello everyone :) Hope all is well. As for me I had potentially bad news yesterday. :( My re does bw approx 4 dpo and again 6 dpo to test my progesterone and estrodiol. I went yesterday and when she called me with the results my estrodiol was 102. They want it to be over 100, so I am right on the edge. My progersterone is great at 17.6. I am on progersterone suppositories, but this is the first time while on them my level was so high. Thats good news, kinda hard to understand why my overies are producing progersterone, but slow with the estrodiol. My re is afraid that if they didn't do something yesterday my estrodiol would keep dropping and by Friday it would be too late (my next blood test). What dh had to do was give me a "booster" shot of hcg (the same one I use to induce ovulation). Me re told me that the hcg "should" wake up my overies and hopefully they will start doing what they are sopossed to do. I know I am still ok, but I am very nervous and full of anxiety. This month was aweseome for me, everything was going so well, I hate to think I am having yet another set back. Re told me this is very common for women with ovulatory disfunction and that the hcg usually does the trick, for what that this worth. She also told me that I should not worry because I could have gotton preg this month (obviously too early to tell) but in order for it to make it my overies need to start cooperating and produce more estrodiol Talk about feeling like you body is failing you. I can't help but feel this way. I never in a million years would have guessed I could have all of these problems because of hormones!
Sorry for my ranting, I am just frustrated and needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening.
I am thinking about all of you, praying for a good outcome this month. Baby dust to all!


liz - July 6

My other message was getting so long, I figured I would start again.
22 days, wow I feel you pain. Hopefully she will go away really soon if not now! I can relate to your dh. My dh gets so used to bding that after the "tyring" week he thinks it should be that way all the time. I need a little break sometimes. haha
Have you called the Ovulex 800# since af has been here for so long? I am just wondering if you are having a bad reaction to it. I have never read about anyone having af for this long on Ovulex.
I highly doubt you have a disfunctional family. Twins is a huge deal. You are double busy all the time. I think its awesome. I am very happy for you.
Talk to you soon.
Baby dust and prayers to you.


gavinsmommy - July 6

Hi Liz ,
I know what you mean about your body not cooperating AF is still here. I called the doctor and he said he is going to have to see me to make sure I am not anemic now.This is the last thing I wanted to go through. I hate being poked at by doctors. Your ovaries are going to be fine, you have to believe that. We have to keep a positive attitude to get a BFP. Maybe your ovaries have baby dust all over them.LOL. I will be praying for you and your uncooperative ovaries. Having twins is awesome, I still to this day find it hard to believe that I have them. How far along were you when you lost your little girl, if you don't mind me asking? I think I am having a bad reaction to the ovulex, it has totally messed me up. The other ladies were late like 22 days not me I go the opposite. Keep a positive attitude that is what we all need to do to overcome this. I have a bad habit of looking at things in the worst way, but I have been trying to keep a good outlook on things. I know you are going to worry yourself silly, that seems to be a side effect of trying to conceive. Take care,And Tons of Baby Dust and Prayers to all of You!!


gavinsmommy - July 6

I forgot to say that hormones do the darndest things to us just ask our DH!! HEHE


liz - July 6

Hi gavinsmommy,
Yes, hormones are wonderful. ::) Ever since we found out about the hormone problem everytime I am what my dh calls "sassy" he says "its the hormones right? I have to laugh everytime. Atleast it gives me an excuse, right? Just kidding.
I am glad to hear you called your doc. I am worried about you and your long lived af. I don't think I have ever heard of af sticking around that long. I know what you mean about docs poking, but its best for you I am sure. Testing for anemia should be a simple blood test. I had one, along with a billion other blood tests when they were trying to figure out why I was not able to hold on to my pregnancies. Its best to find out if there is anything medically wrong then maybe you can figure this af thing out with your doc. If it is the Ovulex that should be a pretty quick fix. I know you are hoping its not the Ovulex since that is what you are hoping will help you conceive.
I am trying for the positive attitude. Actually I feel alittle better today then yesterday. I am very sensitive and know my body, I may be wrong but judging by the way I feel today I think my estrodiol might have gone up. When it is down I am a wreck emotionally, I cry at everything, everyone hurts my feelings, I want to sleep all the time, loss of energy and I am just plain old moody. Today I am a bit more stable then I have been for the past few days (since Sun.) Even dh noticed, he said I seem better. You can tell it must be bad if dh comments about it. :) I keep praying I have good news after tomorrows blood work. I guess since my overies did there job producing the 2 follicles this month they decided to take the rest of the month off. We need to seriously talk about that. haha
I was 2 days short of 11 weeks when I lost our little girl. I had an ultra sound at 6 weeks where I could see and slightly hear her heartbeat. It was the happiest day of my life. I never in a million years after hearing the heartbeat I could lose her, but I did. The day I was in the hospital and they did the ultra sound I knew immediatly, they kept trying to find her heartbeat and could't I said please I know my baby died please don't put me through this anymore. I had no reason to know except "mothers instinct". It was the most awlful experience I ever had.
How long have you been trying conceive this time? I had my m/c in Dec. Since it was my 3rd the docs wanted to do a whole habitual m/c workup which included lots of blood work, genetic testing of dh and myself, hsg and another one I can't even remember the name. Finally in April we were given the go ahead to being the Clomid. Spent on month on Clomid, had a so so cycle, but no preg. Began the second cycle and had a very quick ovulation (1 week early, left over follicle they say ???) I was not happy with the Clomid and decided to go onto injections. I had problems with cm and the Clomid was making it worse, not to mention it was a killer on my moods. (hated everyone and everything, very, very moody) Many people are very successful with Clomid, unfortunatly it wasen't for me. I had a great cycle with Repronex and now well we will see...... Trying to keep the positive attidude.
Talk to you soon
Baby dust and prayers to all!


Trina76 - July 7

Hi ladies, how is everyone? Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!!
Liz, I am going to keep my fingers crossed for you and wisper a prayer, hopefully that will help...
And yeah the breast size, and my thinness has really been a problem while I was active duty in the Army I use to wear an 18 hr bra and a sports bra at all times( thank God I'm only in the reserved now) That was another reason I was so reluctant to get pregnant I didn't want them to get any bigger!!! But, since the weight gain I honestly feel much better.
Gavinsmommy, Twins at terrible threes, I remember the days, thank God I only had to deal with one, and he was two hands full.....
Yeah my stomach cramp have gone, to be replaced with the worst headache avalivble..... I hate to be negative ...But I think I'm premenstrual, fuller breast- that tingle, the headaches, salty and sweet food cravings- usually it's either /or with the salty and sweets but last night it was both, ice cream and pickles....I'm trying to stay positive and prayerful I'm going to test on the 8th( two days away, hopefully I can contain myself)..... You guys be blessed and shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll still be among the stars...words to live by(by Donnie Simpson)



gavinsmommy - July 7

HI liz,
I am so glad that you are keeping the positive outlook, like I said I know it is not easy but it is the one thing we do have control over. Hormones can be a killer to the opposite sex , sometimes you feel like you have multiple personalities. I think our Dh's would agree. I am hoping the ovulex is not the cause of the never ending af but I really think it is. I did talk to the people at ovulex and they said to keep taking it, because it is like birth control and your body needs to adjust. I guess mine needs a complete overhaul or something. I know exactly what you mean about hearing the heartbeat for the first time, it is just amazing and at some point reassuring. I know how devasted you were when you heard the terrible news. I was 10 1/2 weeks and I started spotting, I went to the hospital and they said not to worry that it was probably implantation bleeding. Then 2 days later at 4:30 in the morning Aiden was no longer with me. The doctor acted as if he was checking me and never said anything about me losing Aiden. Then a few minutes later he told me that I had a complete miscarriage. He put my child in a plastic container and acted like it was nothing. I was crushed. I still to this day cry over this. I am sorry I didn't mean to go on about this. I have been ttc for 8 months now. Trina you sound like our very own Dolly Parton. Keep thinking positive. Icecream and Pickles , the last time I checked that was a pregnant womens cravings. Much Hugs and Baby Dust to all!!
P.S. Sorry to be getting back to all of you so late, but Dh and I were out fish hunting. The twins got an Aquarium for their birthday and now he thinks he is some Marine Biologist. LOL Chins Up Girls! :)


liz - July 7

Hi gavinsmommy, How are you today? Iam doing very well. Just got my results from bw this morning. My estrodiol went up to 135 and my progersterone up to 128.6. I guess the booster really did help and my pleading with my overies to wake up :) I have to do another booster tomorrow jsut to keep those levels up and after that I just have to wait, pray and keep a postive attidude.

An aquarium, thats awesome. I bet they are doing to love that! We have a 30 gallon aquarium. I love it, it is very peaceful for me to just sit, relax and watch my fishes. Angel fish are my favorite, I have one black one right now that I swear if he dosen't stop growing he is going to need a lake. :)

When I began my m/c the same thing happened to me just spotting. I called the docs office and they told me to relax and if it was still happening Monday (it was Sunday) I should call and they would do an ultra sound. The next morning at 5am I woke up bleading very heavy, dh took me immediatly to the er. It was the worst day of my life. I was there from 5:30am to 2:00am non-stop. It was awlful, no one could seem to get there stuff together.

I am so sorry to hear you have been trying for 8 months. I really hope the Ovulex works out and that it is not causing you to have your long lived af. When does your doc want to do the test for anemia?

Trina, You my dear make me smile everytime I read your emails. I really do admire your spunk! I will be thinking about you tomorrow when you test. I will be praying for you and sending you lots of baby dust.

I must run for now (cleaning to do, yuck)
Take care everyone, baby dust prayers and baby dust to all.
Talk to you soon


gavinsmommy - July 8

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great!! Liz I told you things were going to go good! :). Just keep thinking positive and try to take back control on those ovaries and all of the other wiring in your body that it takes to get that BFP. The doctor wants to do some bw next week if everything is still going crazy. SHHHH- I think AF maybe moved out for the next 28 days. I hate to say it out loud , because everytime I do I start to spot. I love Angel Fish they are so elegant and sophisticated looking. What in the world are you feeding it people? lol. I will be praying for you until you get that BFP! Trina I am throwing extra Baby Dust as you test tomorrow. Somebody has to get that BFP this month so we can keep this going, it would be awesome if everyone could get it this month. Liz I made a mistake, it is only 5 months since ttc. I some how lost a few months, probably the twins. I am going to be praying for all of you with Super Mega Baby Dust coming all of your way!!!! Much hugs and Hope to All.


Trina76 - July 8

Hello ladies hope all is well and highly favored in ttc......
Okay, as I posted earlier (way earlier). I miscarried,naturally on May 4th, bled from the 1th to the 9th (I think).Did not get another A/f visit until June the 11th, that gave me a 41 Day Cycle, have no idea, when and if I ovulated. So, this period was from the 11th to the 16th (pretty normal for me). Normally, I have a 28 day cycle, which would make me due for visit from wicked a/f on Saturday the 8th. However , I'm very nervous about testing!!! I still have tingly boobs,just salty craving right now, and a headache that couldn't get any worse if I would have gotten down on my knees and prayed for it.....I think a/f is at the gas station on her way to me!!!!

Liz, I am really praying for you . I pray God sends all of a blessing so grand, that we would forget about all the trouble we went through to get here.....God has a blessing with our name on it!!!!!!!!!!!


liz - July 8

Hi Gavinsmommy, Trina and all the other ladies out there.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend. :) I am taking it easy, did some work this morning, rest time now, very tired.

Trina, Did you test? I can understand your fear of testing. I hate it, I think this time I am going to just wait it out for my beta. It is so hard, I am just so scared of seeing that one line again. When you are ready please let us know how you are doing. I am praying for you and praying af will take a 9 month vacation from you. :) You are right about a blessing, I tell myself all the time that God has a plan for me, he know when it is time. Yes, its hard, since I am ready now (just like all of us). I try on a daily basis to keep a positive attitude and have faith in God and what he wants for me. How is your headache? I hope you feel better.

Gavinsmommy, SHHH I hate to even bring it up, had deaded af actually left for a vacation? Oh, I hope so. The sooner she goes away the sooner you can get into bding again :) That should make dh really happy too! ;)

I am a bit crampy today, it has been this way on and off for a couple of days now. I am not sure if it is just a side effect of the progesterone suppositories or if there is something else going on. There has actually been a couple of times I thought I might be sick, I didn't have this side affect before on the progesterone, who knows. I just have to keep praying it is a little one not the meds.

Take care everyone, lots of baby dust to all of you.

I think we could all use it right about now.



Trina76 - July 9

Hi liz, no, I haven't tested yet, this is only day 28. Last month I had a 41 day cycle, So, I'm going to try and wait at least until CD32 or until a/f shows up whichever comes first.
I was on another website-"trying to" and I am thinking of trying an herbal regiment-herbs for her-,
I think I need to try and regulate my cycle at least down to 30 days,( and I so don't want birthcontrol pills!!!!) So I can better pinpoint the ovulation day, you guys check that out and let me know what you all think about the website and the herbs.
Gavinsmommy congrats!!! you and dh should be acting like you all are on a second honeymoon!!!!!


Slatka - July 9

Hi everyone again -- I haven't been on this thread in a awhile so I thought I'd poke my had back in to see what's been happening, what's the news. I know a few of you are poised to test in the next week or so (Trina and Liz, I think) and I'm wishing you the best best of luck! There's no reason at all why it can't happen this month! Unfortunately, though, this is prime time for anxiety and careful "reading' of every twinge, cramp, and craving...I know, I do this myself and end up on about ten conception/pregnancy website comparing my "symptoms" to those listed, even when, deep down, I know there's little chance I could be experiencing real pregnancy symptoms so early. But we are hopeful, determined women and, whether we are observant of our bodies in these 2 waiting weeks or not, it is what it is.

I used an ovulation predictor test this month and, damn, was it hard for me to do a four hour urine hold!!! What a wimp! Whatever the outcome this month, I did find out some valuable info about my cycle: I actually ovulate around CD16 or 17, which is much later than I had thought. This helped my husband and I time our "dancing" for longer and later in the cycle. Now, of course I second guess the timing of everything (for ex., I tested at 10 am and the line was dark...did it just turn dark, or would it have been dark if I tested 10 hours earlier, etc, etc., meaning, how close, exactly, was I to ovulation? You all knwo the drill).

Anyway, good luck to all with any doc appointments this week and, of course, a thousand good wishes for any preg. tests coming up!
Talk to you all soon -- Slatka



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