ttc after m/c
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gavinsmommy - August 5

Hi everybody!!!

Liz that is awesome news. You are getting it together. I will definately take your worries this week. You can take mine when it is my turn. Its a deal. Yipphee you have your dsl back. I had know idea how much I was addicted until it went out the other night in the storm. You were the first one I thought about. Many prayers for the positive are coming your way.

Trina do what Liz said! pee on the dreaded stick. Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you, but I will be honest I had tears in my eyes reading about your boss. Dh was like what the heck are you giggling about over there and then I told him and he started rolling. You have a tendency to do that to people when they read your post. The funny thing is, that is the kind of luck I have to. I will be praying for you as you get the courage to pee on that darn stick!!!

Big Hugs and Prayers and Extra Sticky Baby Dust!!!!


gavinsmommy - August 5

Hi Denise,

How is your poor dh? I hope he is doing ok. You poor thing you had to work double time in the heat. The thing about termites is they show up when you don't need them, kind of like af. I hope you didn't over do it by yourself. I think you deserve a day at the spa, what do you think?
Slatka how are you doing? I am thinking and prayering for you to!!!!

Everybody stay cool and keep the faith.

Big Hugs And Prayers And Super Sticky Baby Dust To All!!!!


liz - August 5

Hello everyone!

Trina - I hope youar are hanging in ther. I am thinkng about you.

Gavinsmommy - How are you doing? All is well I hope. I am a bit tired today. My moodiness has gone away for the most part, now I am just very tired.

Has the temp coolded down for you? It is better here, down to 89 or so but the humidity is lower which makes a world of difference. I haven't been doing to much work today, just doing the every week work load of wash and cleaning is exhausing to me so that is about it for me.

I am going to get going, wash to be brought in from the line. :) then maybe another little nap before dinner.

Hugs and baby dust to all!


Trina76 - August 6

Hi Everyone, how's the gang? Okay I think I have good news, I got a really light second line on my pregnancy test, I showed it to my hubby thinking, I'm seeing a second line, becauce I want to see a second line. He was like" is that why we are out of pickles?" So I'm like you see two lines, he said he, did. I'm going to test again in two days hoping for a darker line. I haven't told anyone yet, just you guys.I think I'll do something drastic, like announce it over Thanksgiving Dinner or something.....


liz - August 6

Trina :)

That is very exciting news! Sounds extremely promising.

When I was pg the last time I did an hpt test on the 28th day, the line was light, I did it again a week later and it will still not very dark but there was definatly 2 lines. I had bw done the next day and all was good. So, what I am trying to say is I think you are definatly on the right track.

I am soooooooooo happy for you and excited, this might be the start of a new trend for us! Good news!

One question, did you test with 1st morning urine? I have heard that really does make a difference and both times I had tested I did not (did not know better back then).

Lots of hugs and prayers for you!


Trina76 - August 6

Liz, no I didn't test with first morning urine, but I'm up like every three hours going to the potty anyways. So I'll probably teat again on thursday, and I'll try to make it first morning urine. Thanks for sharing, caring , and just being ther all together!!!!!

Luv you guys


liz - August 6

Trina -

I would have to say that my gut feeling is your are definatly pg! Yours symptoms are very noticable and your did get the 2 lines!!!!!!!!!! Congrats sweetie!

Do you have any idea how far along you might be?

Let us know when you test again, hopefully before that!

We are all here for you always.
Take care, talk to you soon


Trina76 - August 6

Liz- I sure hope your guts are right (SMILE)!!
I've kinda been waiting for sore boobs but they're not, more like tingly, my nipples are darker, and I can see veins, and I have no idea exactly how far along I am.I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.......




gavinsmommy - August 6

Hi Trina , Liz,

Trina you are pg!! Thats what I had with the twins. You have a second line, you just don't get that from nowhere!! Oh my God!!! I really think you have done it!! I know I tested a couple days later and the line was darker. You will also have signs of af feeling like she is coming. I went through that with the twins, I thought she was coming so I didn't test. Then Bammo there was the 2 lines. How late are you? Please take it easy, I really feel you are. Way to go I am saying prayers for you, ask the Lord this time that you don't cast your fruit before its time. This is from the Bible. Stay strong and please take it easy. Oops I forgot to tell you that it si better to test with the first morning urine, so try and hold it before you get up in the night to go!!!!

Liz, how are you? I am so excited for Trina. Your are next my friend. I already have my bd moves down!!! LOL. This is going to be our month also!! I am praying for all of us!! God does answer our prayers. Dh is on vacation this week so hopefully we will be able to kick back!!

Take care and Mega Hugs AND Prayers And Baby Dust!!!


Trina76 - August 6

Gavinsmommy, I sure hope and pray that you guys are right!!!!!!


Trina76 - August 6

oh hubbys' on vacation, and you have babies at home, for some reason sex is so good when you're sneaking!!!
Please take your time and make it good, prayerfully we can all get big fat positives!!!!


gavinsmommy - August 6


I know!!! Thanks and I will be praying for all of us!!!!

Big Hugs And Prayers!!!!


Lila - August 6

Trina I saw You were logged in so I just wanted to say congratulations! Your posts really look promising. I am sorry I can be of no help to you with regard to signs as I have never had that second line show up yet but I did just want to say how happy I am for you and I will keep positive thoughts for you.


Trina76 - August 6

Thank you Lila, how long have you been ttc?


Lila - August 6

Long story but in nutshell TTC for last 1 1/2 years has been more agressive. Tried 3 IUIs with clomide but no sucess. I just switched to RE from OB and with my age, 38, he wants to start IVF as soon as possible. It is a big step but again with my age I think it is necessary. Anyway at the moment I still have a cyst that will not go awat so surgery is scheduled for Monday. If that goes well I can start Lupron in 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for asking. I have been reading your posts and they are very inspirational. In addition they are quite funny and thanks you for that as well as. I think it is important we try to keep our sense of humor when going through all this.


Slatka - August 6

Hi Everyone --

I've been just run off my feet with busyness and I fear I won't be on much in the next week or so BUT I snuck on this morning pre-running around and just have to say congrats to Trina!

It sounds very promising, but I know you'll just have to hold your breath for a bit, take another test in a few days, and definitely get that blood test. I know when I got pregnant I used three hpt in a row -- I couldn't believe it, though the lines were quite dark. Treat yourself as though you are pregnant (which you 99% are) until you see the blood test. Wonderful news.

Now, the rest of us, be inspired! I'm unfortunately in that stretch of time where I am convinced I am not pregnant (this always happens mid-two week wait) yet again. Hoping all the moving will knock that out of my mind. And thanks to you all for your good wishes and support concerning the move!

Again, congratulations, Trina!




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