ttc after m/c
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liz - September 2

Hello Ladies -

Helen -
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. A little over a week ago I was concerned because I have not had an ms. I even said to Frank that I wish I would get ms because I never had it with any of my other preg and they ending in mc, my warped mind thought that if I get ms it would be a sign of something better this time. Well guess what... spoke to soon. It started last night while watching a movie, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick and this morning I could barely get out of bed I felt so bad. For me its all good, but you know you have to be careful what you wish for. :)

Glad to you got the positve opk. I guess you have been bding your little hearts out. I will pray for this to be your month. You deserve it and it is definatly time. How have you been feeling otherwise with the Ovulex?

I am happy to hear your little boy is doing better with his speech. Have you been working with him on your own or does he see someone? Either way whatever you are doing seems to be working so keep it up.

Tonight is your surprise from dh. I am excited to hear what he has up his sleeve. Be sure to let us know, most of all be sure to have fun. ;)

Lila -
I was happy to hear you are moving forward with your cycle.
How is everything going with the shots? Did you decide to let dh give them to you? As you know that always worked best for me. Frank actually became so good at it he told me he was going back to school to be a nurse. LOL I can only imagine how that would turn out. The shots in the belly are really not as I thought it would be, it became second nature. When do you go for your next round of bw? Will you get your follcile count at that time. I saw you last round of bw results and they looked great. I know you are doing IVF and I was just doing ovulation stimulation. For me the idea was not to have the follicles grow to fast, is that how it is for you?

I know how hard it is but please try not to worry, things will be moving right along before you know it. Your little ovaries are working very hard right now to produce you numerous follicles. Patience is a vitue here and yes I know it is very hard to sit back and wait. :)

Please keep us updated. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a very postive month.

For me it is nap time again. :)
Many prayers, hugs and lots of sticky baby dust coming your way.


liz - September 2

Lila -

I almost forgot. How was your date night last night?

Hopefully you are surviving the rain ok.


Lila - September 2

hey Liz glad the U/S went well. It seems like your pregnancy is playing out nicely, even accomodating you with your wished for MS (LOL). Hope you are feeling better and it does not last too long.

Helen thanks for the well wishes. We went to see Little Miss Sunshine and it really was extremely funny - very good. Date nigt was fun.

Appt this morning went OK - they say 9 follies and estradiol level was 449. For some reason that seems really low to me so I hope all is well. The follies were 4 @12, 2@14, 2@15, and 1@16 so they seemed big for the Estradiol to be so low. If it is not one thing it is another this entire process seems tailormade to make you worry and trust me I am a world class champion worrywart on a good day so this process is like tortue to me. I have anither check on Monday so I will update you guys then.

Helen have fun with the surprise tonight DH certainly has done a good job of keeping us all in anticipation.


gavinsmommy - September 3

Hi my buddies,

Well the surprise is here. Dh wasn't kidding when he said that it would keep me busy. She is a beautiful lil French Bulldog puppy. He had her flown here from Russia. Talk about keeping a secret, I was clueless. She is exactly 8 weeks old as of yesterday. I am sure she is going to keep me on my toes along with the twins. Now I have to spend time thinking of a proper name to fit her. Dh is also taking me on a champagne horse and carriage ride tonight along the lake. I can't believe some of the things he'll do to keep me from driving myself nuts and him. LOL.
Liz, I know that it isn't easy having the morning sickness but that sounds really reassuring. Did theysay that there is anything they can do if they have to about the clotting? I had the same thing with the twins, and they said it was from them burrowing down deep for the long ride ahead. I had the ms with the twins and it was throughout the day, kind of like a wave of them. I found that eating several small like snacks kind of helped me. They say several small meals but there was no way I could handle a meal of any size. Take care and rest and you don't need to worry because you and your lil beans are always in my prayers.

Lila, I am so glad you had a nice time. It does help even if it is for a second that our minds are not wandering in the ttc area. Did they say that there was a concern with your bw results or are you just being a worry wart like the rest of us? I am so happy to hear that you had 9 follies! Your poor ovaries are going into overdrive. My gosh you have to feel like a chicken by now! I am praying for you and your lil eggs that all goes well and that they are all very healthy sticky eggs.

As for me I got my bd shoes on. I am going to go get ready for my date, I will talk to you guys later.

Mega hugs,Healthy babies, prayers, and extra sticky healthy baby eggs and dust!!!!!


liz - September 3

Hello Ladies -

Lila -
Your little ovaries are working very hard producing you good eggs this month. :)
Did you question your re on the estrodiol level? I am not sure how much different it is when you are doing ivf from just my ovulation stimulation. They had told me that they want your estrodiol at 200 per mature follicle. Since your follicles are not mature yet, some are quite small, which is by no means a bad thing since you are still early on you have time. I know my from my experience my levels would go up but all of a sudden they would make a massive jump, usually around 6-7 days on the injections.

I know how hard it is but please try and keep yourself calm. Your body needs you to be calm and relaxed as much as possible right now. You are doing great!
I am glad to hear you had a nice "date night" with dh. We all need them sometimes.

Helen -
Wow what a wonderful surprise, a puppy! I bet the kids are excited too. How was your carriage ride last night. I must say you have got yourself quite a romantic man there. Its amazing what our dh's will do to try to make us happy. :)

Yes I have learned that small means are the best for me. I eat often throughout the day but keep it light and I seem to be better. This morning I went to church and sitting in the pew smelling all the ladies perfume I thought I was going to be sick right there. I went out to the bathroom to save myself from anything embarassing. Luckly I haven't actually vomited at all with the m/s just very nauseas.
That is interesting that you too had the clotting with the twins. Do you remember when they discovered it? I didn't have it on the 21st at 5 weeks but had it Friday at 6 weeks and 5 days. I am continuing to pray it is just the burrowing in.

I had a kinda funny experience at church this morning. I was in the kitchen helping with the communion refreshments and one of the ladies came in and put her arm around me, put her hand on my belly and said "are we expecting an addition to your family." I quick looked around for my Dad (he dosen't know yet) and when I realized he was out of ear shot I told her I was but I haven't told anyone. My Nana heard it (she does know, she is helping me with housework) and she just smiled and said I told you it wasen't going to to be kept a secret to long. The lady who noticed said you have always been so skinny and I noticed at the funeral last week (we were working together on the refreshments) that you had a tiny belly and then this morning I noticed you look bigger again and it has only been a week. I was shocked, I couldn't believe someone noticed. I came home and told Frank I don't think it is going to work waiting to tell everyone for another 2 weeks. My Dad already thinks I have serious issues that I go to the bathroom every 15 min. haha.

Well, I must run. I will talk to you all a little later.

Many hugs, sticky baby dust to all.


gavinsmommy - September 4

Hi liz,

I am glad to hear that you are taking your time. I started to pop out right away also. Thats how people I knew also discovered my sacred lil secret. I was like you not in a hurry to say anything at that time. When I was 12 weeks with the twins I was measuring at 20 weeks, so I guess people did notice. My first ultrasound with the twins was when I was 9 weeks. I didn't even know that I had the 2 of them playing around in me. That is the same time that they noticed the clotting. Hopefully yours is the same thing.
Our horse and carriage ride was wonderful last night, sooooo relaxing. He is a very romantic man, always was. That is one of many reasons I fell in love with him. He told me in the beginning that he would do whatever he could to try and recapture the magic we had when we first fell in love, despite the chaos of life. The kids went crazy over the puppy. I was in aw. She is absolutely a beautiful lil girl. I love her disposition with the kids also. I think she thinks she is one of them.

I will talk to you later, I have you and your lil beans in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care and rest easy mentally and physically!!!!

Mega hugs, healthy babies,prayers, and extra sticky cooperative eggs and baby dust!!!!!!


Lila - September 4

Hey Liz - thanks for the well wishes. I am back in tomorrow for another check so we will see how things are going then. I have started to get that bloated feeling everyone talks about after all the stims, I keep haiving these very short shoooting pain headaches, and it feels like someone punched me in both kidneys so I am guessing those are all good signs that the meds are in play and doing whatever they are supposed to be doing and as for the side effects I guess if we expect the meds to work so hard stimulating the ovaries we have to allow them a litttle fun on the side and mess with our head and back as well! Sorry I think I am getting a little punchy tonight sitting around waiting for the next appoitment.

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I guess your cat is starting to get out of the bag - maybe the Church Lady will keep your secret till you have a chance to tell your Dad. Hope it works out for you.

Helen I am so happy for you with the puppy. I was just talking with someone last week on the ART board that DH and I are thinking about getting a puppy if the IVF is a bust and we are researching French Bulldogs. We went on our honeymoon to Paris and the little hotel we stayed at had a french bulldog that was alyways the first to greet you when you entered the lobby and since then we have been totally smitten. Right now we have a 6 yr old Ridgeback and we said if we get a second dog we wanted to get something small and very different so she would not be threatened and besides when we go to the dog park she always prefers to play with "the littles" so that is what we thought we would get that would best match up with our "family" right now. Have you named the new puppy yet? How in the world did your DH find one from Russia? I did not even know a puppy could fly so that is amazing he was able to pull all this off - what a great guy I think he may just be a keeper! I think you said it was O time so good luck and I will check in after next RE meeting.


liz - September 4

Lila -

Good luck today!
I am crossing everything I can for you that your little follicles are growing, growing, growing and your e2 is going up,up and up!

Let us know how you make out.


gavinsmommy - September 5

Hi buddies,
Sorry I am just getting to check on you guys right now. Today has been very hectic for me. My lil/big girl goes off to school tomorrow. The reality has set in. She is really excited about going , I hope she stays that way. I think it will be easier on me if she goes off in a happy way. I did my share of tear dropping today because she is heading out into the big world without me.

Lila, that sounds like all good news, like your body is kicking in and probably around in you. Dh told me he found her on a website called They are really hard to come by here in the United States. I was so shocked at how he was able to pull this one off. It was probably easy for him because my mind has been so side tracked with everything going on. I love French Bulldogs for their demeanor and laid back personalities. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested. I think your right about my dh being a keeper, he has such a wonderful heart. Please let us know how everything goes with you tomorrow.

I will talk to you guys later, I have to finish setting things up for my daughters first day.

Mega hugs,healthy babies, extra sticky and cooperative healthy eggs and baby dust!!!!!!!


liz - September 5

Good morning ladies -

Helen -

I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you today. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to watch little/big girl go off into the world without you today.

Take care


gavinsmommy - September 6

Hi buddies,

How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well.

Lila, how did your bw go? I hope the numbers are rising. Please let us know. I have been praying for you.

Liz, how are you? I hope the beans and you are doing fine. Thank you so much for your kind words they really comforted me. Well I did it I sent her on her way and did not drop one tear when I was near her. She was really excited on the way there, but then reality set in when I had to go. I felt so bad for her because she looked so nervous and scared. She stayed strong for me though which made it easier. She got in trouble for talking, just as I suspected. She had two punches put into her discipline card. She was really upset and confused. I know she shouldn't talk in school but she is so very social with everybody and does not understand quite yet. Everywhere we go somebody knows her and falls in love with her because of her personality. People actually ask where she is when I go out and are disappointed that she is not there. Some even call her the mayor of our neighborhood. It really bothers me because I know she is going to have to change but I hate that you kind of loose the child that you once knew because they have to fit into society. She is going to be subject to criticism and judgement. I now know what they mean when they say they are no longer just yours. It is such a struggle. One thing the teacher did say to me is that she knew everything she needed to know and all her answers were right. She also said she never met a child like her, I don't know what she meant by that. Sorry for going on so long, I will talk to you guys later. Take care and rest yourself.

Mega hugs,healthy babies, prayers,extra sticky cooperative eggs and baby dust!!!!!!


liz - September 7

Hello Ladies -

Helen -
I am so frustrated I just finished typing a message went to post and it was gone. How frustrating is that? Well, let me see if I can remember everything I said. lol

I am glad to hear you and your little/big girl survived her first day of school. I must say I am kind of surprised by the 2 punches on the disipline card. My god it is the first day of school. The first time these little ones are away from home, they can not be perfect.

As for her personality getting altered. I would try hard not to worry about that. She is who she is and I am sure that her outgoing, loving personality will always be there. She sounds like a wonderful little girl and I am willing to bet she will always be the outgoing, loving girl you raised and are so proud of. School may change her at school but I think her personality will shine through.

I am sorry to make this brief but I had a long day and must get some rest. I am feeling pretty good, very tired. (Nothing new and exciting). I have been a tad crampy today on and off but I really think it has to do with being more active. The more active I am the more I seem to mind it. Probably those cysts flaring up.

I will talk to you tomorrow. Have a nice night.
Lots of sticky baby dust coming your way.


gavinsmommy - September 7

Hi buddies,

Liz, I think you need to slow down just scoach more. The cramping could also be your ligaments and muscles expanding. I feel the same way as you about my daughters first day of school. I kept telling myself that all the way home yesterday. Well day 2 was even worse. She has now lost her free time that all the other children will get, because today when she raised her hand to answer a question she also gave the answer. She now no longer wants to go to school and I can't say I really blame her. The teacher said that she is very intelligent but she needs to not give the answer. I tried to explain this to my daughter and I am hoping that I maybe got her to understand. All I know is my heart is breaking at how much she is already suffering. The teacher asked the kids if a circle can fit into a square and my daughter(Holly)said no that is not correct and tried to show the kids that it wouldn't and the teacher said she was trying to take over the room. I am so down right now because I can see the confusion in my daughter already. Holly was also crying because she just got done peeling an orange and she couldn't eat it because lunch ended, so they threw it out in front of her. I don't know what to do already but I know this isn't a good start. I sure hope you are right about her being the same lil girl outside of school, because now she is really down in the dumps. I don't know what they expect out of these lil ones these days but it really disturbs me. I can't see how they don't understand that this is whole new enviroment for them to be in. Children have a tough time feeding theirselves as it is let alone being on a 20 minute time limit. Some how it all seems so unfair and cruel. I am just so sick over all this already. I told my husband that we should send them a copy of the poem I Trust You'll Treat Her Well , and he seemed like he was considering it. My gosh I am so sorry for going on so long again. Take care of yourself and your lil beans. I know I am beside myself right now but I want you to know that you and your lil ones are always in my prayers. By the way I had the same problem with trying to post on here to, that is so aggravating.

Lila, How are you?

Take care!!!!
Mega hugs, prayers, healthy babies, extra sticky cooperative eggs and baby dust!!!!!


Lila - September 7

Helen - I have to say I was reading your post and getting so angry at what Holly is going through. First I think in fact it might be a good idea to send that poem to the school principal. Second I think it really might be a good idea to go in and ask to speak to him/her about the lunch issue - that really made me boil. Pick up any newspaper/magazine today and it is filled with food issues/ weight concerns of America's youth and most of it boils down to kids eating to much processed food - if your school thinks a 6 year old can eat lunch in 20 minutes it seems to me they are asking you to send only quick processed food. A child should be able to find a nice place to sit down, organize her food, eat the sandwich and peel AND EAT an orange and I just do not see that happenning in 20 minutes unless she becomes some sort of speed eater and then we are talking digestive problems. Nutrion and eating habits are as important a lesson that kids are learning than anything else she does that day so why would they make the lesson - eat quickly and if you do not we are going to trash perfectly good healthy food in front of you and your class like it is some public punishment. I am deeply saddened if this shows the priorities of our schools right now. I am so sorry Holly is having such a tough time. School can be great as well as at times difficult, but my heart just breaks for her that this initial first impression for her is not all that it should be. I hope things start to turn around very soon she sounds like an amazing child with great spirit.

Liz I agree with Helen take it easy and pamper your self right now - you have earned it.

As for me ER as a proceedure went fine (much easier than the Lap) but they did not retreive as many eggs as we thought from the US so now we are just in a wait and see to find out if we have any thing that even makes it to transfer. I am not feeling very positive with the numbers being so against me but I have heard of lots of "miracles" in IVF land so like I said I will keep fingers crossed and see how this goes.

Hope you are both well


gavinsmommy - September 7

Hi Lila,

Glad to here from you. I agree with you a 100% about the lunch situation. Unfortunately it does not just occur in her school. My brother is an engineer in another elementary school here and he said the same thing occurs in his school. He said the waste of food that occurs everyday is a sin. He was also very upset about the fact that there are children who depend on these meals for their entire day. Thier parents unfortunately have to work and drop the children off early for breakfast in which they don't even get to eat. Some children told them this is all they get to eat for the entire day. The worse part of it all is that they have a 20 minute lunch break and 10 minutes is wasted standing in line waiting for the food they won't even get to eat. I am so sick over this and heartbroken right now. These are our children that our being subject to this on a daily basis. I myself have witness this first hand while helping my sil out by working her lunch duty. I saw a child shaking trying to get his milk open and trying to hurry up and eat and almost choking. I am going to make a copy of the poem and give it to the principal and the teacher. I feel it is like anyone else who has done a job so long they actually lose sight of the whole situation. These children are not jobs, they are precious gifts that need to be trated more humanely. I made her her own lunch today and peeled her an orange so she doesn't have to. I hope this goes a lil smoother for her. I confronted the teacher about this today and told her what happen with her lunch, she looked at me and said they get 20 minutes and they have to be done or the food is thrown out. I then told her why don't you try to stand in that line and then try to eat your food. She turned to me and said she wouldn't be able to do it. How can they expect a child to do it then. Something needs to be changed for these kids , it is not healthy or right. She has been coming home cranky and starved at night.

I will be praying for you in your wait. Take care and thanks for the support Ireally need it right now.

Mega hugs, healthy babies,prayers and extra sticky eggs and baby dust!!!!!!!


liz - September 8

Hi Helen -

I am going to make this very brief, my bed is calling me very loudly this evening.

I am doing good. Today was a busy day. Frank had this big thing at work this morning with the ceo of the company so I went in to watch, it was pretty awesome and my dh did wonderful, even though he was very nervous. The rest of the day was just insane the cement truck got stuck. They had to call a tow truck to pull him out. What a disaster and to think we missed most of it since we only got home at the end.

I am sorry to hear about your little girl. I can tell you are very stressed and I can't blame you. How was her day today? I am praying things are getting better for you all.

I will write more in the am for now I must go scan the back of my eyelids.

Hugs and bundles of baby dust!



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