ttc after m/c
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liz - September 8

Hi Helen -

I am going to make this very brief, my bed is calling me very loudly this evening.

I am doing good. Today was a busy day. Frank had this big thing at work this morning with the ceo of the company so I went in to watch, it was pretty awesome and my dh did wonderful, even though he was very nervous. The rest of the day was just insane the cement truck got stuck. They had to call a tow truck to pull him out. What a disaster and to think we missed most of it since we only got home at the end.

I am sorry to hear about your little girl. I can tell you are very stressed and I can't blame you. How was her day today? I am praying things are getting better for you all.

I will write more in the am for now I must go scan the back of my eyelids.

Hugs and bundles of baby dust!


gavinsmommy - September 8

Hi Liz,

Glad to here you are doing good and the beans. How has the morning sickness going? I am sorry to hear about the soon2be house troubles, it isn't one thing it is another. Hopefully it will all get back on track real soon and before you know it you will be going crazy with the big move. Tell your dh what a job well done. You sound very proud of him.

Today was a lil better for Holly. She only had a time out for being a helpful social bug. Dh went to pick her up from school today and she was so excited to see him there. He usually works very long hours during the day so the kids don't get to see him as much. I am trying to make Holly understand all the new rules and she just looks so confused. I did not send her to pre-school because I knew soon enough she would be gone. She is prepared for school physically but not emotionally yet. It is all new to her and she is really confused. My dh brought the poem and gave it to the teacher and told her to read it and keep it. I have a feeling she might take offense to it though for some reason. We did hoping to spark in her mind that she is just a child and that this is all new to her. So we will see. Take care of yourself and the beans and get some rest. Always praying for you and thinking about blesed things coming your way.

Mega Hugs,prayers and healthy beans!!!!!!!


liz - September 8

Hello Ladies -

Lila -
I am sorry I missed you post last night. Glad to hear your er went well. How many eggs did they retrieve? When is your transfer scheduled? I am crossing my fingers and praying all is well and this is your month for a bfp!

Helen -
I am glad to hear your dh sent the poem along to school. Hopefully she will read it and think about it. They are just children, children away from home in some cases for the 1st time in their lives. I hope Holly has a much better day today!
How are you feeling? Nearing your end of the 2ww? I must apologize I lost track of exactly where you were at these days.
How is your little girl? Anymore problems?

Many hugs and lots of sticky baby dust to you!


June_First_2006 - September 8

Sorry to just intrude, but I am new to the board. To introduce myself I'm about to be 21, dh is going on 25. We have been married for over a year now and been ttc since oct. 2004. I m/c once in oct 04 and didn't even know I was pregnant at the time. So then we started to actively TRYING and didn't become successful again til 15 months later. I gave up trying so hard and just started to have fun with it and I found out I was pregnant again Jan. 23rd of this year. We were very excited because I was told by more than one doc. that I would have difficulties getting pregnant, or may never get pregnant. I was basically running to every downfall that I could hit when I was pregnant and ended up delievering my son as a still born june 1st, 2006. So if anyone was wondering what my screen name means then thats the answer. Took me by surprise, I went in for a normal ultrasound and found out his heart had stopped beating at 6 1/2 months along. After delievering him I allowed chkd to do an autopsy, because doc though it was the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and it wasn't that. When I finally received the results they found nothing wrong he was perfectly normal. So I am hoping God will have mercy on me, for trying to bring a child in to my mixed up world before. I am doing ok now, so I would like to start my family.

I started taking ovulex on the 23rd of august. I pretty much figured that since I was suffering from endo and my periods was all out of wack, then I wasn't really ovulating like I am suppose to. I have been experiencing the normal symptoms of taking ovulex I was reading about up here... cramping, twinges, nausea, headaches, and increased appetite. Sadly that sounds alot like preggy symptoms but I'm not jumping to any even tho my dh's little sister said she had a dream of me holding a fish like a baby...ok??? lol anywayz. I'm use to having my periods between 31-45 days so I dunno when to test and I don't want to take ovulex for too long cuz it may cause miscarriage early. Thanx for reading my long post but my life had some serious issuse.


gavinsmommy - September 8

Hello June_First_2006,

I am so sorry for your loses. It broke my heart when I read your post. I lost my child at 10 1/2 weeks and I was devastated and I still am to this day. I would not ever want to experience a loss of a child in that stage of pregnancy. You are an amazing women for finding the strength to move on. The worse part is that there is no explanation of why. The same thing happened with my loss. How far are you in your cycle? How long have you been taking the ovulex? I would be concerned also with the fact that you might be pg and still taking the ovulex.

You are very much welcome on this board. We will try and comfort you and advise you as much as we can from our experience. There are several wonderful women on this and the other threads who are all shooting for the same goal. Ahealthy baby to love and watch grow. Oh by the way wdo you think it would be time to test??

Once again I am very sorry, you have a beautiful lil angel watching over you.

Take care and mega sticky baby dust!!!!!!


gavinsmommy - September 8

Hi Liz,

Holly's day went a lil better today. She had to stand in the corner for a lil bit because of talking and once again for helping the other kids. I don't know what to do at this point. The teacher said that she finishes her work first and knows all of it, so I am wondering if she is bored. I wonder if she gave her a lil more work to do if that would keep her busy.

You are not alone as far as losing track, I am having the same problem. If I can think off the top of my head I think I am on cd 21. Gosh I am going to have to check. I will let you know though. How has everything been going? I hope everything is fine and that you are squeezing in many naps and time outs for yourself. Lord knows you need it because your poor body is in overdrive and working for three all total.

My lil one, (Emily) is doing much better since the Priest told me to recite the St. Michael The Archangel Prayer every night befroe she sleeps.

Talk to you guys later , I have to go make dinner.

Mega Hugs,prayers, healthy babies, extra sticky eggs and baby dust !!!!!


June_First_2006 - September 8

Thank you so much for your support gavinsmommy. He will always be with me and he's the reason why I am going to try again, I think he will come back to me some how...and if not then I want to give him some brothers and sisters to watch over. As for my cycle I am at day 21 and started to take ovulex 16 days ago. I never had a 28 day cycle or anything like that, but I was thinking about trying to test on the supposed 28th day...I dunno what do you think????


liz - September 8

June_First_2006 -

I am so sorry to read of your losses. Losing a child at any stage is a very tramautic experience. I admire you desire and drive to try again. You seem to be a very strong women with a very large heart. I wish I could understand God's plan sometimes. I look around the world today and with all the horrible things that happen I often wish I could understand it all. I try to look at life as a test, he is giving us a test everyday of our lives. I also think with every experience in life good or bad we are becoming better individuals

You have been dealt a hard hand in life. We welcome you on on thread here and hope you come back and visit with us often. I relay on my "family" here on shared journey to help me through the rough times and of course the happy times.

As for testing, if I can give my 2 cents.... I would test on the 28th day. Like Helen said you do have to be concerned about taking the Ovulex and the possibility of pregnancy.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. May your little angel give you comfort and peace in your times of need.



liz - September 8

Helen -

I am glad to hear Holly had a better day. I have to laugh (sorry) when I read your posts about how she is always trying to help the other children and seems to get herself into trouble. She seems like she has such a big heart and is really just trying to be helpful. I would have to say if I were you I would keep doing what you are doing, explaining everything and let nature takes it course. I believe she will adjust just fine! Just like adults when they go into something new it just takes some time. Does Holly go to half day or all day kindergarten? I know here in PA some schools have half day and some have full day.

Wow day 21!!!!!! Where has this month gone? I am praying for a postive month for you, God knows you deserve it.

I am doing good. As usual I am tired but I am taking plenty of breaks! Rest rest and more rest that is my outlook! When I am tired I sit no matter what needs to be done. The nausea comes and goes, has not been to terrible the past couple of days.

I wanted to ask you did you find out the sex of your twins when you were pregnant or was it a surprise? I am thinking I would like to know but dh is still on the fence with wanting a surprise.

I am glad Emily is doing well! Sounds like the priest found a good answer to your problem. How your son's speach, still improving?

I must run, dinner is calling to be made!

Talk to you soon.
Sticky Baby Dust To All!!!!!!!!!


gavinsmommy - September 8

Hi buddies,

June_First_2006, I think Liz is right you should go ahead and test. I have been on it for 3 months now and just ordered some more. I was contemplating whether I should or not, but then decided that it actually helped me in some ways. I figure why not try it a lil longer. It may need a lil more time to work. If you get a positive just retest a couple of days later and see. You are one amazing women with a wonderful out look on things, but I know it has not been easy. I think your lil one would love a brother or sister. I know when I started it I sort of had symptoms of early pg but the other ladies did also. Who knows maybe you'll get a bfp. I will be praying for you. Take care.

Liz, Holly goes a full day of kindergarten. They were thinking of doing a half day but then decided to just leave it full. I know she really does mean well when she is trying to help the others but it is getting her5 into trouble. I think your right I will just keep telling her over and over until something sinks in. I feel the same way as you as far as the month goes actually the whole summer. What a blur it seems like. My son is doing better, he still has trouble with some of his words but then again so does Emily.

I did not want to know the sex of the twins, but when I had the 20th week ultra-sound dh was like Oh My God it is a boy and a girl!!! He then asked the technician who had know idea at the moment that I didn't want to know and she said yes you are correct. So that was the saga of how I unwilling found out. I still chuckle to this day about it because he turned right away towards me and said I am so sorry sweetie I just got so excited. Then it didn't matter because I knew I would love them either way.

I hope when you said dinner is calling that it was already done for you and that all you had to do was eat it!!! LOL. Take care and I will talk to you later, rest rest and rest again.

Mega hugs, prayers, healthy babies, extra sticky cooperative eggs and baby dust!!!!


gavinsmommy - September 8

Hi June_First_2006,

I am sorry I just notice that I wrote if you get a positive result just retest, I meant a negative. My mind is just mush lately.

Take care,



gavinsmommy - September 8

Hi Lila,
I hope all is well I am thinking and praying for you. Talk to you later.



June_First_2006 - September 9

morning all, today I missed taking my ovulex on time, again. Lately I have been having problems getting up when I'm asleep. I would hear my alarm and turn it off, then be right back in lala land...I just feel extra exhausted at times, I think it may be due to the heat. How's everyone else doing?


gavinsmommy - September 9

Hi June_First_2006,

Did you take the ovulex once you remembered? I myself have been beat out lately. I am thinking it is because My daughter just started kindergarten. Things have been a lil chaotic this first week for her and me. I am hoping that it is all a matter of time and adjustment. Where are you located? I am in Chicago, the weather has been actually nice. I think we are suppose to get some rain the next couple of days here. I really hope not because I wanted to take the kids apple and berry picking tomorrow. I know I have problems remembering sometimes to take the ovulex on time, but I just take it right when I remember it. I just recieved my second order of the ovulex yesterday and there was a pamphlet in this one and it said that you can take them both at the same time if you want to. I was kind of surprised when I read that. Well I will talk to you later and the other ladies, lunch is about done.

Take care.

Mega hugs and extra sticky eggs and baby dust!!!!!!


June_First_2006 - September 9

Hi gavinsmommy,
Yes I took it as soon as I woke up, then I jumped down dh throat for not making me take it when I was suppose poor him. Congrats about the little one starting kindergaten...I know you must be a worrisome mother right now, but after awhile you will finally get to enjoy it. As for where I am, I'm down here in Norfolk, VA. We just recently like a few days ago got pass all the raining and things for now, since we are usually in the pathway of " hurricanes and tropical storms" lol whatever they are stronger thunderstorms that seems to rain a wee bit All day today my stomach has been upset and crampy, I always feel this way like the day before that witch visits me...and feel like I have to use the bathroom didn't want to be too gross. I dunno I'm going to wait it out till my birthday before I take a test. One of my friends who just got out of the denial of being pregnant again with baby #4, she said she had an extra hpt that I could have....IF she could be the first to know if I was pregnant. Hey what a deal, free testing just so she can hear positive first...I will take take care and ttyl.


Lila - September 9

Hey everyone just got back from ET so I wanted to drop a quick note and will try to chat more tomorrow.

ET seemed to go well this morning so I am home on bedrest. Abby (dog) just insisted it was dinner time so I made my one trek down stairs to feed her and thought I would take the chance to check in. We went ahead and transfered all 4 (basically because in IVF land I am apparently an old coot so 4 is a good idea). Two of them were 8 cell great quality, one was 8 cell good quality (little fragmentation) and the last was just at 6 cell so a little slow. We are routing for all of them but again at my age (38) it would be excellent if one of them stuck around. I've been giving them pep talks and bribing them all day - yes, even at cell stage I have resorted to child rearing by bribery! Willing to try anything.

OK the bed rest/sitting around thing is not all it is cracked up to be - I have watched "The Fugitive", "Perfect Murder" and 3 Law and Orders and I am bored. I keep trying to read but my brain just wanders with all this baby stuff so I just read the same paragraph over and over. Love all the TLC I am getting from DH and the being waited on hand and foot is not so bad but I am ready to be done with this phase. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow, jump forward 2 weeks to see how this thing turns out? Crystal ball? Magic 8 ball? Anything? I went and had a nice run this morning figuring that would be my last for a while - all those times I came up with 101 excuses to not work out and now of course I crave it! Very interesting how this whole things changes you and effects you in both expected and unexpected ways.

OK back to bed, thanks for the chat. Hope all are doing well. Welcome to June First. I will try to respond more tomorrow.



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