ttc after m/c
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Slatka - August 6

Hi Everyone --

I've been just run off my feet with busyness and I fear I won't be on much in the next week or so BUT I snuck on this morning pre-running around and just have to say congrats to Trina!

It sounds very promising, but I know you'll just have to hold your breath for a bit, take another test in a few days, and definitely get that blood test. I know when I got pregnant I used three hpt in a row -- I couldn't believe it, though the lines were quite dark. Treat yourself as though you are pregnant (which you 99% are) until you see the blood test. Wonderful news.

Now, the rest of us, be inspired! I'm unfortunately in that stretch of time where I am convinced I am not pregnant (this always happens mid-two week wait) yet again. Hoping all the moving will knock that out of my mind. And thanks to you all for your good wishes and support concerning the move!

Again, congratulations, Trina!



Trina76 - August 6

Slatka- more than likely the move and decesionmaking will occupy you for weeks and weeks on in. So,prayerfully that will get you through the two week wait. I know you are so happy to finally look foward to something that will actualy be yours (you&hubby).

Lila-ttc is such a rollercoaster ride, yet we jump on month after month. With all the disappointment we have had, most of the time we have to laugh to keep from crying...Thank You so much for dropping in to see how much we all have grown together, feel free to stop in at any time!

Liz, Gavinsmommy,Denise
You guys have a wonderful day......I'm at work so you guys pray I have no mishaps!!!!



liz - August 6

Hello everyone -

Trina - I hope you are feeling better today. Good luck at work ;)

Slatka - I think your move is going to keep you quite occupied over the next 2 weeks. This of course is a good thing. My wait is almost over (Friday I test) and I feel like it was going by so fast now it is going a little slower. I think mainly that is because I am not feeling well so then my mind keeps wondering "could I be", "I wonder why that feels that way?" You know the routine!
Keep your head up and think postive. I know I always seem to count myself out before I actually get the news. Our bodies way of protecting us.

I am off to lunch!
Have a good rest of the weekend. This weather is really beautiful here (low humidity), hopefully you are all getting it as well.

Talk care,


gavinsmommy - August 7

Hi Everybody,

Liz today I got a positive on my opk. So hopefully all goes well this month. Last month it was all screwed up. Maybe this is all of our month!! Guess what happen to me? I took the opk today and got the result and started thinking right away about bd moves. We decided lets take the twins pony riding and I went horseback riding. I had to switch horses with another person because I had more experience riding. The horse was giving the other girl a heck of a time, so the lady asked me to take it. So what does dummy me do, I get on it. The darn thing was trying everything to get rid of me. Half way through the path she suceeded. She sent me sailing. I was lucky enough to move away before she jumped on me but my foot was caught. I managed to get it loose and to get out of her way as she was freaking out.

Poor dh kept the twins back at the stable so they could ride the pony. Here I come back on my original horse all scratched up and banged around. He almost fell over. I was really lucky today that it wasn't more serious. I don't know about this vacation stuff!!!

I am a lil sore but I am going to do my best to bd away!!!!
I hope you are doing ok.

Trina How Are you??

Slatka don't count your self out yet.

Take care I am going to soak in a nice warm tub.

Mega Hugs,Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!!


weazie - August 7

Trina I am so excited for you!! Did you test again or are you still waiting until Thurs? Hope you made out at work okay yesterday....did you happen to see your I'm saying lots of prayers for you girl!!!

Gavinsmommy...Wow!! How are you feeling today? Hope your not feeling worse today after that fall. You are lucky by the sounds of it. Make sure you take it easy and let those bumps and bangs heal up.

Slatka, the move is going to keep you so busy your 2ww will fly by for you!!

Liz, Friday will be here before you know it. You'll be in my thoughts and lots of baby dust too you!!

I am 8dpo and feel good about this cycle. When I say feel good I mean whether I get a BFP or not I finally feel I am having a normal cycle like they were before my D&C. This cycle I have not had a single cramp, (knock on wood) since the D&C I have been cramping off and on starting on 3/4 dpo. I hoping this is a sign that my body is getting back to normal.

Well better run, were building a new patio and I have lots to do.

Prayers and hugs too all!!


liz - August 7

Hello everyone -

Gavinsmommy -
Congrats on the postive opk! Now get those moves on girl.
I hope you are not too sore. Wow, that must have been scarry for you. Thankfully you were not hurt too bad. Take Denise's advice let those wounds heal.

Denise -
Your building a deck, good for you. 2 years ago Frank built a deck at our house. It was a lot of work but let me tell you it was the best addition we made. I love it out there, I grow my tomotoes and peppers in pots and have lots of flowers. It's like a little greenhouse out there. :)

I must be going, I have some work to do before dh gets home and wants his dinner.

Talk to you all soon


Trina76 - August 8

Hello ladies how's it going for everyone out in cyber land? I'm feeling pretty good, thank God I was at work alone Sunday-just snuck in to get some long awaited things done.I'm kinda gassy, with a not sever but noticiable back ache, but guys I still feel like a/f is coming!! I'm trying to hold fast about not testing until Thursday but I don't know......

Gavinmommy OUCH! You poor thing. I know that had to hurt, sugestion-long hot multipal baths per day, It'll cut back on the muscle aches....Try to get a little bding done:)...

Denise, I feel so unregular since my m/c, sometimes I just shake my head, and wonder what in tha hell?......

Slatka, how's it going? I know you brain is in double overdrive right now, but take it easy and don't be too stressed, how many more days til you test?

Liz, Friday's the day-right? I pray that it turns into a joyous ocassion.......

Today was an extreamly long day. I'm going to shower and call it a night.....



gavinsmommy - August 8

Hi Everyone,

Well today I am definately feeling like I was thrown off a horse. I took the hot baths and it just brought out the pain that I was waiting to get.

I think poor dh did most of the bd moves last night. I feel like I rocked my poor brain around in my head today. We took the twins to a small amusement park and I went on the tilt o whirl and almost threw up. I think it was a lil to much for me in the past 24 hours.

Liz before you know it Friday will be here. I am sending lots of prayers your way. How are you feeling? I hope your nerves aren't getting the best of you. Even though I feel like a rag doll I will still do the worrying for you.

Weazie I think decks are wonderful. We put one up last year around the pool. It is my escape area. I go out there and I feel like I am somewhere else. We also have tomato and pepper plants and some really pretty flowers. Dh bought me a beautiful fountain for Mothers Day it is so relaxing. I hope you are doing well and are not pulling your hair out yet.

Trina you must give up the pee!! I can't blame you for wanting to hold out. Please just take it easy. I really feel in my heart that you are pg. I am praying to God that you test again and the lines are darker then ever. If you break down and test before you want, let us all know either way if we are all going to be cyber aunts or not!!! :)

Slatka I am thinking and praying about you.

Lila I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to ask if you guys know whether you spot a lil when you ovulate. I had some spotting today and I am not sure if it is from that. I really hope it is.

Well my fellow ttc buddies I am going to soak these horse beaten bones.

Big Hugs, Prayers, And Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!!


Lila - August 8

Gavinsmommy – Thought I would check in and see how you and your little girl are doing. Sounds like at least on vacation things are going a little better for her. As for your vacation I am so sorry about the “incident”. I used to ride quite a bit and have taken my share of falls so I know how you feel. Glad to hear the DH is taking good care of you though.

Actually I just had my Lap surgery yesterday and I can not believe how sore I am right now. They said a side effect would be neck, back and shoulder pain and they weren’t kidding. I had actually commented to my DH that it sort of feels like I fell of a horse. And I for one would not be capable of BD moves right now so my hat is off to you for even trying. Good Luck.

Trina – Hope you are doing well. I am sure the wait till Thurs feels more stressful than all you old 2WW combined but we are all pulling for you and hoping for that positive result. As for throwing up on your boss I would not give that a second thought I am sure it happens all the time and he has forgotten it. If not then at least you have found a new way to make sure your boss know who you are and remembers you! Are you still thinking about going for the promotion? If so good luck on that as well.

Weazie – I agree with all the others, we put our deck in 2 years ago and it is the best thing we did for this house. We back into the woods and it is so nice to sit out there and relax. Last weekend we were hanging out and reading when two baby deer wondered into the yard right below us and started playing. We sat there so quietly watching them and then we noticed the momma deer was on the edge of the woods watching them as well. She let them play for about 5 minutes and then called to them. They immediately stopped playing and ran to her side. It was great to watch and we were kind of hoping that maybe it was a good omen since we are just about to start our first IVF. Anyway I am sure where you live in Canada that you will get tons of use from a deck all summer so I am sure your are excited to get it going. Heck if you can take down a tree basically by yourself I guessing you will have that deck completed in 3-4 days!

Liz – are you still getting blood work done? If so I am sending you good thoughts that those levels are still going up. Are you doing a HPT on Friday or going in for blood test? Either way good luck. By the way Happy Anniversary.

Slatka – I am guessing you are still packing up a storm so I hope that is going well. I was down in Annapolis on Sat and had a great crab dinner it was wonderful – you are so lucky I am sure you will love living there.

Best wishes and lots of positive thoughts to all


Trina76 - August 8

Okay ladies today I am on CD59, I am really enjoying not having that rude family member to visit- but I am a mental wreck!!! I took a hpt today it was a clear blue negative (some how I'm cool with that, no tantrum-this time). I'm just wondering where is aunt flow? Before my m/c, I was regular, now I don't have a clue. I'm not stresses- who knows!!!!I'll just enjoy the time without her, but isn't it like unhealthy not to have a regular visit?

Okay you ladies be good everyone take care of yourselves and be blessed!!!!!



gavinsmommy - August 9

Hi my ttc buddies,

Lila I know what you mean about the pain from a lap. I had one done some years back when I had an ovarian cyst rupture. I thought they beat me with a bat or something while I was out. Everybody was like it is only a lil incision, how could you be so sore. They had no clue. My lil girl is having a rough time tonight. She is crying alot saying the lady keeps scarying her. My husband put one of his shirts on her and told her now she is safe. I hope this brings her some comfort. I hope you feel better in the next couple of days.

Trina, I know after I had my m/c my af was all over the place. I would see her every two weeks. It drove me crazy. I knew I needed to get her regular before anything else would work. It took a whole long treacherous 8 months before I found out I was pregnant with the twins. I am glad you are holding out emotionally so far. If you feel the nedd to freak out and scream we are here for you.

Liz, How are you doing? I hope you are fine.

Weazie, thinking about you.

Slatka, hope the packing is going smooth for you.

I am going to get some things set up for tomorrow, we are heading out early to go fishing. Dh thinks he is Grizzly Adams now. Hopefully I will have a safe trip and not do anymore injury to myself.

Love all you guys and I am praying for Exta Sticky Baby Dust!!!!!! Big Hugs!


liz - August 9

Hello everyone -

Trina - I am sorry you got a second neg. Have you thought about calling your doc? I know your cycles could still be out of wack due to m/c but it might be a good idea to get his/her opinion.

Gavinsmommy - I am glad you are feeling alittle better. I am sorry to hear about your rough night with your little girl. I can not imagine the challege that you are faced with in trying to cope with the problems.

Lila - I am glad your surgery went well, but sorry to hear your are not feeling so good. I am thinking about you, pulling for a nice speedy recovery.

Denise - How's the deck building going?

Ok, now I think that I have some good news for you all. As you all know I haven't been feeling so well lately. On Monday I decided to take an hpt (very early only 10 dpo). The test came back positive. So I tested again a few hours later again postitive. I tested again Tues. am with first morning and got another positive. One my way to work stopped and bought another test, this one digital. Did the test at work and within a min. came back pregnant. So, now I call my re. Go in for bw and yesterday afternoon got the call. The nurse told me I am very pregnant! hcg is 98 at 11 dpo! I am quite in shock and of course very nervous. I got again tomorrow am for more bw. The re was impressed by my high numbers! It is too early to tell, but they already told me that there could posibily be 2. They say I certainly have the numbers for it.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, this is going to be a rough road in the beginning for me.

I will tak to you all soon,
Take care,


Lila - August 9

Liz that is fantastic news!!!. It really seemed like all the stars were coming together for you this cycle and it certainly seems like that was more than true. I am so excited it could be twins with the number so high that does seem like a strong possibility. How long till they can do the US to see if it is one or two?

You and Frank must really be on cloud 9!!. I am thinking super positive thoughts that those numbers are going up up up. I do not know how you will be able to stay calm and get anything accomplished at work today but good luck.

Ganinsmommy hope you catch a big one today - keep us posted.

Trina I am so sorry about the second test but it sounds like without AF there still could be hope. Have you had a chance to go see your Dr. and have a blood test? I will be thinking positive thoughts for you today


jennifern - August 9

Sorry to break in on this thread but I just read your fantastic news & wanted to say congrats!!!
I've been reading some of your posts & had a feeling b/c some of the symptoms you described were the same I had...
I know the next weeks will bring a new kind of anxiety but try to focus of the wonderful feeling you have right now & trust in 'the process'


liz - August 9

Thank you Lila an Jennifer -

Jennifer CONGRATS to you as well.

I think the shock is still setting in for me. I guess this is
pretty normal. I will feel a little better tomorrow after the bw. I am a little nervous that my hcg is so high this early. I know it is most likely a good sign, but you know the routine there is ALWAYS something to worry about.

Take care,


weazie - August 9

HI All

Liz that is AMAZING news!! I am so happy for you right now. Once the shock sinks in PLEASE don't worry!! I know that is probably easier said but try not to worry about your HCG levels. The thoughts of a little one inside of you right now and possibly two is so exciting.

Lila - Are you feeling better from your Lap yet. I truly hope you are and getting some rest.

Trina I agree with the others maybe you should go to your doctors and get some BW done. This way you would put your mind at ease as to if you are pregnant or not. If you aren't maybe your doctor can prescribe something to help AF along. Not knowing for sure must be putting extra stress on you.

Gavinsmommy you wild How are you feeling, sounds like you are being a trooper and getting some bding in. The things that we do eh?? Lay back and relax and let your dh do all the work...and enjoy it!!!

I'm not having any symptoms at signs of AF or pregnancy other then I have been extremely tired but I will chalk that up to being so busy lately. I will wait and test on friday when I am 12dpo. At least this month so far I don't feel like I am already out before AF shows.

As for the deck we already have one. We are working on a patio in the backyard. We tore down a oversize shed a few years back that was blocking our backyard, it was just in a bad spot . After taking it down we were left with a 500 square foot cement pad that is rectangluar shape. So we have put a beautiful flower bed with solar lights along the back of it. We sprayed a concrete stain on the pad yesterday and now we will put privacy lattice along the the sides and partially on the front. It's hard to explain but will look great once we get finished. Anything will look better than that bare cement

Well I better run. Big hugs and prayers for you all!!!



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