ttc after m/c
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weazie - August 9

HI All

Liz that is AMAZING news!! I am so happy for you right now. Once the shock sinks in PLEASE don't worry!! I know that is probably easier said but try not to worry about your HCG levels. The thoughts of a little one inside of you right now and possibly two is so exciting.

Lila - Are you feeling better from your Lap yet. I truly hope you are and getting some rest.

Trina I agree with the others maybe you should go to your doctors and get some BW done. This way you would put your mind at ease as to if you are pregnant or not. If you aren't maybe your doctor can prescribe something to help AF along. Not knowing for sure must be putting extra stress on you.

Gavinsmommy you wild How are you feeling, sounds like you are being a trooper and getting some bding in. The things that we do eh?? Lay back and relax and let your dh do all the work...and enjoy it!!!

I'm not having any symptoms at signs of AF or pregnancy other then I have been extremely tired but I will chalk that up to being so busy lately. I will wait and test on friday when I am 12dpo. At least this month so far I don't feel like I am already out before AF shows.

As for the deck we already have one. We are working on a patio in the backyard. We tore down a oversize shed a few years back that was blocking our backyard, it was just in a bad spot . After taking it down we were left with a 500 square foot cement pad that is rectangluar shape. So we have put a beautiful flower bed with solar lights along the back of it. We sprayed a concrete stain on the pad yesterday and now we will put privacy lattice along the the sides and partially on the front. It's hard to explain but will look great once we get finished. Anything will look better than that bare cement

Well I better run. Big hugs and prayers for you all!!!


liz - August 10

Hello ladies -

Denise - Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to stay calm. Actually I am so tired that sleep is all I can really focus on at the moment. This could be a good thing, right? Once I get my bw tomorrow I will probably relax a little bit. One day at a time, that is my motto.

Sounds like you guys did a great job or still doing on the pad. I love you idea, I bet it is going to be wonderful once it is done.

I am glad to see you are not counting yoruself out this month. I think we often count ourselves out before we really should. Being tired can be a big sign with preg. For me everytime I get pg I am immediatly exhausted. I think this is how I new this time. Sat I was just such a mess, dead tired all day. I do believe this was probably implentation time and that caused the sudden tiredness. I am a little better then I was, but still could nap at any given moment.

You are going to test on Friday?! Good for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and send you lots of sticky baby dust. Let us know how you make out. Good or bad we are here for you!

Gavinsmommy - I hope you had a nice day fishing. Did you catch the "big one"?
Hows your o coming along? I hope you are not too sore for your best bding moves. :)

I am thinking about you all, hoping all is well.
Please take care of yourselves.
Hugs and lots of baby dust to you all!


gavinsmommy - August 10

Hi everybody,

Liz I told you!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you:)! My blood work was the same with the twins. It was higher then normal. Oh MY Gosh!!! I am jumping up and down as I am trying to type. I I am so happy for you and dh. Please ask God to have you not cast your fruit before its time. I know these next few weeks are going to put more stress on you than when you were trying to concieve. I know when I found out about my pregnancy with the twins instant fear came over me. Please be very strong, and put your worries in Gods hands. I hope you are blessed with twins, for everything you have gone through. God has away of giving you things back that are taken from us by satan. We are all here for you. My shoulders are big enough to cary this worry for you also. So the offer is still there!! God Bless you and your lil one or ones!!!! TAKE IT EASY!!!!! PLEASE!!!

Weazie, please let us know what happens with your test, either way. We are here for you. I sure hope this is all of our month. It would be so awesome to be due date buddies after being ttc buddies. Take care and take it easy.

Lila, I hope you are feeling a lil better. You take it easy also.

Jennifer, welcome aboard. We are glad to have you with us.

Slatka, I hope all is well.

Trina, I hope you take everybody's advice and maybe see the doc. Don't count yourself out yet. Either way we are all here for you.

As for me I did not catch a fish. I slid and hurt my shoulder. If I don't feel like the biggest clutz this week. Normaly I have better balance, I have no clue what is up with me this week. My o'ing is going great so far, and I am letting dh do all the moves and just sitting back and enjoying .

I am thinking about all of you and praying for all of you.

Love my ttc buddies and I am Sending Mega Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust all your way!!!!!!!


Trina76 - August 10

LIZ!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!! I am Soooo, excited for you and DH... Please be very careful, take it easy, sleep til your little heart's content, let us do the worrying....(I'm gonna be an ant-te!!!)....And a NEW MOMMY!!!! I got my bw today,hcg levels are almost 8500!!! That really confused me, so I finally convencied them to give me a sono, saw the sack implanted deep, saw the little heartbeat, it was so AMAZING!!!!!! I am 2 days from being 7.5 weeks, my hcg is a little high, but everything looks good!!!! I just knew there was a reason for the gassiness, and tingly boobs!!!! my EDD is 3-19-07!!!!

Gavinmommy- hope the fishing trip was refreshing, So sorry about your lil' girl, Bless her heart, we're all praying for her, you just concentrate in bding!

Weazie- how's it going? Don't you just love the out doors? My father-n-law redid our patio last summer it's beautiful. I can't wait til it gets a little, my blanket and my book, it's very relaxing.....

Slatka- how are you??



liz - August 10

Yeah, Trina
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooo happy for you and dh.

It is an awesome feeling to see the heartbeat. Wow, I bet you guys are on cloud 9.

If I figured correct I will be due 4-22-07, 1 month after you. :)


Lila - August 10

That is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe how far along you are, and that must have been the best US ever. I am off to NY for a couple days and was going to run out the door but am so glad I stopped for a couple minutes so I could see this great news before I left.

I think it is super you and Liz are going to go through this together. I think things happen for a reason and maybe you all were meant to help each other through this next stage. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


weazie - August 10

Trina that is Fantastic, AWESOME news to hear from you!!! Getting to see the heartbeat already is truly amazing. I guess you were right on when you said July was the month for someone!!

The news of both you and Liz has my spirits up and my faith restored to just be will hapen for us ALL!!!


gavinsmommy - August 10


You did it. God bless you and dh. I told you. Wow you are already alomost 8 weeks. You deserve this.

Take care and God Bless. I will talk to you all later I have to go get some groceries.

Love you guys!!!


liz - August 10

Hello ladies -

I got my second round of bw results back. My hcg has jumped to 334 since Tues. when it was 98. They tell me I am doing good. I am scheduled for an u/s on 8/21. We woun't be able to see the heartbeat yet, but she said she knows how nervous I am so they will check it out and make sure everything is going well. About a week and a half after that I will have another u/s by this time we will be able to see the heartbeat. Then I will have to meet with the re and if everything is going well I will be released to ob.

Gavinsmommy -
I am praying for you, I want this month to be your month too. Actually I want it to be everyones month! That would make me so happy.
Have you had your actual o day yet?
I hope you are enjoying your week with dh being a vacation.
As for the worrying I think that is my turn to worry for you! You are soon to be in your 2ww if not already. I am sopoosed to be worrying for you now. I think if I worry for you it will actually keep my mind off worrying about me. :) Could work!
How is your little girl doing?

I must run, talk to you all alittle later.
Hug to all of you and lots of sticky, sticky baby dust!


gavinsmommy - August 11

Hi my new mommies and soon 2 be mommies,

Liz, that sounds like great news. I have a feeling that you have more than on lil spy on board. I was extremely tired in the beginning from my two lil ones. I had double the hormones going on, so it was double everything. I was hungry all the time and then nauseated. I knew something was up when I was having hunger pangs because I am hardly hungry. I'll tell you though once I got past my 12 week mark the pregnancy was very easy. How is dh? has it sunk in yet. I did have my o, we have been bding even though I feel like a crash dummy. I know it will all be worth it in the end. We have to make sacrifices and go through things that aren't easy, especially you to achieve our goal. I really hope that you are right about this being my month also. It would be awesome if we could be due date buddies. My lil girl is better today. It just really freaks me out with some of the stuff she says. Yesterday when we were fishing she kept saying the lady wanted her to come in the water. I was like NO! The lady has to swim by herself. I'll tell you she is a full time security job. You have to be really on your toes when she is awake. I should be heading into my 2ww soon. I will take you up about the worrying part, but only a smidge of it. You need to do exactly what your body tells you during this time. If you are hungry eat, sleepy then sleep. Take it easy and take care of my cyber nieces or nephews. I am sening lots of prayers your way for a healthy pregnancy. By the way is your full name Elizabeth or just Liz? Every night when I pray the name Elizabeth has come into my prayers.

Trina, how are you? Being sick is a good thing my docs use to tell me. They said that was a way that I would know my pregnancy was going along nicely. I am also sending prayers your way for a healthy pregnancy.

Weazie, how is everything going? I hope all is well.

Lila, are you feeling any better. I hope you are doing good.

Jennifer, I hope you enjoy all the wonderful women on here like I do. Keep in touch.

Slatka, I am thinking of you also.

I gotta go we are heading out early tomorrow to Six Flags.

Love all of you, Mega Hugs,Prayers, Extra Sticky Baby Dust, And Healthy Pregnancies!!!!!


liz - August 11

Hello everyone -

Hope everyone is having a good Friday. Looking forward to the weekend!

Gavinsmommy -
Actually my name is Melissa. Liz is a name that my Grandmother has been calline me since the day I was born. She is the only one my whole life that has ever called me Liz. Where she got Liz from Melissa I will never know. :)
I am glad to hear you daughter had a little better day. I can only imagine how hard it must be to keep both your eyes on her at all times. It has to be scary when she says things like the lady wanting her to come swimming. I am praying for you. I pray this goes away soon.
Yeah the good old 2ww. I am sending you all the prayers and baby dust I can muster up.

Trina -
How are you feeling my soon to be mommy? I am ok, I have moments of cramping feelings and leg cramps but the soon pass and I feel fine again except I am way more tired then before.

Slatka -
I hope you are doing ok! Getting closer to the settlement day. :)

Hugs, baby dust and love to all of you!


Lila - August 14

Hey Gavinsmommy – are you still on vacation? I almost thinking you may in fact need a vacation from that vacation the way things have been going for you. You really have been a trooper and I so hope those efforts will be properly rewarded in two weeks. I am so sorry to hear your daughter is still being bothered. Have you had a chance to talk to either your priest/pastor/etc or to a professional? I do not mean to pry I was just wondering what kind of advice they might have given for this situation. I can not even imagine how frightened you and your DH must have been at the lake. Know that we are all hoping and wishing for a speedy end to this problem.

Weazie are you still in the 2WW? I am sorry I forget but I think you test soon so best of luck. And remember take it easy on your body and let DH (is his back all recovered now?) do all the heavy lifting for the patio. By the way your plans sound great, I am sure it will be a very relaxing and beautiful retreat.


weazie - August 14

Hi Lila

My 2ww is over now AF started yesterday. I didn't even bother to test on Friday I could feel she was coming.
Dh and I have our first RE appointment this afternoon for consultation and some testing. Hopefully help will now be on the way.
Our patio is completed and turned out great and Dh back is pretty much recovered. For building there was no heavy lifting I just had to help hold things in place. We are both off this week so we can enjoy out and plan our future projects around the house.

Hope everything is fine with you Lila.

Hugs to everyone!!


gavinsmommy - August 14

Hi my mommies and soon 2 be mommies,

Lila you are right, I actually did need a vacation from my vacation. Even though I had so many mishaps I would do it all over again. We had such a wonderful week together. It kind of rekindles all of the emotions that you lose sight of in a regular work week. I sure hope you are right about it being worth it at the end of my 2ww. How are you feeling? I hope you are ready to get back into bd mode. Dh and I are considering talking to our priest next to see if he has any suggestions. I sure hope he does. It scares the heck out of us when she says things like the other day when we were fishing.

Weazie, sorry to hear about af. I am glad you are keeping a positive attitude. We have to stay positive, we have proof all around us that God will give us our most precious gift. It is in his time. I heard a verse in a song the other day that made me chuckle. It said IF YOU WANT TO HEAR GOD LAUGH TELL HIM YOUR PLANS.If that isn't so true. Just kick back and enjoy your deck. It is something that you also worked very hard for and now is the time to enjoy. Glad to here dh's back is better. There is nothing worse than having your better half broken.

Liz, I hope you are resting and nesting!! LOL. Please let me know how you are doing.

Trina, how is my lil cyber niece or nephew doing? I hope all is well.

been really busy so I hope soon things will slow down a lil now.
Jennifer how have you been? it has been awhile since we have heard from you.

If I have forgotten someone please excuse me, my brain is a lil sluggish since our vacation.

I will talk to all of you later!!!
Mega hugs, Prayers, Extra Sticky Baby Dust, and Healthy Pregnancies!!!!

P.S. Dh and I went fishing again yesterday and we actually caught 47 Fish!!!


gavinsmommy - August 14

Hi Weazie,

I am sorry I meant to ask you if you could let us know how your appt. turned out.

Mega Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!


liz - August 14

Hello Ladies -

Denise -
Sorry to hear about af. She can be a real drag. The good news is you had your appointment today. Wow came quick. How did it go?
Glad to hear dh is better and the deck is done. That is great news.

Gavinsmommy -
47 fish! Holy Cow, you did excellent.
I think it is worth the opinion to talk to your priest about you dd. I know how scared you can get and rightfully so. Maybe he can give you some suggestions as to how to deal with it and possibly put an end to it.

I am doing pretty good. I get these cramps like af but then again they could be like o. I don't know but they hurt. Did you experience any of this? It makes me nervous everytime. They come and go but are definatly worse at night. I also get these cramps in my thighs that hurt really bad. I talked to the nurse today and she is not sure about the leg cramps. She feels it may have something to do with the increase of progesterone. I am going tomorrow for an u/s so they can look at my ovaries. She is thinking they may be a bit swollen from the stimulation and I said I would feel better if they took a look. We won't be able to see anything yet, but atleast we can check out the ovaries and make sure they are ok.

Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated or experience.

Take care everyone, I am hitting the sofa for a cat nap. :)




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